Why I Believe In Feeding My Wanderlust

“I refuse to let coffee be the thing that calls me out of bed morning after morning. I long to chase a thirst never quite satiated, travel across the pond, but also across a nearby mountain, keep reaching for a life that I will look back on and say, “Yes. It was full, indeed.” Life itself is a grand adventure that I want to fill with smaller ones. I struggle to think I will be on my deathbed wishing I had a little more in the bank, and I don’t want to be on it thinking of all the places I’ve never seen and all the experiences I craved and never knew. In what could be perceived as discontent, I am searching for ultimate contentment.”

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That’s from last week’s Clapway article. Tomorrow’s post? My backpacking journey into the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Thanks for reading, lovely ones.

(PS: Please read/share! The more that happens, the closer I get to writing actually becoming a real-life part of my living! It’s such a wonderful thought to think.)


Presidential Traverse in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

21 miles. 8 peaks. 50-70mph wind. 30-50˚F.

Madison | Adams | Jefferson | Clay | Washington | Monroe | Eisenhower | Pierce


Summary of the 2nd week of October

Sunday - Hiked up Mount Washington, highest point in New England.

Monday - Rusty ran the Presidential Traverse. Leah took a rest day.

Tuesday - Traveled to New York/Massachusetts Border and hiked into Bash Bish Falls.

Wednesday - Climbed at West Point (sport climbing)and the Inner Wall (indoor bouldering).

Thursday - Mountain biked at Stewart State Forest while hunters let off shots all around us. Not recommended.

Friday - Took a rest day since Rusty was sick. Prepared for the bomb.

Saturday - Took part in the Broadway Bomb in NYC. Rained the whole time and missed the finish line. Topped it off with some Grimaldi’s pizza and calzones.

Presidential Traverse hike is thrilling, but be prepared

Presidential Traverse hike is thrilling, but be prepared

One of the most challenging day hikes in New England is the Presidential Traverse, a gargantuan ramble over all the major peaks of the Presidential Range in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Tackling the hike means anywhere from 12 to 20 hours on your feet for some 19 to 23 miles while you gain about 9,000 feet of elevation.

Beginning around the summer solstice in June, when there is maximum…

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This Years Main Events

This Years Main Events

Last night, it became official – I’m running the New York Marathon in November. And with that, my racing schedule for the year is pretty much set. More for my own amusement than anything else, here’s what my endurance year is looking like — goals are in order of importance (yes, sometimes finishing is more important than having fun):

Date Event GoalMay 16 Brooklyn Half-Marathon A: Enjoy myself

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Fleet Review: When the President rules the waves

The might of the Indian Navy came together at the International Fleet Review (IFR) 2016 on the weekend. The last time an event on such a large scale took place with the participation of international navies was in Mumbai, 2001.

The Fleet Review is a ceremonial and stately inspection of the naval warships by the President. The President reviewed the international fleet comprising of 75 frontline ships and submarines besides 24 ships which had sailed in from across the globe. Each ship was manned by the ship’s company, dressing in white ceremonial uniforms. The presidential column traversed through the formation of ships. The crew on board the ships doffed their caps in unison in salutation with three ‘Jais’.

The fly-past that accompanied the presidential review comprised 15 formations of 45 aircraft including two formations from the Indian Coast Guard. In the final stage of the review, a mobile column of warships and submarines steamed past the presidential yacht. This display also showcased the latest acquisitions of the Indian Navy.

After a 21-gun salute and the ceremonial Guard of Honour, the President embarked on the Presidential yacht, INS Sumitra which sailed through the 70 ships at anchorage off Visakhapatnam. The President’s yacht was an indigenously built Naval Offshore Patrol Vessel. Interestingly, Pranab Mukherjee and PM Narendra Modi wore caps with 'President’ and 'Prime Minister’ embossed on them.

On review were Indian aircraft carriers including the latest acquisition from Russia INS Vikramaditya and INS Viraat, the oldest aircraft carrier in the world. This was the last time the two aircraft carriers will be seen together. INS Viraat is slated to be retired later this year.

The foreign fleet included contingents from Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, France, Indonesia, Iran, Maldives, UK and USA.

One interesting fact: over the past month, over 80 warships and support vessels were stationed in a 100 sq km area on the sea. The presence of warships along the coast was a major security concern and round the clock surveillance by aircraft, fast crafts was carried out to ensure protection of these platforms.

Last April @davidsavoie_ and I attempted a 2 day hike named the Presidential Traverse. It crosses 7 peaks, has about 8000 feet of elevation gain, and was about 24 miles long. We didn’t hit the final two summits so we are back this year for redemption and round 2, starting at 3:30 am tomorrow morning. This time we are attempting it in one day and potentially adding on another summit. This shot of David walking up the cog railway shows the visibility we had last year. We are hoping for better views tomorrow!
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