presidential selfies

Hilary Clinton took a selfie with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, so I just did a little Photoshop job to make it more realistic. #CONSUME


Presidential Elections:

After Candidate number 3 Dr. Bashar Al Assad and First lady Asmaa Al Assad voted today in one of the public voting locations. 

The president took a unique selfie with some of the people that were voting there and a small girl followed him all the way to his car just to say hi.

P.S. Yes the president drives his own car no body guards or driver with him in the car.

Hillary Clinton: I too am in touch with today’s youth. I love taking selfies, the dab and…

*looks at smudged writing on hand*

Bernie Sanders


Our staff got into the spirit of #MuseumSelfie today!

Staff from the Lyndon B. John Presidential Library posed with their animatronic LBJ.

A bust of Roosevelt managed a #museumselfie with a little help from staff at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library.
Alice Kamps, curator, posed in front of a special backdrop of the Rotunda in the Boeing Learning Lab. John Keller posed with Charlie Brown from the new exhibit at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library. Kim Coryat of the Clinton Presidential Library snapped this #museumselfie early this morning.  Tammy Williams squeezed in next to Truman at the Harry Truman Presidential Library. Education specialist Amber Kraft (left) posed with a copy of the Constitution and three education interns. The Archivist of the United States, David Ferriero, snuck behind the scenes of our upcoming exhibit “Spirited Republic” to snap a #museum selfie. Guillermina Tovar posed with the President and First Lady at the LBJ Library. Corinne Porter, curator, posed with a facsimile of her favorite document in front of a special backdrop.