president vanellope von schweetz


This week’s cosplay diary, my Vanellope skirt in actions!

  • Some Asshole: I guess it's nice Disney has a Latina character and all but did she have to be a PRINCESS? Urgh all Disney does is Princesses they'd never do a girl president.
  • Me: *pauses Elena fangirling* Hello, Vanellope Von Schweetz? The girl who literally became president because she did not feel like being a princess?
  • Some Asshole: *ignores me* It's not like being a Princess requires any brains or strength.
  • Me: Did you even watch the trailer? Elena is going to be learning how to rule, that takes work. And she saved her friends who were tied up on a ship and sword fought on a carriage. She awesome! What more do you want?
  • Some Asshole: Characters who AREN'T princesses!
  • Me: Jusy Hopps? Gogo Tamago and Honey Lemon? Sgt. Calhoun? Lilo and Nani? Audrey, Jane, Tinkerbelle, Wendy, every other Disney Fairy, Minnie, Daisy, Clarabelle, Megara, Kim Possible? Doc McStuffins?
  • Some Asshole: Look I'm an adult, I don't know every little thing Disney does.
  • Me: ...So you're full of shit? *resumes Elena fangirling*

“President Vanellope von Schweetz!! Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?” A little sass for these photos~ These were done by Vaughn Photography when I guested at Shikacon! Cosplay by me, Crash Candy Cosplay ♡ follow me on facebook for more content!

As much as I love Tangled, Brave, and now Frozen… for me, Wreck-It-Ralph remains Disney’s most overall outstanding achievement of the 2010s. I’ll never forget the feeling of magic, awe, adoration and utter happiness I felt when I finished seeing it for the first time in the cinema. I still feel those same emotions everytime I watch it again.