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~Give me a character and I’ll give you 10+ headcannons~

1. Lin’s an excellent cook

2. …but most nights she ends up getting take out

3. Lin is helplessly left-handed—like, left-handed scissors and everything

4. Katara and Aang were afraid Lin would struggle to learn how to read and write, so they helped teach her

5. Lin taught Su how to read and write

6. Lin seriously dated one guy after her and Tenzin broke up but before LOK takes place, and he was a waterbender who worked as a firefighter

7. Most of Lin’s friends aren’t other cops, they’re other emergency service workers or government workers—yes, she does have friends that aren’t Aang’s children

8. Saikhan is the first officer Lin was assigned to train

9. Lin’s never been romantically involved with another police officer

10. Lin didn’t vote for Raiko in the first United Republic presidential election

11. Lin wasn’t happy about the vines, but she had a good laugh when she found out one went through Raiko’s office

For Those Saying Hillary Clinton is More Electable or That a Vote For Bernie is a Vote for a Republican President, Look How Bernie Polls With Republican Voters Against Republican Front Runners In Swing States

Albeit still not great, it’s basically the same as Hillary and it kind of goes without saying that Bernie Sanders appeals to Republican voters more than Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders was recently told by a Republic presidential candidate that “I think Bernie Sanders is a great candidate for president — of Norway”. Apart from the fact that Norway is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy with a prime minister - and not a president - it is the world´s best country to live in, according to the UN. 12 years in a row. A presidential candidate actually used the most successful economic and social policy in the world, the Nordic social democracy - with the highest scoring country on the Gender Equality Index, free higher (and lower) education, paid paternity and maternity leave, free health care and with some of the lowest crime rates in the world, as an insult