Here’s the thing….in the earlier segmented quotes, she was voicing what the religious right truly believes. I’m sure she believes or believed that. And they also always say, “Hate the sin, but love the sinner.” Which is what I think drove her answer that she is not judging them. It’s a gotcha question and he made a few points on it, but it changes nothing for me. A constitutional amendment requires ratification by 2/3 of the states. It’s not gonna happen. It’s not even gonna be attempted. And the president would not be the one to initiate such an amendment. More than 65% of the people in the US want to end abortion on demand…and that wouldn’t even pass as a constitutional amendment. She is of the Christian right and her opinions are grounded there, but that does not make her unfit to be president. And her views on freedom, national defense, and the economy are perfect…and her voting record in congress proves it. If she’s nominated, I’ll vote for her. If she’s on the primary ballot in NJ and Herman Cain isn’t, I’ll vote for her. She does not now, nor will she ever, have the power to turn back the gay rights movement. It may be moving at a pace that is too slow for some, but it will continue to move forward.

So, this is a response to this video from a conservative supporter of Bachmann. Thoughts, Tumblr?

Today there is only one reason I hate tumblr… everyone here thinks they know EVERYTHING about politics… it drives me insane. Obama had four years to make our economy better. I fail to see how $16 trillion in debt is helping. I won’t pretend like I know everything about the statistics and what not. I know it wasn’t completely Obama’s fault that our economy is terrible but he didn’t help.. not one bit. Obama Must Go (OMG)… Romney is the best chance we have at bettering our nation… Go Romney!

On a side note, a few days ago I heard someone say that they want Obama in office because he protects their uterus… how demented are you? Depending on how they extract the baby it can tear your uterus, which means you can never have kids.. ever… Having an abortion is far worse for you than having a baby… especially because that baby is a life.. they deserve a life. Imagine if your best friend, boyfriend, sister, cousin, family member was aborted… they would never have existed… just putting that out there…

Bring on the hate… I could care less about how many followers I lose because I support Romney…

A Detailed Reason Why Romney Getting Elected Won't Bring About The End of Women's Rights and Gay Marriage

I love how People running for President talk about passing and abolishing laws like they’re running to be fucking Tyrants. Specifically, Romney.

Now before you read this, I’ll have you know I DO NOT SUPPORT ROMNEY. OBAMA HAS ALL MY SUPPORT IN THIS RACE. I’m just sick of seeing people panicking about Romney’s “promises”.

GUYS, even if the worst case scenario happens and Romney DOES become president (which is a very slim chance, since his Electoral Votes are at 26% ya know, the vote that actually matters) The chances of ANY of his bills that he keeps talking about, ie banning abortion, gay marriage, and cutting short women’s rights and potentially other ethnicities’ rights, are VERY UNLIKELY TO GET PASSED, OR EVEN MADE INTO BILLS AT ALL.

You know why? I’ll tell you why. They’re called the Legislative and Judicial branches. Ya know, the other 2 branches that basically dictate the majority of what the President does, at least Bill-passing wise.

A President CANNOT pass any bill he wants. If he did, he wouldn’t be a president; he’d be a TYRANT, a King, or a Dictator.

In order for Romney to even TRY to pass the laws mentioned above, he’d first have to make a bill on it. That takes TIME, time a President doesn’t have.

Even if he WERE to crank out a bill, say, against abortion, it’s not going to get automatically passed. The bill has to go through Congress first.

For a Bill to get passed in Congress, IT HAS TO GET AT LEAST HALF OF THE VOTES.

You know what happens after that? It goes into the Senate, and the process gets started ALL OVER AGAIN.

Do you really think a bill like that would get passed so easily? There are women in Congress AND the Senate, in case you have forgotten. Not to mention a good part of Congress and Senate are Democratic, which should stick around for a couple years until everyone gets shuffled out.

The chances of ANY LAW Romney wants in actually passing through Congress AND Senate are EXTREMELY LOW, or would take a couple YEARS or more.

But let’s say that something DID get passed through the Congress and Senate, the World’s over right? WRONG!

It now has to go over to the Judiciary Branch.

You know, the Branch that makes sure everything is CONSTITUTIONAL.

The Judiciary branch, in my opinion, is the best branch. Even if the President AND Congress wants the bill passed, they can shoot the bill down if it violates the Constitution and Basic Human Rights.

There is no way that ANY of the Laws Romney keeps talking about are going to get passed, solely because of this.


Abortion will not be banned because it’s UNCONSITUTIONAL to do so.

Gay Marriage will not be banned because it’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL (although, unfortunately, it would be very hard for Gay Marriage to become nationally legal under Romney, it would be very hard for it to get BANNED altogether.)

Women’s rights will not be cut because it’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL, same for the other potential cuts to people’s rights.

Romney is bad for many different reasons, but these reasons are not things you have to worry about.

Worry about the taxes on the middle and lower class, things he CAN pass.


I think in another Time, Romney MIGHT be good for our country economically. He is no man to lead this country socially, and certainly not right now, WHEN OUR COUNTRY IS NECK-DEEP IN DEBT THAT WE NEED TO GET RID OF.

So, again, DON’T VOTE FOR ROMNEY, but PLEASE stop acting like he can ACTUALLY DO all the things he’s been preaching about. THAT’S JUST TO GET THE STUPID MAN’S VOTE.

Any questions? I’m feeling for a debate if necessary.