Don’t let anyone intimidate you or turn you away. This is a right that was denied us for so long. Our (not just blacks…women too!) ancestors literally bled and died for this right…and your vote really does count and it is important. The next four years will likely see 2 new Supreme Court justices…that will likely determine if women continue to move forward or if we get set back 50 years. We seriously need to rid ourselves of this stain we have of disenfranchising gay adults who should have the freedom to live as they choose and pursue happiness as the constitution promises them and climate change is real ya’ll, we need someone in office who is not going to continue to deny this and start addressing the problem. this vote is the difference between letting people continue to die of curable diseases or like every other developed country in the world insuring all our citizens have health insurance. You matter and so does your vote. #essencevotes #forward #presidentobama2012

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