presidents medal


  • the different reactions after defeating Zarkon and after all of the fights that they didn’t have to fight just to keep the universe safe
    • pidge and matt turning to each other with tears in their eyes before they throw their arms around each other and just holding on for hours 
    • lance bouncing on his toes, his fists punching the air, with an unbreakable grin stretched across his face because he gets to go home
    • hunk having to sit down and take a breather because he feels light-headed to the point where he thinks he’s going to faint…and maybe vomit
    • keith gazing down at his sword, thinking about his parents and the family he lost, and then breaking down into silent tears after he realizes that the people around him have become the family he always wanted
    • and then shiro, ripping off his prosthetic arm as hard and fast as he can; throwing it across the room and watching it bounce off a wall and hit the ground, its wires and lights flickering and sputtering until it finally dies; his chest heaving as he tries to calm the sudden rush of visions and thoughts in his head; staring with wide, teary eyes at the rest of his team as they wonder what’s going on with their captain; his knees buckling and his limbs giving out; collapsing to the ground and just s o b b i n g, not even bothering to keep it down
  • the slow realization that shiro isn’t mad or angry or upset; he’s ecstatic 
  • allura and coran being the first to sit down next to him and wrap their arms around his shoulders 
  • keith pulling his head out of his hands to look up, and then immediately running towards shiro and falling right in front of him to press his forehead against shiro’s 
  • pidge and lance following after them, both attempting to hug him from either side 
  • hunk allowing everyone to go before him just so he can hug shiro from behind, gently slipping his arms past everybody else’s, nodding at the other paladins if they came too close to the stub where his arm once was
  • the long, silent walks down the hallways of the castle
    • staring at the healing pods and remembering all those times they thought one of the other paladins was dead, and then remembering the first time they met Allura and Coran
    • laughing at the remaining food goo that hadn’t been cleaned up after the little “incident” (Crystal Venom, I think) 
    • running their hands up and down their beds, knowing they won’t have to sleep there anymore
  • the hope that there’s another monster out there so that they don’t have to go home 
  • the flight back to Earth, passing through endless wormholes and past planets celebrating the Galra defeat 
    • everyone, including lance, asking if allura could slow the ship down so they stay together longer 
  • the panic and then endless excitement from the people down on Earth when Allura first speaks to them and explains what the paladins have done to protect them
  • the swim to shore after they decide to land in the ocean 
    • because of gravity differences and after however many months/years in space, most of them have forgotten how to swim in Earthen waters, but they eventually remember, and then fall over instantly once they reach land
    • lance accepting his fall and kissing the ground beneath him 
    • pidge and matt running their hands through the dirt and sands of the beach realizing that they forgot how soft it is
    • hunk and keith holding onto each other and laughing as they brush sand from each other’s faces so it doesn’t get in their eyes
    • shiro still crying; thankfully calmed down, and now being supported by coran and allura as he’s swarmed with paramedics and reporters
  • the interviews in the hospital 
  • the insane amount of excited kids running in to ask their favorite paladins questions about space and about all of their adventures
    • the paladins deciding that they talk together, and then moving their congregation of fans into the lobby so all of them can be together again and add onto their stories
  • t h e  r e u n i o n  w i t h  t h e  m c c l a i n  f a m i l y 
  • the sudden rain that starts pouring down once they leave the hospital
  • the international, breaking news reports with headlines such as “heroes return from intergalactic space mission: real or fake?” “ALIENS HAVE TOUCHED DOWN ON EARTH” “president awards paladins medal of honor” “world holiday decided today for Voltron heroes” 
  • the laughter as they read conspiracy theories together 
  • the celebration at the Garrison and the immediate ceremony in shiro’s honor
  • the excitement lance feels when someone tells him they’re planning on building a statue for each of the paladins
It’s easy to forget now, when we’ve come so far, where now marriage is equal under the law, just how much courage was required for Ellen to come out on the most public of stages almost 20 years ago. Just how important it was not just for the LGBT community, but for all us to see somebody so full of kindness and light—somebody we liked so much, somebody who could be our neighbor or our colleague or our sister—challenge our own assumptions, remind us that we have more in common than we realize, push our country in the direction of justice
—  Barack Obama

“You see Joe’s heart in the way he consoles families, dealing with cancer, backstage after an event; when he meets kids fighting through a stutter of their own, he gives them his private phone number and keeps in touch with them long after.  To know Joe Biden is to know love without pretense, service without self-regard, and to live life fully.

As one of his long-time colleagues in the Senate, who happened to be a Republican, once said, ‘If you can’t admire Joe Biden as a person, you got a problem.  He’s as good a man as God ever created.’” —President Obama awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, to Vice President Joe Biden

“In a career of public service spanning nearly half a century, Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr., has left his mark on almost every part of our nation, fighting for a stronger middle class, a fairer judicial system, and a smarter foreign policy; providing unyielding support for our troops; combatting crime and violence against women; leading our quest to cure cancer; and safeguarding the landmark American Recovery and Reinvestment Act from corruption.

With his charm, candor, unabashed optimism, and deep and abiding patriotism, Joe Biden has garnered the respect and esteem of colleagues of both parties, and the friendship of people across the nation and around the world. While summoning the strength, faith, and grace to overcome great personal tragedy, the son of Scranton, Claymont, and Wilmington has become one of the most consequential Vice Presidents in American history, an accolade that nonetheless rests firmly behind his legacy as husband, father, and grandfather.

A grateful nation thanks Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. for his lifetime of service on behalf of the United States of America.”

– Citation of the Presidential Medal of Freedom (With Distinction) awarded to Vice President Joe Biden, January 12, 2017.


“A daughter of Detroit, Diana Ross helped create the sound of Motown with her iconic voice. From her groundbreaking work with The Supremes to a solo career that has spanned decades, she has influenced generations of young artists and shaped our nation’s musical landscape. In addition to a Grammy LIfetime Achievement Award and countless musical accolades, Diana Ross has distinguished herself as an actor, earning an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe award. 

With over 25 albums, unforgettable hit singles, and live performances that continue to captivate audiences around the world, Diana Ross still reigns supreme.”

Like, I can’t get over it. Maybe it’s petty but I can’t get over this really visceral indignance and hurt over the fact that Hillary deserved to win

Like, set aside whether or not you like her policies or not. That’s not the point. Hillary Rodham Clinton has 40 years of public service under her belt. She’s proven herself to be efficient, smart and good at the job. 

Not only that, but as the former First Lady, and as Secretary of State, she probably has as much knowledge of what being the President entails as one can possibly have while not actually having been President. 

Like, I don’t think POTUS is a job you can really be overqualified for, but if it was, HRC is it. 

She’s worked so hard for so much of her life, and she’s done so much, and she lost to a man who has literally NO experience in politics, a man who rarely (if ever) gave any concrete answers on what he would actually do if elected or laid out policy plans, a man who lied to the American public time and time again, pretended he never said things he absolutely said, a man who is probably at this moment still panicking over the fact that he won and has no idea what to do now.

They say a woman has to work twice as hard to be half as respected as a man, but goddammit, HRC must have worked like twelve times harder than Trump ever has in his life, and he still got handed the Presidency because of an outdated system, because other Republicans were too chickenshit to stand up to him (@ PAUL RYAN) and most of all because people who opposed him still hated HRC so much they couldn’t be fucking bothered to show up.

And I know we have bigger problems but I can’t wrap my head around the injustice of it all, all I can think is that it’s not fair. HRC deserved to be president, she deserves the White House, she deserves the title, she deserves the respect. I know that’s not why she ran (unlike Trump, whose entire campaign was an ego stroke and we all know it). I know the presidency isn’t like, a medal you get for working hard, it’s a job. I know that, but it still pisses me off so much. 

Like maybe if she had lost to someone who was at least remotely qualified to lead this country, it wouldn’t bother me so much, but she didn’t. She didn’t even lose to Trump; she won the popular vote. She lost to 40 years of misogyny and mud-slinging and conspiracy theories and slander and flat-out lies, and now it feels like that misogyny won. 

She worked so hard, she’s done so much for a country that spat on her time and time again, and she’s still working despite it, even now, and she deserves better than this. 

“We celebrate extraordinary Americans who have lifted our spirits, strengthened our union, pushed us toward progress. I always love doing this event, but this is a particularly impressive class. We’ve got innovators and artists. Public servants, rabble rousers, athletes, renowned character actors—like the guy from Space Jam.” —President Obama presenting the 2016 Medal of Freedom to 21 extraordinary Americans yesterday, including Michael Jordan

President Obama today awarded Vice President Joe Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom with distinction, which is an honor only three other people have been given over the last 30 years. Then Biden gave Obama his highest honor, double finger guns with a wink.
—  Seth Meyers, Punchlines