President Obama and Cecily Strong killed it at Nerd Prom (aka the White House Correspondents Dinner) this weekend

President Obama even had a special visit from his anger translator. 

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Sen. Ted Kennedy on Alito, Failed Filibuster
  • Sen. Ted Kennedy on Alito, Failed Filibuster
  • NPR
  • News & Notes with Ed Gordon

Sen. Ted Kennedy on Alito, Failed Filibuster

Transcript:  From January 31, 2006

ED GORDON, host:

Today, the full Senate gives Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito an up or down vote. He is expected to be confirmed easily and will replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Alito’s bid has met with stiff resistance from Democrats, and at least one Republican. This weekend President Bush used his weekly radio address to rally support for Alito’s nomination.

President GEORGE W. BUSH: The Senate has a Constitutional responsibility to hold an up or down vote on Judge Alito’s nomination. Throughout its 216-year history the Senate has held an up or down vote on every Supreme Court nominee with majority Senate support. Judge Alito has demonstrated that he is eminently qualified to serve on our nation’s highest court, and America is fortunate to have a man of his integrity and intellect willing to serve.

GORDON: Alito’s nomination sputtered in recent days after Massachusetts Senators Edward Kennedy and John Kerry tried to filibuster. But late Monday, the Republicans gathered 72 votes, far more than the 60 votes necessary to force today’s up or down vote. I spoke briefly with Senator Kennedy yesterday before the failed filibuster attempt. He acknowledged that the filibuster was a long shot, but believes the choice to send the new justice to the high court is just too important not to debate.

Senator EDWARD KENNEDY (Democrat, Massachusetts): Outside of sending American men and women into combat, there’s no decision that we make that is more important than the Supreme Court. And we don’t get a second bite of the apple. The prescription drug bill now is a disaster for people of Massachusetts. We may have a good opportunity to change it and alter it, but we only get one vote for our Supreme Court. We better get this right. This is a vote of a generation.

It’s a vote of conscience. We have made extraordinary progress in what I call the march to progress and knocking down walls of discrimination and prejudice against African Americans, against women, against the disabled. And we have to ask ourselves, is this nominee in that tradition? Or are we going to have to re-fight those battles?

I think there’s too much sweat, too many tears, too many lives have been lost to go on back and re-fight those battles. I don’t think the American people want to. And we have a right to expect that a nominee is going to indicate to the American people about where they stand. Are they for the march towards progress or are they going to be a stumbling block? And you cannot have the reading of this nominee’s dissents, that realize that he will be a stumbling block.

That’s just not Democrats, that’s just not me, that’s the Knight Ridder newspapers, it’s Cass Sunstein, the distinguished Constitutional attorney, it’s the Yale study group, it’s even the Washington Post. If you care about minority rights…

GORDON: What of those who have suggested that this is highly symbolic, and quite frankly, the Democrats have probably waited too late wage this battle?

Senator KENNEDY: The Democrats are, I think, overwhelmingly united in opposition to Alito. There is a difference in terms of strategy. I personally believe that we ought to resist every opportunity that we have. As others say, well, let’s just vote in opposition to him. So there’s no real differences among Democrats in opposition to Alito. There is an issue in strategy about whether we ought to battle against Alito every step along the way.

That’s my view. I think it’s matter of principle, it’s a matter of commitment, it’s a matter of belief that these are core values for our country and our people, and that Judge Alito is on the wrong side.

I can give you the most moving case was the Riley v. Taylor. This was about a black man being charged with killing a white man, and the jury was made up of all whites, and Alito ignored overwhelming evidence that the prosecutor had struck blacks from the jury based on race. He said it was fine to have an all white jury. Fortunately, his colleagues disagreed and gave the man a new trial. That is just one of the cases that is enormously troublesome to me.

If we were able to get additional time, I think more and more of our colleagues would get deeper and deeper into the real holdings of this nominee. They understand, for example, the story that’s on the front page of the New York Times that says, Paving the Way for Alito Began Years Ago, and it talks about how a very small group of right wingers and public relations group promoted this nomination and this candidate, and it’s telling them, do not cheer now until the final vote comes in because we know we are having a victory that we never thought we probably could.

I think the American people want, are entitled, to know what this person stands, where he stands, and what he stands up for before we have final passage. If we were able to do that, I believe we would have a different situation.

GORDON: Do you believe this is going to build a further rift in the Democratic Party as you suggested? There are those who believe that this is a waste of time and you should look to other measures?

Senator KENNEDY: Well, I don’t think it’s ever a waste of time when you’re battling on principle and you’re battling on something that you believe in. I don’t think that’s ever a waste of time. I’ve battled, you know, for national health insurance for 33 years, and I’m not going to stop, and I’m not going to quit.

I’ve battled for an increase in the minimum wage for the last nine years and been unable to do it, and I’m not going to quit, and I’m going to battle against Supreme Court nominees that aren’t fully committed to making sure that we’re fair and more just, to make sure that every person is going to realize the words equal justice under law. And that is a test I don’t think this nominee fulfills, and I’m going to do everything I can to see that he doesn’t get on it.

GORDON: All right, Senator Kennedy, always good to have you with us.

Senator KENNEDY: Good Ed. Thank you.

Fathom: Kiani #3 C2E2 Convention Variant cover by Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald! Limited to only 200 copies!!
#C2E2 is this weekend! Aspen president Frank Mastromauro will join Big Dog Ink founder Tom Hutchison, as well as Shahrazad writers Kim Hutchison and Kari Castor, at booth #706. There will also be a handful of Aspen/BDI creators available in Artist’s Alley: V Ken Marion at B11, Jordan Gunderson at K12, Nei Ruffino at P8, and Dirk Manning at H8. #AspenComics #art #con #codplay #c2e2 #variant #comicbooks #prints #bdi #aspen

Free Entrance Days in the National Parks America’s Best Idea—the national parks—is even better when it’s free! Mark your calendar for these entrance fee–free* dates in 2015:

Photo:  Hikers on the Cerro Grande Trail at Bandelier National Monument.NPS photo    NPS photo

Weekend report: Three weeks of poker madness

Tell me your symptoms.

Constant eye strain from watching EPT Live? Repetitive motion disorder from holding the mouse too long? You’ve just spent €7 on a banana?

I’m afraid you might have a touch of the old poker madness. It’s going around right now.

Beginning with the on-going EPT Grand Final in Monaco and continuing all the way through the 2015 Spring Championship of Online Poker, we’re looking at a three-week outbreak of poker madness. If you need proof, just check out any of these stories that just happened this weekend.

EPT President Edgar Stuchly announces Season 12 schedule

EPT11 Grand Final: Erik Seidel proves his genius again, halts the Urbanovich juggernaut

EPT11 Grand Final: Mustapha Kanit wins €50,000 Super High Roller and €936,500

FPS Monaco: Sebastian Supper steers way to Main Event victory, wins €177,000

Sunday Million: NutPopper breaks through with $188k score

Sunday Warm-Up: The doctor is in, DrTommek wins after four-way chop

And those were just the big stories. For a complete look at all of the big weekend results, go here: May 2-3, 2015 PokerStars weekend majors final table results.

I’d like to tell you we can cure this rabid disease. Alas, we have just a few days left before the SCOOP kickoff. To plan your extended care plan, head on over to the 2015 SCOOP schedule.

Good luck to everyone still alive in Monaco! And wash your hands! This madness is very contagious.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging
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Pat Robertson: Gay Marriage Will Lead To God’s Wrath, Turn US Into Sodom + MORE

Right-Wing Pundits: Obama Persecuting Bachmann With ‘End Times’ Joke


At the White House Correspondents Dinner this weekend, President Obama made a joke about ex-Rep. Michele Bachmann’s repeated refrain that he is bringing about the Last Days, and the former Minnesota congresswoman is not pleased. She and other Religious Right pundits told the End Times outlet WorldNetDaily that the president’s joke was an act of anti-Christian persecution and suggested that people who disagree with Bachmann’s remarks are really denouncing all of Christianity…

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Kenneth Copeland: I’m Like Osama Bin Laden, But In A Good Way!


Televangelist Kenneth Copeland appeared on “The 700 Club” today to triumphantly announce to host Pat Robertson that God’s healing power is sweeping over the world, especially at his Texas church, which he failed to mention was the center of a measles outbreak in 2013. Copeland told Robertson that a man “died in the foyer of the church and God raised him from the dead; he had a heart attack and just died and the Lord raised him up…

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Barton: New Book Written By Two Authors With 'Ph.Ds’ Validates My Jefferson Book


Back in 2012, Religious Right pseudo-historian David Barton published his book “The Jefferson Lies: Exposing the Myths You’ve Always Believed About Thomas Jefferson,” through which he sought to portray Jefferson as someone who would make today’s Religious Right seem moderate by comparison.
Barton’s thesis and his scholarship were so roundly criticized that ultimately his book was pulled from publication by the publisher…

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Pat Robertson: Gay Marriage Will Lead To God’s Wrath, Turn US Into Sodom


Today on “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson warned that if the Supreme Court strikes down bans on same-sex marriage, Christians in America will soon be “the victims of vicious, vicious attacks,” just like the angels who visited Sodom and were nearly raped by “virulent homosexuals…

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Obama’s war with Elizabeth Warren is heating up

Obama’s war with Elizabeth Warren is heating up

The heated rhetoric that characterized the increasingly personal fight over a proposed free trade deal between President Barack Obama and his left flank, typified by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), did not cool over the weekend. Even “nerd prom” failed to heal the wounds. Over the weekend, the president held a conference call with reporters over […]

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Burundi sliding back into chaos a decade after end of Civil War

VENTURES AFRICA – The decision of Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza to run for a third term in office is dragging the country into chaos barely a decade after a historic peace accord ended years of civil war. Last weekend, the president’s party, the CNDD-FDD, unanimously nominated him to stand for re-election in the June elections, triggering widespread protests that his candidacy violates the country’s constitution – which mandates a maximum of two term limits.

President Nkurunziza has refused local and international pressure to back down from contesting, arguing that in his first term, he was elected by MPs, not through a general election. On this ground, his government has refused the demands of the protesters. Presidential spokesman, Gervais Abayeho, called the protests an “insurrection” and said the opposition was trying to take Burundi back to 1993, when the country disintegrated into civil war.

The war pitted the ethnic Tutsi minority, which dominated the army at the time, against rebel groups mostly made up of the Hutu majority. One of the group’s leaders was Nkurunziza.

Rising tension is creating fears of even graver violence. One that has been likened to the scale of the 1994 genocide in neighbouring Rwanda, where nearly a million Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed. The ruling party has been accused of arming its youth wing and using them to instigate violence, though it has repeatedly denied these allegations.

Rwanda said more than 20,000 people have sought refuge inside its borders, and thousands have also fled to neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.

Burundi said that three people had been killed and 15 police officers were hurt during Sunday clashes between security officers and protesters in Bujumbura. The government has also clamped down on the media, shutting down three radio stations on the charge of fuelling the violence.

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VIDEO: George W. Bush slams Obama over Middle East policies

The former president reportedly said this weekend that President Obama’s emerging deal to remove sanctions on Iran was bad for American security.

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Echo Team Heads to Washington, D.C. for Assistant Management Promotion

This weekend, President Jane Mernagh took four members of the Echo Business Solutions leadership team (Kayla Cone, Greg Jacobs, Alex Floyd and Austin Frank) to Washington, D.C. to attend an Assistant Management promotion at one of our managing partner’s offices.  The weekend was filled with networking, meeting other entrepreneurs, and learning about new marketing campaigns .

Assistant Management promotions are especially exciting because they mean that the individual is one giant step closer to running his/her own office and representing a Fortune 500 client in our portfolio.  The promotion signifies a mastery in team leadership, sales and marketing, interviewing, public speaking, and a variety of other challenges that have come his/her way.  For our leadership team, it’s incredibly motivational to witness a peer achieving this next step.

In addition to the promotion ceremony, the Echo team enjoyed a jam-packed weekend full of entertainment, including golf, a great falls expedition, frozen yogurt stop, barbecue, and a shopping spree.

A Tale of Two Presidents

Briscoe’s account of regime change in the Dominican Republic continues. The US, he argues, is caught off guard by these sudden events.

Charles H. Briscoe, “Central America: The Key to Inter-American Peacekeeping 1965–1967”, dissertation submitted and approved by the University of South Carolina Department of History, 1996; pp. 19 – 20:

While the coup caught the US embassy by surprise, the Johnson administration was even less prepared to deal with the weekend crisis. President Johnson was fogged in by weather at Camp David, Maryland, when notified about the crisis. Only National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy of Johnson’s “innter circle” of advisors (Secretary Dean Rusk, Cyrus Vance and George Ball from the State Department, Secretary Robert McNamara and John McNaughton from the Defense Department, CIA Director John McCone, and JCS Chairman General Earle Wheeler) could be reached. Tired of “watching and waiting,” on Sunday morning, 25 April, the president ordered the Caribbean Ready Group (six ships with 1,700 marines onboard) to position itself “over the horizon” (out of sight of land) opposite Santo Domingo in the event American citizens needed evacuation. Johnson had done this as Vice President in 1961, as a US “show of force” after the assassination of dictator Rafael Trujillo.9 It was a precaution, but it provided the Commander-in-Chief ready access to military power.

In Santo Domingo, President Reid Cabral resigned and left the presidential palace on Sunday morning, 25 April, when the Dominican generals failed to come to his support and he found that his guards had abandoned their tanks.10 There was little loyalty felt towards the Reid Cabral government by any of the generals or their armed forces. These generals were predators, who guarded their power, the armed forces they commanded, and aligned themselves with the group most likely to succeed, be it rightist, Boschista, or Balaguerista.11

9. Daily Diary of President Johnson, 1963-1969 (Frederick, MD: University Publications of America, 1980), Reel 4 of 14, hereafter Daily Diary, Johnson, The Vantage Point, 190, Roberts, LBJ’s Inner Circle, 200, and Kelso, “The Dominican Crisis of 1965,” 61.

10. Franklin J. Franco, República Dominicana, Clases, Crisis y Comandos (Havana: Casa de las Américas, 1966), 190.

11. Joaquín Balaguer, president under Rafael Trujillo, had headed the interim government until Juan Bosch’s election in 1962. Alain Rouquie, The Military and the State in Latin America, trans. Paul E. Sigmund (Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1987), 170.

Johnson will remain president for another three and a half years.

5 things you need to know this weekend

5 things you need to know this weekend

President Obama attends the annual White House Correspondents’ dinner at the Washington Hilton on May 3, 2014.(Photo: Olivier Douliery)

1. The White House Correspondents’ dinner is a go!

President Obama will do Saturday what he and every president since JFK has done: make fun of himselfat the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. The event began in 1921, but the jokefest didn’t…

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