Asher, Allen, Presilla, Cyril

had a great night..even though i wasnt there for most of the events…i tried to come through here and then..but yea..ill miss you guys and hopefully ill see you guys again! allen and asher, to me you guys are like my other brothers, you’ve let me chill with you guys at times..nd that actually made me feel cool, actually taking your time out of your lives where you’d rather play ball or help me with making beats than chilling with your other friends or having some alone time..presilla and cyril, even though we havent chilled out as guys seemed sooo cool in my perspective..cyril with your awesome piano skills and how we both used to watch icarly..nd presilla just being my sisters friend addition your parents are really awesome, for all the things they offered us like food, especially when your dad made us some chicken strips..nd one of them came out to be in a shape of a “you know what”..(good times)..and thanks for letting me be part of your transformers green screen guys have been part of my life nd everyone from church in many ways, nd its brought happiness nd dont know how awesome all of you are.i have sooo much more to write but i dont want this to be a drag..i love you guys..nd ill def be missing you.. :)