The 57th Presidential Inauguration

To explore photos taken from the event, search the #inauguration2013, #inaug2013, and #CNN hashtags. And if you’re there, make sure to tag your own photos! You can also browse inauguration photos shared from the National Mall, and West Lawn of the Capitol, and the White House.

Today, an estimated 800,000 people will crowd onto the National Mall to witness the swearing-in of President Barack Obama. The inauguration is the 57th in the United States’ history and follows the November 6 reelection of Barack Obama, America’s 44th President.

The list of the day’s events includes performances by James Taylor, Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce, who is singing the National Anthem.

To view photos from the inauguration as it happens, be sure to follow @NBCNews, @NPR, and @CNNiReport. You can also check out for an interactive visualization of Instagram photos tagged with #CNN and shared by people in the crowd.

To learn more, visit the US Senate’s Presidential Inauguration website.


Fox 5 Anchor Announces The “N*gger Inaugural”

There’s a list of words that TV reporters should never say, and it must be racing through their heads whenever the camera’s on. Don’t say it. Don’t say it.

Well, Fox 5’s Holly Morris said it. In a morning broadcast yesterday on extravagant inauguration deals, Morris fell over herself and declared the Willard Hotel the spot for the “n*gger inaugural.”

[via @wcp h/t @SkinnyPockets]


April 30th 1789: Washington inaugurated

On this day in 1789 the leading general of the War of Independence and one of the framers of the Constitution, George Washington, was inaugurated first President of the United States on the balcony of Federal Hall on Wall Street in New York City. He was unanimously chosen President by the Electoral College and the runner-up, John Adams, became Vice President. At his inauguration, Washington set the first of many precedents in making an inaugural address. In office, he created a stable and strong national government with a cabinet system and ensured neutrality in the European wars. Washington was re-elected in 1792 but stepped down after two terms, thus setting the precedent that Presidents usually served two terms (this became part of the Constitution with the 22nd Amendment in 1951). Washington is still considered one of the greatest, if not the greatest, President in history for his systematic, effective and thoughtful leadership.

“Long live George Washington, President of the United States!”
- New York Chancellor Livingston upon swearing in the President


Kelly Clarkson performing My Country ‘Tis of Thee at President Barack Obama's Inauguration - 21 January 2013.