I'm still in complete shock,

The moment that Stoll scored i stood there frozen realizing that our Stanley cup run was over in a matter of minutes. Honestly, it was so hard seeing Canucks with there gloomy faces and seeing LA Kings jumping in excitement! I really thought we could of taken it to game 6 but then again i was reminding myself to keep my hopes low because you never know when something could happen. The way that Canucks started the game really made me think “Yeah we got this” but ugh that LA goal just UGH! But anyways i just want to say that I will stay a Canucks fan for the rest of my life, and i will wait and see what happens! NO they did not let us down whatever happened was just meant to be. But still it just shocks me to think that we won the Presidents Trophy back to back years, number 1 in the league AND THAT WE WERE SUPPOSE TO GO FAR. Winning the Presidents Trophy really made me think “YES, JUST LIKE LAST YEAR, WE WILL HAVE A GREAT RUN” buh oh well! Tell you the truth I am actually really scared to see what will happen to our team, and how it will look next season but for now i just wannah say.. THANK YOU CANUCKS FOR AN AMAZING SEASON , EXCITED TO SEE YOU GUYS BACK ON THE ICE IN OCTOBER! <3 LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Fuck this, and fuck the Penguins.

The Penguins weren’t the consensus choice for champions, which is more than fair. Considering that the Capitals were clear President’s Trophy winners, and the Penguins had a path to the finals that went right through them, it seemed likely that the Capitals would be able to handle them. The Penguins played phenomenal hockey against them, and won. 

But you get the conference finals, and the team is just…different. You had a team that took seven games to eliminate the Lightning, a much lower seeded team that was without their top scorer, had trouble with one of their better DMen, and wasn’t even facing the Vezina-nominated Lightning goaltender that left Game 1 with an injury. They still needed seven games to beat this team. 

The Penguins played well against the Capitals in the playoffs this year. That’s about as impressive as they’ve gotten. This isn’t a team that’s “due” or a team whose time has come, this is a team who have been able to clean up in Free Agency because of name recognition, and the NHL deciding that Pittsburgh/Philadelphia and Pittsburgh/Washington are two of their most important matchups. The NHL has made a team out of Pittsburgh, the NHL has marketed Pittsburgh into a good team. 

If Sidney Crosby lands in any other city, if Crosby goes anywhere but Pittsburgh, there’s no more team in that city. Crosby’s marketability, not his incredible skill, saved that team. And in no small part, that marketability has been crucial to building the team that has only won a single cup with him. 

Now, a game away from a second one, it would benefit Pittsburgh fans to remember that this marketing push is the only reason their boring, unappealing team is still around. Business, not hockey, kept you in Pittsburgh. And out of all the teams who made the playoffs this year, the only more unappealing teams vying for a championship were the Blackhawks and Kings. When you only stand as a champion before those teams, before teams who have represented everything wrong with the league over the past six years, you are continuing a tradition of stagnation and boredom that has been killing the league. 

Enjoy your fucking win.  


Even though the caps playoffs run has come to an end these guys worked their asses off this season. A record breaking season, Ovechkin hit 500 goals, presidents’ trophy winners, holtby tying brodeurs record of 48 wins and hopefully winning the vezina. Through the season we were number 1, leading the league in points and so much more. Capital fans should be so proud of our team. Even though it’s rough to know we won’t be the ones raising the Stanley Cup this season, next season we’re coming back even better and the cup will come to DC! We had one hell of a playoff run and I know we’ll do it again next year and go even farther. So for one last time this 15-16 season….. LETS GO CAPS!!!!