presidents and christmas


Haltmann executes the cast of various anime, including Sword Art Online, Re:Zero, Charlotte, Aikatsu, Berserk, and Monogatari.

He has also terminated the cast of Love Live as well.

The next cast of characters that are to be executed next are from Macross, Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Kill la Kill.

Completed Stories

A Holiday Grant-Ed (M) - KWsGladiator

A Presidential Divorce (T) - ScandalMania

A Special Time (M) - dafney64 / @terrieaster

A Thousand Years (T) - Da Princes and Me’s / @scandalmistress

After The Assassination (T) - amaryllis214

Ain’t No Mountain (M) - Carlyshae

Alternate Elevator Scene (T) - amaryllis214

Alternate Hunting Season (T) - amaryllis214

An American Romance (M) - TruthSS

An Education (T) - ButterflyPages

An Ounce Of Truth For Every Treason (T) - Neoyorquina

Another Chance (T) - The Purple Pineapple 

Back Home (M) - Missschievous

Best Laid Plans (K) - InspiredtoRead

Butterfly (M) - GladiatorMia

Can We Try Again (M) - storygirllo87

Center Of Attention (M) - Missschievous

CEO Assistant (T) - marnieandarbie2

Chaos (T) - Supernerd3595

Christmas In Vermont, A Christmas President (T) - Da Princes and Me’s / @scandalmistress

Closer (M) - musesofthemind / @musesoftheminds

Collide (M) - storygirllo87

Come Back To Us (M) - KWsGladiator

Crossroads - Uncensored (M) - @glamour02

Damn (M) - gladiatorRed 

Darkness In Seattle (M) - Vitalina13 / @vitalinae

Devoted To Your Happiness (T) - BellaDameNoir

Downfall (T) - @labellebeaucoup

Duplicity (M) - RunningGladiator

Election Day (T) - Kronoskingofthemonkeypeople / @kronosinasuit 

Escape (M) - evoria

Exhale (M) - KWsGladiator

Fall Apart (M) - fairwinds09

Fate Brought Us Together (M) - olitzandopa10

Feel Again (M) - GladiatorInHeels

Feels like Today (M) - LiveInLoveAndLaughter

Figuring It Out (M) - BytesTheDust

Finding Our Way Back (T) - Aseay

First Love (M) - Smith39440

Fitz Is Her McDreamy (T) - Da Princes and Me’s / @scandalmistress

Flight (M) - @corinnestarkfanfic

For God And Country (T) - InspiredtoRead

Forbidden Fruit (M) - @tfdias

Forget Me Not (M) - kz4valentina

Genesis (M) - CMW2 & HandsUpPunk08

Getting Through It (K) - cbssoapsgirl

Glitter In The Air (M) - LiveInLoveAndLaughter

Grace Personified (K+) - Pacingincircles

Hang In There (T) - Softrock-showtunesgirlscout22

Happening (K) - cbssoapsgirl 

Hate To Love You (K) - cbssoapsgirl

Heart Of The Matter (K) - CuredFromScandalitis

Heartbreakingly Tied To You (K) - lissylou78

Her Bodyguard (M) - ScandalousDreaming

History In The Making (T) - LiveInLoveAndLaughter / @livelovelaughter531

Home For The Holidays (M) - dustypencils

Home Is Where The Heart Is (T) - LiveInLoveAndLaughter / @livelovelaughter531

House of Cards (T) - GEM8

How I Met Your Mother (T) - LiveInLoveAndLaughter / @livelovelaughter531

How Will I Fix This (NR) - dafney64 / @terrieaster

Human (T) - LiveInLoveAndLaughter / @livelovelaughter531

I am in Love with my Best Friend (T) - kkimberly49 / @kkimberly750

I Have Nothing (M) - KWsGladiator

I Wait For You, I Watch For You… (K) - lissylou78

I Want To Be A Mother (M) - kkimberly49 / @kkimberly750

I’ll Take Care Of You (M) - @bytesthedust

I’m Ready (M) - gizmo71

Improprieties (NR) - noscruples

In My Mind (M) - Vonnesera

In Your Eyes (T) - Argentina Sugar

Just Friends (M) - @loveniaimani

Keeping A Secret (K) - cbssoapsgirl

Lady of the Lake (M) - dafney64 / @terrieaster

Leftover Baggage (M) - Smith39440

Let It Be Me (T) - lazysunday30

Life Goes On (M) - dafney64 / @terrieaster

Life Is (Not) A Romance Novel (M) - kz4valentina

Loose (M) - CMW2

Love At First Sight (M) - Next To Me 

Love Conquers All (M) - dafney64 / @terrieaster

Meant To Be (T) - amaryllis214

Miles To Go Before I Sleep (T) - InspiredtoRead

Miracle On Hope Street (T) - Da Princes and Me’s / @scandalmistress

Moondance (M) - EbonyBeach / @babybemydownfall

Moving Forward (T) - kz4valentina

My Best Friend’s Wedding (K) - cbssoapsgirl

My Life, My Love (M) - dafney64 / @terrieaster

Nicest Thing (M) - musesofthemind / @musesoftheminds

No Escaping Him - Uncensored (M) - glamour02

No Life After You (M) - Missschievous 

No Memories (M) - MissHellsing666

No Reservations (T) - Evoria

Now We’re Done! (K) - lissylou78

Office Hours (M) - Parker19

The Olitz Express, A Christmas Love Story (T) - Da Princes and Me’s / @scandalmistress

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On Stage (M) - K1k1-Wr1tes

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One Shots-Season Five (T) - kkimberly49

One Word (T) - Da Princes and Me’s / @scandalmistress

Only One (T) - Sahara-hype / @idle-aesthetic

Only You (T) - Next To Me 

Operation Heels (M) - FitzgLivviep

Oui (M) - dustypencils

Ours (M) - LiveLoveInLaughter / @livelovelaughter531

Perfectly Aligned (M) - BritishObsessed

President Like No Other (M) - NCISGIRL

Pretty Little Secret (T) - InspiredtoRead

Real Love (M) - Smith39440

Regrets (K) - FG3OP16

Remember Me (K) - cbssoapsgirl

Rescue Me (M) - tfdias 

Resisting You (K) - lissylou78

Sand Pebbles (K) - lovbody8

Second Chance To Be A Good Husband (M) - Smith39440

Something Good Can Work (M) - Poprant

Standing Still (T) - LiveInLoveAndLaughter / @livelovelaughter531

State Of Grace (M) - LiveInLoveAndLaughter / @livelovelaughter531

Stolen Experiences (K) - FG3OP16

Summer Lovin’ (M) - SEMtv

Swan Dive (T) - LiveInLoveAndLaughter

Take It Easy On Me (M) - Dkdane

There Is A Reason (M) - KWsGladiator

The Bakery (M) - @bytesthedust 

The Fall (M) - @corinnestarkfanfic 

The Feeling of Falling (M) - aglinin

The Game Plan (M) - mrmswell

The Heart Wants What It Wants (T) - Neyorquina

The Hotel Incident (T) - Jadidar

The New Normal (K+) - burtneymac95

The Paradox Equation (M) - Paradox Equation

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The Return (M) - gizmo71

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This Ring (K+) - Lovbody8

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We Can Figure It Out (M) - Sucker4Scandal

What Happens Now (T) - kkimberly49 / @kkimberly750

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When The Lights Go Out (I Miss You) (M) - loveoverpride / @lovesbiggerthanpride 

When You Least Expect It (M) - Smith39440

Will You Ever Know? (M) - @magicinhermadness

With or Without Prejudice (M) - A.L. CARRINGTON

Yes, Mr. President, There Is A Santa Claus (T) - Da Princes and Me’s / @scandalmistress

You, Me & Us (M) - Zesty Bod

You Were Not There (M) - dyehanna1

Your Turn To Wait (K) - Reader575 / @reader575la

You’re The One That I Want (M) - Chemistratic-Terry / @chemistratic-cha0s

Updated on 10/5/2017 - More will be added soon.

“This family. What can I say. What an honor to have photographed them for eight years. A couple of months ago, the Social Office came to me and said they were thinking of using a family photo for this year’s White House holiday card. So I thought of Justin Trudeau. I know you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about. Earlier this year we hosted the Canadian Prime Minister for a formal State Dinner. Malia and Sasha attended as guests. Before the dinner, I did a family photo in the White House residence. But later, when the Trudeaus arrived, the two families spent some time on the Truman Balcony with their respective delegations. At one point, the Prime Minister asked if we could do a photo of he and his wife with the Obama family. Click, click, click. Then, he said I should do a photo of just the Obamas. I could have said, ‘Sir, we already did one before you arrived.’ But instead, I clicked off a few quick frames. And lo and behold, it was this picture that Justin Trudeau asked me to take which everyone loved as the choice for the 2016 White House holiday card.” —Chief Official White House Photographer Pete Souza

warmth & light to you all 

“Merry Christmas everybody!…Celebrating the holidays in the White House over these past eight years has been a true privilege. We’ve been able to welcome over half a million guests, our outstanding pastry chefs have baked 200,000 holiday cookies, and Barack has treated the American people to countless dad jokes. Although a few got a Frosty reception.” —President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama celebrating their final holiday season at the White House. Join them in supporting America’s service members at

Norman and Rosita headcanons

Based on stuff my parents do

Taking turns grocery shopping, Rosita will make runs on weekdays, Norman on weekends if needed

Randomly starts singing show tunes

Norman going on a lot of business trips so he can take Rosita and the kids someplace nice over the summer/winter

Norman has to deal with a lot of stupid people at work, but his desk there is filled with handmade crafts and Christmas presidents from Rosita and the kids to keep him smiling 

Norman and Rosita met in 9th grade, when Norman saw Rosita he said “I’m gonna marry her” to one of his friends

Norman and Rosita hung out with the same group of friends, so they were around each other a lot

Norman calls Rosita “Rose” a lot 

Their friend group went bowling on fridays, Norman and Rosita were always on the same team (this one’s actually my grandparents but yeah)

They actually didn’t start dating until their college years

Norman proposed to Rosita at (the Sing equivalent of) Disney

The pig family goes up to NY to see Norman and Rosita’s families 


They’ve fallen into a habit of calling each other “mom” and “dad”

Norman makes pasta on Sundays with his mom’s secret sauce recipe

You cook, I clean

There’s a channel that plays old TV shows, so they’ll stay up and watch all the old shows they used to watch with the kids. (Columbo, Night rider, etc.)