This Weekend in Politics

March 4-5, 2017

  • Tens of Thousands of ICE detainees claim they were forced into labor, which would be a violation of anti-slavery laws. This case could involve as many as 60,000 immigrants to the United States. The detention center involved is owned by GEO Group and has a contract with ICE. (WP)(LAT)
  • Early Saturday Morning Donald Trump, President of the United States, tweeted that he “found out” former President Barack Obama “wiretapped” Trump Tower’s phone lines during the campaign. No one has brought evidence forward. FBI Director James Comey has said these claims are false and asked the Department of Justice to denounce them. (CNN)(WP)(NYT)(BBC)
  • A Sikh man was shot in his driveway by a man shouting “Go back to your country”. The shooting is being investigated as a hate crime. (CNN)(WP)
  • Pro-Trump rallies occurred around the United States today, however, they were mostly overcome by protesters. Arrests have been made from resulting confrontation and violence. (NPR)(TIME)(WP)
  • A group of US Marines are under investigation for sharing nude photos of women [some with out consent] on a secret Facebook page called “Marines United”. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is now investigating. (WP)(HILL)(FOX)
  • North Korea launched four ballistic missiles that landed in Japanese Waters. Acting President Hwang Kyo-ahn said “This is a direct challenge to the international community and a grave violation.” (CNN)(WSJ)(NYT)
  • The World Health Organization [WHO] has said a polluted environment results in 1.7 million child deaths a year. The causes include unsafe water, lack of sanitation, poor hygiene practices and indoor and outdoor pollution, as well as injuries. (WHO)(CNN)
thoughts on swdbs finale:

spoilers because yes its the finale, my friends

  • i’m sad and extremely happy and in tears and
  • i was squealing and crying for 95% of the episode’s runtime okay
  • the fluff was real, bong bong and min min will live on forever
  • although it’s a point of friction for fans bong soon’s mother addressing the abuse allegations and saying “fact attack” was pretty funny and turned the issue i had with that past moment on its head so…cool
  • “i like bong soon because she’s who she is…i feel like if she’s here, i am too. and if she’s not here, i feel like i’m not either.” um
  • “but you’re really good at seducing a person, president ahn.” ain’t that the truth, papa do
  • guk doo setting his feelings aside and being there just as a friend for bong soon and giving min hyuk tips was actually very touching, even though guk doo and min hyuk still don’t like each other?? four for you, guk doo
  • when the gang of boys started singing super power girl i was laughing my ass off
  • “it seems i can’t live without you for a single moment” uM
  • the wedding portion of the episode was so sweet and my tears were flowing
  • scratch that, i was a waterfall from the proposal on to the wedding
  • despite not liking much of the gang plot, having baek tak & friends there for the wedding photos was a sweet touch and very funny
  • dong byung pelting flowers at the married couple like wOW LET IT GO MAN (but it was still funny)
  • the fact that they had twin baby girls hAaAaA im dying
  • min hyuk’s baby-talk made my heart burst into a trillion pieces
  • do bong soon and ahn min hyuk will love each other forever and whatever comes after forever and that is an attack of facts
  • the drama might not have completely succeeded in every area (in regards to plot and characters) but the love story was real and the message of the show was real and i’m so glad i watched this drama because it was definitely worth it