presidential gala

It’s April 4th! Scott’s birthday. And I am lame.

That pack of dim, layabout, billionaire playboys, the Tracy Brothers are out and about to celebrate their big brother’s birthday in style.

The Place to Be Seen

April 4th

Everybody who is anybody has it marked on their calendar as the event of the season. Forget The Oscars, The Met Gala, the Presidential Ball, mere tedious functions. Tonight is the night that the rich and the beautiful come to spend their youth like pennies.

It is the night when once a year, that shadow across the pages of the gossip columns, that most eligible of eligible bachelors, that eldest son of the third richest man in the world, emerges into the light, so his four – equally rich, equally handsome, equally rambunctious brothers – can throw him a birthday party the world will never forget.

If you’re not invited, well darling, I’m afraid you’re not anybody.

In previous years it has been in a great, glimmering undersea dome, reached only by bathosphere. It has been held among sparking electrics and luminescent neons in the hull of a great rusted ship. It’s been held in full masquerade in a filigree castle in the Swiss Alps, when every guest was flown there personally in an aircraft decked out like a pumpkin carriage.

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#Scandal314 Production Scoop!

Tons of production scoop was revealed and quickly deleted*. Here’s all I could gather in ONE spot. 

  • Bellamy Young’s Viennese waltzing with Tony Goldwyn. 
  • Bellamy sharing THIS photo of Tony Goldwyn and Dan Bucatinsky dancing at a Presidential gala.
  • Tony sharing THIS photo of Fitz’s Presidential band.
  • Lyn Paolo styling Dan Bucatinsky in a Hugo Boss suit.
  • Scandal’s prop master George’s Rose tweets. (bonus +1
  • There’s a Metro scene too.

Production News: We DO know that the Grant kids will be appearing in the second half of season 3 when it returns on Thursday February 27th. 

Putting all of this new production scoop together appears that The Grant Re-Election Campaign is in FULL swing with a possible flashback thrown in the mix!

Get.ready.Gladiators.Get.Ready! \o/

*Photo H/T: beliskner + livandfitz