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A Message to ANYONE voting tomorrow in the 2016 US Presidential Election (especially my home state of North Carolina).

In the name of reason, civility, progress, egalitarianism, and decency, make it blue!


So I voted today...

Let me tell you, the New York political scene is so fucking suspicious and shady. I woke myself up at the asscrack of dawn to go back to my neighborhood in Queens to vote at the same school building that people in my neighborhood have gone to vote at for years. But apparently, when I go there and ask the security guards where the polls are, they’re like “oh, the location was moved.”

There were no signs indicating this, no one decided to canvas the neighborhood and let people know, and I had to hastily get on my phone to find the new address and walk an extra ten blocks to get there. 

I live in a working class neighborhood full of people that only have minutes to vote before they have to go to work, many of them elderly and disabled and therefore don’t have the resources to go check online to see the new location. They’ll probably assume that if the polls aren’t at the old location, there’s no need to vote. 

To make it worse, when I did get to the right polling place,  I had to find my address in the registration book because the woman couldn’t find it, I had to tell one of the poll workers that my photo ID wasn’t necessary, and it took five different people to decide how I should scan the ballot. 

This is the most inaccessible voting season I’ve seen, and I swear to God it’s like some sick, underhanded method of disenfranchising poor communities from voting. 

Whenever I see Americans here complaining about their minimum wages being too low, I get low-key mad. I mean, I know this is important for you, for the situation you are living everyday. I get it. I also get that the USA’s minimum wage is 7.25 USD per hour while in Mexico the minimum wage is 4.30 USD a day. A day. 

So, like, while I get why y’all are complaining, when put into perspective it just makes me… mad. You can all still demand for better wages, but like I would also appreciate it if you kept in mind how privileged you really are and that there might be more important and urgent matters at hand. Just don’t forget that. 

I see many of you basing your votes for the next presidential campaign on the candidate’s stand on the minimum wage… when you should —please— maybe start caring about your foreign policies instead. 

President Obama has reportedly chosen a location for his presidential library

With his presidency winding down, now comes the part where President Obama sets up his presidential library. From his home state of Hawaii to Chicago where he started his career, he likely had many options. But in keeping with tradition of breaking tradition, President Obama has now reportedly chosen a unique spot for his library.