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‘I Basically Ran On Adrenaline’: A Staffer Remembers Obama’s White House

Former Obama staffer Alyssa Mastromonaco is well acquainted with the privilege — and sleeplessness — of working in the White House: “I basically ran on adrenaline, almost, for six years,” she says.

Mastromonaco began as President Obama’s director of scheduling and advance, then became his deputy chief of staff for operations. Her responsibilities ran the gamut from overseeing the confirmation process for cabinet secretaries to managing the president’s daily schedule and foreign travel.

Mastromonaco remembers boarding Air Force One for the first time as a “humbling, awe-inspiring” experience. “There is nothing like walking off the steps of Air Force One,” she says. “You always feel so proud. The reception, too, of other people in countries, when they see that beautiful blue and white plane, it always gives you goosebumps.”

But, she adds, the presidential plane wasn’t always the most comfortable way to travel — especially on overnight flights. “There aren’t beds for us on Air Force One,” Mastromonaco says. “We had those Snuggies that you buy on QVC and we would sleep on the floor … and then you’d get up and everybody shares two bathrooms.”

Though Mastromonaco loved her work for the president, the unrelenting pace took a toll on her. In 2014, she decided to move on. Now an executive at A&E networks, Mastromonaco revisits her White House years in the new memoir, Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?

Photo: Pete Souza/The White House 

The future is a master’s degree. The future is changing the lives of children everywhere. The future is making the world a better place. The future is making a difference, no matter how many obstacles I encounter along the way. The future may be anything we make it out to be! Bring it 2017 💕

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Hi! Prompt: Caroline is the daughter of the president and Klaus the head of her security team. They are having a hot secret affair and she likes him to take her everywhere. (Like on the presidential plane or the limo after some big gala or something)

Written by one of our favorite guest writers, @accidental-rambler :D

A/N: I feel like this is smut with minimal plot but there you go, hope it’s ok :) Thanks for the great prompt!  

Hot & Guarded

5 years ago…

Klaus was feeling like a dirty old man.

Observing the group of teenage girls, who were sunbathing by the pool, his vigilant gaze fixed on the gorgeous blonde with the vibrant laugh. He couldn’t shake the arousal stirring in his lower abdomen at the sight of her lithe body clad in the skimpiest bikini. She was chatting with her two friends, head tilting back when she giggled, exposing her long creamy neck. She would shoot a quick glance his way every time she flipped her hair or bit on her full pink lips, clearly set on teasing him.

Caroline Forbes, already the bane of his existence at 17, was the daughter of the first American female president, Elizabeth Forbes.

At 25, Klaus was the youngest agent in the Secret Service, not to mention the one who had just been entrusted with the safety of the president’s daughter as the head of her security team. Therefore, all the lust and erotic dreams Caroline roused in him made Klaus feel not only dirty, but also highly incompetent.

Suffice it to say, it was all highly inconvenient.

She was supposed to be an assignment, a position on his list, an order to follow - nothing more. Yet, the vivacious teen and her perky ways refused to leave him and his thoughts alone, messing with his head on a daily basis.

His breath caught when he saw Caroline flipping onto her front, swiftly untying the laces on her bikini bra before one of her friends began to spread lotion across her back.

How he wished it was his hands grazing her smooth skin. His body reacted instantly, heart thumping fast and his cock twitching in response. Willing himself to calm down, Klaus focused on scanning the location for possible dangers, his work being the distraction he needed. In that moment, Caroline turned and stared at him, her penetrating gaze and victorious smirk telling him she guessed just what he had been thinking about.

This time, he didn’t look back.

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Out of all your bosses, do you have a personal fave? (and maybe a boss you just hate?)

Well, there is this one ‘guy’ that is very dear to my heart.

He was a simple and humble man. A Champion of the masses. A true servant leader. He gave us hope and inspired us to be better people. 

He genuinely cared for me and the people. And we loved him so much and we were proud to call him our leader.

Ramon Magsaysay

Possibly one of the best President the Philippines ever had, but definitely the most popular and well loved.

His term was dubbed as ‘the golden years’ of the Philippines. He brought back the trust in the Government and Military. It was also the least corrupt. 

He was not a perfect President, but his genuine love for his country and his people, was truly felt. Everybody loved him.

Unfortunately, it seems good things never last. On March 17, 1957, his Presidential plane crashed, killing him and 24 other passengers. Millions of Filipinos attended his funeral.

His life may have been cut short, but his legacy lives on. Even until now, we still hear stories of his kindness. The first time I saw his grave, my grandma spoke fondly of him. It would seem so do all the other people who were lucky enough to have met him.

We could only dream that someday, we will have another Magsaysay to inspire us and lead us to greatness.

[[On May 9, we will be electing a new President. Please vote wisely.]]

This image caught my eye as I was watching a documentary about Air Force One, but it wasn’t because of the fact that the White House figures out a creative way to somehow put a Presidential seal on everything. I actually like that – the Presidency is a brand (not the individual Presidents themselves, but the office that they occupy) and that brand symbolizes power and freedom and majesty. It gives regular politicians the confidence to believe that they can do a job which, in reality, is far too big and tough and complex for a single person to execute while still retaining their sanity. And it connects the people to their President – a bridge that is extraordinarily important in order for Americans to feel some ownership, to deeply care about what is going on, to feel like the Presidency belongs to us and that it truly is up to us to decide who gets the honor of living in the White House on our behalf.

Stamping that seal on every surface or playing “Hail to the Chief” or using the instantly recognizable Presidential aircraft as a massive background prop for photo opportunities or piling VIPs into a motorcade that is always closer to a military operation than a form of transportation are ways of extending that brand and letting us know, “I am your President, and I am working for you.” It’s like the Bat-Signal in reverse. That Bat-Signal is illuminated to let Batman know that his help is needed; putting the Presidential seal on seat belt buckles, pillowcases, M&Ms, ,etc, etc, etc, is a way for the President to tell us, “Don’t worry, I’ve got your back…and, also, here are some M&Ms.”

So, what is it about this image that caught my eye and instigated this unsolicited, unnecessary tangent that most of my readers likely bailed out on around sentence number three (for those still around, thank you, and I’ll be happy to send you an autographed 8"x12" glossy photograph of myself if you send me $10, a self-addressed-stamped-envelope, and an 8"x12" glossy photograph of me)?

It’s simple – that’s obviously a seat belt in a passenger’s seat on Air Force One. As mentioned above, the Presidential seal is all good. But it really seems like we could have done without the “LIFT”. Is that really a necessity? Instructions? Were members of the White House staff or the traveling press corps getting stuck in their seats? Was there a meeting in the Situation Room where the principals discussed potential targets for Predator drone strikes that was interrupted by someone raising their hand and saying, “Mr. President, I hate to change the subject, but can we get a decision on how we’re going to move forward with unbuckling our seat belts aboard Air Force One?”

I’m actually really curious about this. Were the “LIFT” instructions on the seat belts – much like the prison at Guantánamo – a holdover from George W. Bush’s Administration that Obama simply can’t find a way to eliminate? After all, President Bush did choke on a pretzel and pass out during his Presidency. Maybe the Secret Service heard a vicious struggle in Bush’s private cabin aboard Air Force One early in his term, forced their way inside preparing for the worst, and found a sweaty, exhausted President straining against the seat belt which was holding him captive in his seat. Maybe President Bush ordered the Secret Service to take “lethal measures” in order to free him from the seat belt but the agents instead suggested, “We can actually just create step-by-step instructions that might help avoid this in the future. First step: LIFT. Second step: You’re free because it only requires one, shockingly simple step.”

Who knows the reasoning behind the seat belt instructions? I just feel that, in the good old days, nobody would have needed any extra assistance. Whatever happened to “the best and the brightest”? What happened to filling the White House offices with brilliant staffers and surrounding the President with the smartest people possible?

Call me old-fashioned. Call me a jerk. Call me Ishmael (oops…wrong piece of writing.) Call me elitist, even. But, quite frankly, if you need directions so that you can figure out how to unbuckle your seat belt, you probably shouldn’t be anywhere near the President of the United States ON THE GROUND, let alone in a metal tube filled with jet fuel that is 35,000 feet in the sky and moving at 600 mph.