president snow is not convinced

How Strange, Innocence

It is easy to convince President Snow when her feelings for Peeta are real. It’s the consequences of loving him that are so hard.

Rated M for sexual situations (both consensual and nonconsensual), violence, and torture

Prompt: Marigold & Jonquil

A/N: Title comes from an Explosions in the Sky song. Thank you so, so much to my lovely, wonderful pre-readers/betas: peetaspenis, thegirlfromoverthepond, and w000ly. And a huge thank you to the-tesseract-wrinkling-time for the gorgeous drawing you did to go along with my story. You ladies are amazing!\

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HELLO TUMBLR. This is my dad. (On the left, not the right.) He has been costuming at conventions since 2008. He started out as Dr. Henry Jones, Sr (with my brother and me as Indiana and Indy Anna Jones, photo by Sean Flynn):

Then he branched out to The Most Interesting Man in the World:

And now he NEEDS to be President Snow. But he’s not sure he wants to do it, because he doesn’t want to dress up as a “bad guy” and have people not like him. Tumblr, HELP. Tell him you won’t hate him if he dresses up as President Snow. THIS MUST HAPPEN. HE NEEDS TO GO TO DRAGONCON AND FREAK OUT ALL THE BAJILLION KATNISSES. 

You know guys? Sometimes I just don't understand some people in the fandom. When there were just the two stills from the movie of Katniss and Peeta, everyone said that they wished they could see more. Now, Lionsgate has made us a great gift indeed and my dashboard still is filled with complaints from some people! Just so you know. It's just my opinion and the opinion of some people I've talked with.

anonymous asked:

Interesting analysis. "Peeta’s hijacking was a cruel but necessary aspect to their relationship". Do you think the hijacking was about Katniss and Peeta relationship? Probably I don´t remember, but at what point they reflect about each other, and change their attitude BECAUSE OF the hijacking? When his "love" stopped being blind because of the torture inflicted by the Capitol? For me, the hijacked was about the war, I´d like to understand your perspective. Thanks in advance,

I’m sorry it took me so long to reply to this; I just wanted to sit down when I had the time and really think it through. My answer got ridiculously long, so feel free to ignore my rambling if you’re so inclined. 

I’ve thought about Peeta’s hijacking a lot, mainly because I really disliked that plot point in the book and I wanted to understand Suzanne Collin’s reasoning behind it. So everything here is by no means official or “correct,” but what I’ve deduced from multiple re-reads, analyses, and even some fan fictions.

From my perspective, Peeta’s hijacking is about both the war and his relationship with Katniss. The Capitol could have chosen to hijack Johanna or Annie or even Enobaria instead, and any of them could have attempted to kill Katniss, but none would have been as emotionally damming to her as Peeta was. President Snow asks Katniss to convince him of her love for Peeta, and we know that she succeeds. Once the Capitol found that Peeta had no useful information concerning the rebellion, they could have done anything with him. They could have tortured him like they did Johanna, they could have used him as an asset to their cause like the rebels did with Katniss, or they could have killed him. Instead, Snow uses the knowledge of their love in an attempt to bring down the Mockingjay, effectively bringing down the rebels with her. In the end, Snow fails to realize that a 17 year-old girl is not, in fact, the be- all, end- all of the war. Snow even admits to this mistake himself.

 “I wasn’t watching Coin. I was watching you, Mockingjay.”

So while Katniss is being used as a symbol, Peeta is used to destroy her, emotionally and physically. Snow’s using tactics like hijacking Katniss’s loved one and the rose scent in the sewers and the mutts hissing her name to bring down one person. Meanwhile, Coin’s in the background, letting Katniss take all this heat and quietly usurping her way to power. It’s pretty shitty any way you look at it. 

But back to Katniss and Peeta. I did say that Peeta’s hijacking was “a cruel but necessary aspect to their relationship.” Perhaps a more accurate way to phrase it would be that the hijacking was important to their narrative and their growth as characters. And I say that because pre- hijacking, both Katniss and Peeta idealize the other. Peeta first “fell in love” with Katniss when they were 5 because of his father’s influence toward her and then because he heard her sing. Over time, he built up this version of her in his head and really fell in love with that. When he gets to know her better later on, he only falls deeper. To Katniss, Peeta is her childhood savior. The boy she’s been quietly observing for years, and (imo) for whom she harbors a deep-seated crush. In her eyes, he’s kind and eloquent and steady and always, unflinchingly there for her. She takes it for granted that he will always love her, even if she does not return the sentiment.

“To make Peeta forget he loves me? No one could do that.”

By the end of Catching Fire, they’re in kind of a “love is blind” honeymoon phase. 

The hijacking strips all of that away. Katniss and Peeta are forced to get to know one another again, this time without “the boy with the bread” and “the girl who makes the birds fall silent” idealism. Once Peeta’s initial violent phase over, Katniss begins to see him for who he really is, flaws and all, and vice- versa. For me, the moment when they really start to grow back together is after Peeta joins the Star Squad and Haymitch calls Katniss to kick her ass a little bit for how she’s been treating Peeta. That’s the night when Katniss makes her first real effort with him, and we learn just how much she really knows about Peeta.

“You’re a painter. You’re a baker. You like to sleep with the windows open. You never take sugar in your tea. And you always double-knot your shoelaces.”

From there, they grow even closer. It starts with little things, like Katniss seeing a flash of his old self- deprecating humor and Peeta remembering that she likes lamb stew. Then the kiss to bring Peeta back from a flashback, and his refusal to let go of her after she shoots Coin. 

In the end, the hijacking helps Katniss realize that she can’t take Peeta and his love for granted. Peeta now sees Katniss as more than the little girl he fantasized about for so long; he sees her as a real person with merits and flaws. Their love blossoms from this understanding and grows into a lifelong partnership, and I think it just goes to show how incredibly strong these two characters are. The odds were never in their favor, and yet they managed to make it through everything, and they came out of it together.   

anonymous asked:

Josh and Claudia really aren't doing a good job of convincing people they are in "love." I mean, come on now, if you want to trick people josh at least hold her hand or open her car door or something. No instead he walks in front of her, is never laughing/smiling, hardly touches her. Yet with Jen he has stars in his eyes and can't keep his hands off her.'re a better actor than that Josh!

*President Snow Voice*: Convince me.