If Romney is taking away abortions, is he going to take care of those kids that don’t get aborted and be responsible for those that get abused because their mothers and fathers didn’t want them in the first place? I don’t agree with the idea of abortion myself, but am I missing something by him saying he’s going to take it away when he doesn’t even have a vagina? And then wanting to stop the production of tampons? I’m sorry but I must be missing something if people think that’s okay. I know I’m not old enough to vote so whatever, but if he gets elected I know where shit’s going from here. Another thing i’d like to say is that Romney isn’t paying so close to education as Obama, and Obama is doing it right by wanting a lot of education. Why? Number one, it’ll help jobs. Number two; the more education we have the more we’ll see what he did wrong and we’ll be able to fix it when our generations come time to be president. Idk guys, but Obama should stick around.

Taking away food stamps? Is it wrong to need help? If you take away food stamps the more people will go hungry and you’re suppose to be helping that from happening. Romney this seems like a good way to go, yippeee! Maybe you’ll enjoy getting all the blame and hate mail.