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Imagine the effects on Gaia if Sephiroth & SOLDIER had done a military coup to make Lazard the president of Shin-Ra Inc.

Where would your muse be?

HYYH Young Forever Thanks To - V

Thank you ARMYs for making BTS rise up to a high place!!

My family members, especially my father and mother, thank you for always giving me advice when I’m tired and worried.
I love you father, mother, really ㅎ

PD-nim, Vice President, managing director Shin Gyu, managing director Seok Jun, thank you so much for making this group with pride and confidence. Thank you for putting me in BTS, who lacks endlessly and thank you for giving me a chance!!
Ho Beomie hyung, Jung Ilie hyung and Se Jinie hyung, thank you for being our manager and sorry that you couldn’t sleep because of us. You know my heart right? ㅎㅎ I love hyungs so much!! I want to go a long way with hyungs!! Because of teacher Sung Deuk, it seems that we can still make our group dance even cooler, more hard working and new, thank you!! And congratulations on your marriage~

Hyuk Ki hyungnim, thank you for always greeting us with a smile. And congratulations on your marriage~!! Thank you for making cool music Pdogg PD-nim and Do Hyungie hyung.

The visual creative team, rookie development team, management support team, industrial operation team, management team, a&r team, content communication team and freelance team’s hyungs and noonas, thank you for working while having to sleep less because of us! Thank you for being able to give me makeovers, who is a bit rustic!!
Woo Jung noona (Bangtan Bomb's supervisor), Su Rin noona (the kindest noona in the world), Seul Lee noona (wow seriously… the mosttttttt kindest noona in the world), Ha Yan noona (wow… the kindest noona in the world that I can’t even express through words), Mi Jung noona (the noona that casted me) and Seon Jung noona (the noona that made me into a singer from a trainee), I really love you all.

And my acquaintances, dongsaengs, hyungs, noonas, friends and my uncles, wow I just love you guys so much.  
Now Jungkookie is an adult, we can go have a drink later, I will get knocked out after one shot, won’t I…?
And ARMYs, we’re still lacking a lot but we’ve been working hard, so it would be great if you could stay together with us for a long time. We will make the best memories of your life. Please love the 7 of us, without leaving any member out. I know, aigoo, I know… Ok, I know, you said you love us?? Alright, I love you too~~
Our members, I hope our friendship stays the same even after a few decades. I want to be with our members forever.

I love you all.



Work (Suga) *NSFW*

Growing up, you always idolized your mom. Every day she came home from work in her pencil skirt, heels, and dress shirts, her hair and makeup done perfectly, the work day never seeming to have affected her. She was, in your eyes, the invincible working woman. So, when you got a job working at a Fortune 500 company, you put in all your sweat, blood, and tears to raise up through the ranks. Through it all, you maintained that same poise your mother did. Well, you did until about a year ago. About a year ago, when you started coming home with your hair disheveled, shirt wrinkled, lipstick slightly smudged, runs in your stockings, that was when you met Min Yoongi. Perhaps you had lost the poise your mother had perfected, but there was a different kind of poise in the confident after sex glow you returned home with these days.

Min Yoongi, CEO of MY Entertainment, lacked poise. He had an aura, but poise was not quite the right word to describe Min Yoongi. Intimidating? Confident? Strong? He seemed to be the pinnacle of business, focused on making money, firm and unyielding, but also surprisingly sweet. Despite having worked in the company for three years prior, you had never met Min Yoongi until you were promoted to be one of the vice president’s secretaries. Said vice president, Shin Dahyun, had sent you to Yoongi’s office with some reports for him to look over. You expected to simply hand the papers off to one of his many secretaries but when you approached the secretary outside his office, she merely paused her phone conversation to motion for you to go straight in. You composed yourself before knocking lightly on the door and opening it.

Entering, you closed the door behind yourself and looked up to see Min Yoongi, expectant, waiting for you to speak first, not bothering to put in the effort to ask why you were there. He sat with confidence but he didn’t look stiff. He was leaning back in his chair, one arm settled comfortably on the arm rest, his hand cradling his head. His hair was light blonde, dyed to be the striking color. On anyone else it might have looked delinquent, but on him it seemed professional. His face was naturally cute, but the expression he maintained, one of smug confidence, reminded you of his status and age. If his expression didn’t remind you of his status, the beautiful watch on his wrist, gleaming in the sunlight that filtered through the window behind him, and his finely-tailored grey suit reminded you.

Finding your voice, you walked forward with the reports. “Shin VP gave me these reports for you CEO Min. Your secretary waved me in,” you said as you approached his desk. You held out the papers and he took them, his eyes catching yours as your hands touched for the faintest moment.

His face, which had been stern up to that moment, broke into an adorable gummy smile as he took the papers and focused his attention on them. “I was wondering when I had hired such a beautiful secretary. It’s a shame Ms. Shin snatched you up first,” he said, his voice low and husky, but also playful. “I assume you must be good at your job too, having risen through the ranks so fast.”

“How do you know…” you let your question trail off, wondering how this man knew you, and whether his tone of voice meant he was flirting with you or not.

“You came in as an intern right? I remember watching you all getting your introduction speech a few years back. You wouldn’t have seen me; it was a secret excursion to see the new faces in the company. What’s your name?”

“Y/N,” you said wondering how he had remembered your face from so long ago. You were wondering a lot of things about Min Yoongi actually.

“Well, Y/N,” he said, rising from his desk and setting down the reports. He walked around the desk to stand in front you, extending his hand and smiling again. You took his hand to shake it but he surprisingly pulled you just a centimeter closer with a nice grip. “It was very nice to meet you. Tell Ms. Shin that I will give any comments on the reports to you once I have read them. Thanks for bringing them.”

“It was no problem at all,” you said as you fought a blush and he let go of your hand. “If you ever have anything you need, let me know,” you said bowing and turning to leave. As you left the office, you tried to calm your heart and will your blood to leave your cheeks.

You had assumed the sexual tension had been in your head, Min Yoongi was just insanely attractive and intimidating and you had fallen for it, but then you were called back to his office to pick up the revisions. It was late that night. You were working overtime like you always did, so you figured you would go pick them up and put them on Shin VP’s desk for the next day. When you went up to Yoongi’s office, there was no one outside. You knocked on the door and when you heard him call from within, you entered. He wasn’t seated at the desk but rather at the couch in the middle of his office. His hair was slightly pushed back; you could tell he had been running his hands through it. His tie was loosened and the first two buttons of his shirt undone, his jacket draped on the back of the couch. He looked stressed. It was a different side from the put together Yoongi you had seen before, but it was still Yoongi, still intimidating, confident, strong.

“I didn’t expect you to see the email until tomorrow,” he said with a smile as he stood up, walking to his desk to set down some papers.

“I was working overtime, just like you are,” you gestured to the papers spread out on the table in front of the couch as you walked over to his desk.

“I was just finishing up,” he said as he grabbed the reports from his desk. “Here, come sit down on the couch and I will tell you what to tell Ms. Shin,” he said, naturally grabbing your hand and sitting down with you on the couch. He showed me his notes and explained some parts of the report he wanted to be expanded and some extra questions he had before handing the report over to me and leaning back with a sigh. Setting the report and notes down on the coffee table, you turned towards him.

“Are you okay?” you asked hesitantly. He opened his eyes and they slid over to focus on you for a moment before he sat back up again.

“The stress is just a part of the job,” he said with a wry smile. “Being CEO wouldn’t pay this good if it wasn’t hard.”

“Do you have a way you relieve stress? Like boxing or flower arranging or something?”

“A way to relieve stress…” he said, his stare boring into my own. You felt an urge to look away but held your ground, determined to win the impromptu staring contest, but also just wanting to look into his eyes. “Y/N, what about you? Do you have a way to relieve to stress?” he said, shifting closer to you ever so slightly that it was barely noticed. If you wasn’t so conscious of his presence, you might not have noticed at all.

“Not really,” you said, your own face unconsciously growing closer to his.

“It might just be my business savvy but I think we have a mutual interest,” he said, and suddenly, your breaths had merged with his, your mouths in close proximity to each other.

“A mutual interest… in relieving stress?” you clarified, your attention split between Yoongi’s lips and his eyes.

“That, and in each other,” he said, closing the distance between the two of you, a hand coming to pull you closer to him, pressing your body close against his as his lips moved with yours. His hands found the hem of your dress and he started to work it up and off your body, eager to run his hands across your skin. Once the dress was off he immediately had your bra off, and you kicked off your heels yourself, your own fingers busily working to unbutton the remaining buttons of his shirt. Once you had dutifully unbuttoned it, he wasted no time shrugging off his shirt and throwing it aside. You were surprised to find that despite his lithe and relatively slim body, he was toned, with definite muscle. Naturally, you found yourself running your hand across his stomach and up to his chest, where you rested it, feeling the warmth of his skin along with his heart beat. Your eyes met yours and you saw him smirking triumphantly, knowing you were admiring his body.

“Oh, like you’re not admiring me,” you said as his fingers tangled themselves in the waist of your stockings starting to pull them down.

“I am definitely admiring you,” he said as his eyes ghosted over your own chest, which you had to admit was pretty nice. You brought your hand down to his to pause his struggle with your pantyhose.

“I’ll take care of this. You take those off,” you said gesturing to his pants, and he obliged. You had barely taken off your stockings and panties when he had pinned you down to the couch, his kisses resuming as his hands briefly explored your breasts before one dipped down to rest between your legs. He massaged your clit in comfortable circles, your body arching to meet his. As he focused on your clit, his kisses became more sloppy and passionate as he kissed along your jaw and neck. Your nails dug into his back as he slid one hooked finger into you, followed by another, his thumb still massaging your clit as his fingers found your g-spot. Just when you felt yourself growing close, he withdrew his hand, bringing it up and pushing his fingers into your mouth. You sucked lightly at them, looking into his eyes as you cleaned your juices off and he once again withdrew his hand from you as he grabbed a condom from his wallet and put it on before leaning over you again. He positioned himself before sliding into you gently, his mouth dipping down to busy itself with your chest, lightly licking and sucking your nipples. Despite his demeanor, he was incredibly gentle, his strokes slow and deliberate, his touches bringing you nothing but pleasure. He brought his mouth up to kiss you once on the lips before simply looking into your eyes as he fucked you, slowly speeding up as he did. You found yourself melting into his warmth, your embedded nails from earlier relaxing as you simply entwined your fingers with his on the couch. Every now and then he would dip down to kiss you, to whisper a compliment in your ear, but for the most part, the two of you simply merged, your bodies moving in synchrony, your moans combining musically with his own masculine groans. It built up to the point you orgasmed, and then, flooded with oxytocin, you felt even more in sync with him as he came as well. He relaxed as he gave you one final lingering kiss before pulling out and moving to throw away the condom.

You sat up slowly as you dropped down from your high, finding your bra and panties and sliding them on as Yoongi walked back over to you, his arms sliding around your waist as he pulled you into a hug from behind, his chin resting on your shoulder. You leaned your head on his.

“What?” you hummed as he rocked the two of you back and forth.

“You’re really beautiful. I don’t want this to be fling.”

“I don’t want this to be a fling either,” you said and he let go and spun you around to kiss you on the forehead.

“I’m glad were in agreement. However, as much as I would like to go for another round, it’s late and I should get you home. Get dressed and we can leave together.”

“What if someone sees us?”

“No one is here this late besides us too and the janitors, and they are good at keeping secrets,” he said pulling on his own pants. You rushed to get dressed and then joined Yoongi to walk out of the building.

“I take the train home usually,” you said as you moved to begin walking toward the station, but Yoongi stopped you, walking you towards the parking deck instead.

“Part of the reason I have a car is to drive pretty girls home.”

“I thought it was because any self-respecting CEO had one,” you retorted, laughing at his attempt to show off.

“Well, that too,” he said as you approached his car and he opened the passenger side door for you to get in.

After that night, Yoongi had driven you home numerous more times, always late at night. Occasionally, the two of you couldn’t wait to work overtime, simply fucking at work during the day, or meeting at either or your houses and spending the night. The synchronicity you had experienced that first night only increased exponentially as the two of you spent more time together, and fell more in love.

However, you had never thought of going public with your relationship until today, almost a year later. You had slipped into Yoongi’s office during your lunch break under the pretense of getting some documents but really just to spend some time with him and eat lunch. You ate your sandwich contentedly as Yoongi discussed some of the things stressing him out.

“I think everything with MBC will work out well. We can get a few idols one their show soon and get more exposure then,” he finished saying as he got up and walked to sit beside you, grabbing the extra sandwich you had brought for him.

“That’s good then, nothing to stress over,” you said as you grabbed your water to get a sip.

“Well, there is one more thing to stress over,” Yoongi began, and you gave him an inquisitive look as you drank your water. “I want us to reveal our relationship,” he finished, the sentence clearly heavily thought through but containing a slight nervous tone as well.

You struggled to swallow your water for a moment before answering him with a firm “No way.”

“What do you mean no way?” he asked, slightly heated.

“I mean, I don’t want to jeopardize my job and my reputation here,” you argued.

“So you’re saying work comes first? Before us?”

“No, I am just saying work is important to me. Yoongi, if I asked you to put your job in jeopardy, you wouldn’t dream of it. I care about you but if we tell everyone about our relationship than things will become difficult for me here.”

“Okay,” he said slumping back against the couch. “I just don’t want to be like this forever, in hiding. I want to show you off to the world, take you to events, move our relationship forward…”

“What do you mean?” you asked quietly, leaning your head on his shoulder.

“Y/N, my dream has always been to start a family,” Yoongi said simply, his hand taking yours and holding it on your lap.

“Are you saying you could see yourself starting a family with me?”

“It’s not that I can see myself, it’s that I want to. Especially lately I have been thinking what if we got married, what if we lived together, what if we had children?” He stopped talking and shifted to look at you. “What do you think?”

Truthfully, your mind was blank, marriage and kids running through it as the possibilities that you hadn’t let yourself think about suddenly presented themselves. Everything thought you had dismissed as selfish or one-sided suddenly came forward.

“I would like that,” you said finally, “but I still want to work. We can move in together for now and start planning the marriage, and once we can announce it to the company through the marriage. I will leave and we can focus on having a kid for a while and once I have spent enough time having and raising the child, I will start to work again, maybe after a year or so. How does that sound?”

“I think it sounds great but can we have the wedding soon because I want to start trying for a child now” he said as he leaned forward to kiss you.

“I only have 15 minutes left of my lunch break,” you warned him as he hiked up your skirt and began to pull down your pantyhose.

“I can make it work,” he said, as he threw your pantyhose to the ground and slid down his own pants before picking you up to sit you on his lap. You positioned yourself before lowering yourself down onto his dick. You leaned forward to kiss him as you slowly began to gyrate your hips, Yoongi moaning into the kiss. You broke the kiss to rest your head in the crook of his neck, relishing in his warmth as you focused on fucking him faster. Yoongi’s hands found their way to your ass, helping to lead your body as you moved up and down. You kissed the side of his neck, sucking hard to leave a hickey at the base where no one would see it and you could hear a guttural grown bubbling up in his throat as he grasped you even tighter. You sped up even faster until you reached a plateau in speed. You didn’t need to endure it too long though because Yoongi came a few minutes later, with you coming just slightly after him. You used the leftover napkins from your lunch to quickly clean up before quickly getting dressed and presentable. You were about to rush out the door, your lunch break just about to end, when Yoongi stopped you to pull you into a hug and give you a final kiss.

“I love you,” he whispered into your ear as he hugged you and you hugged him back tighter before saying the same back to him before going back to work, dreaming of what was next.



On the Xth day of Stolasmas my summoner invoked for me

Twelve-and-fourteen demon legions marching
Eleven protrusions on a crown extending
Ten astronomy lectures-a-teaching
Nine horticulture dissertations enlightening
Eight petrology lessons-a-divulging
Seven frightful hoots-a-spooking
Six points on the Seal of Solomon a-binding
Five foul memories of the Anstruthers’ bedroom
Four places on the list after Asmodeus
Three french hens
Two great long legs
And Devil Summoner artwork that’s a dead ringer for the Dictionnaire Infernal’s

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Does this mean Dazai is technically the shin soukoku president?

lmao he definitely is

he’s the president, number #1 shipper, number #1 fan. he also is the one who actively campaigns so that they grow closer (lol @ ch33, ch39′s first part). he’s also the one who gets people onboard the ship (hirotsu-san didn’t need to know your shipping plans, dazai…)

Episode 12 Goblin Review: An absolute fate that is beyond human beings’ eternities

OMG!! Episode 12 was such a wild ride… I don’t even know where to begin! DAMN, GR made me fall in love with him 12 times over in this episode! Warning: This review is gonna be super long. 

So that bastard Joong Won wasn’t dead after all and had the audacity to approach Eun-tak with his disgusting hands. Idk… her ghosts friends were being awfully weird. Thank goodness she didn’t touch his hand and told them to leave. After experiencing a frightening sight, Eun-tak ensures that she has a lighter in each and every one of her jackets (fuck, I’d do the same too and even put a back up lighter just incase). Then we see a depressed Sunny as she tries to make up her mind about GR, but it didn’t matter anyways cause Sunny knew she would finish in 7 shots and started with “I want to date him.” As for GR, he discusses with a grim reaper friend that he wants to have his memories back despite the painful longing and the consequences that come with remembering them. Shin notices that GR hasn’t been well lately and tries to find out the reason for GR’s behavior, but Eun-tak comes looking for GR’s help to translate Shin’s journal. She finally finds out that the journal wasn’t a love letter, but instead the words she was told by DH were Shin’s personal thoughts. This causes a domino effect causing Shin, GR, and Eun-tak to finally realize the many “mysterious” things that DH has done and said

The conversation between DH and Samshin was finally revealed - showing a very different DH from what we know. Samshin questions this his motives and why he brought them together, while he answers back, “It was fate.” This mysterious DH speaks with a presence of almighty and knowing… which suggests that God has always been listening and watching. The most interesting thing was when God said, “All God does is ask questions.” This means that God asks questions because he already knows the answers, but it’s up to ourselves to discover them, to think through them, and to make our own choices based on what we believe. With the scene of the butterflies flying out from DH’s body, it suggests that God has been inhabiting DH’s body to watch over Shin and GR. The look on their faces was priceless as they couldn’t believe that God was in front of them all this time, such as the saying, “God is closer than you think.”

Though Sunny knows GR’s identity of being a grim reaper, the first thing that concerned her was if there were any female ghosts who approached him. This shows that Sunny is quite strong-minded for accepting GR’s position as a grim reaper and just how amazing her attention and consideration to people’s situation (To both Eun-tak and the grim reapers who came to eat at her restaurant). Joong Won stirred trouble by approaching the female grim reaper, who was a maidservant during Goryeo, to discover her past by touching Sunny; apparently she committed a huge crime but we don’t know what she may have done exactly to put her in that situation (Maybe she was conspiring with Joong Won? Or maybe she did something to pit Wang Yeo against Kim Sun?). From the earlier confrontation with God, GR contemplated over about what God meant when he said, “I’ve never erased your memories. You made the choice to erase them.” He probably felt conflicted after learning that it was HIM who chose to erase his memories… not God - therefore this suggests that people who become grim reapers choose their own fate to erase their memories

I wasn’t prepared for it… our loving Grandpa passed away due to a heart attack. It was heart-wrenching to watch GR informed Shin of Grandpa’s death and how Shin asked GR to take care of him because, “I don’t want him feeling sorry toward me, even in his last moments… he mustn’t be tethered down to anyone in his next life, but live freely.” The way how DH looked when he realized what had happened and watching Shin cry as he mourned for Grandpa’s death killed my soul, “A man who was good-hearted every moment of every day rests here.” Eun-tak provided the best form of comfort: a hug in silence. During times of pain and sorrow, sometimes a silent hug is what people need the most because they just need to know that there’s someone there for them. With Eun-tak’s childhood, she gave the best advice, “That’s why the people left behind have to live their lives to the fullest,” because she is trying to do that herself for her mother. DH showed so much growth with the passing of his Grandpa and it was touching how GR, Shin, and Eun-tak tried their best to cheer him up with their own gifts (I loved how GR cut the apples into bunnies, Shin made his special dish, and Eun-tak was willing to give her camera to him, lol). Despite DH’s feelings of regret, it was very mature and thoughtful of him when he went to dust the candelabras/silverware, “I’m worried that Grandpa might be fretting over this.” He even acknowledged Secretary Kim as the CEO and how he has much to learn from the bottom up before becoming the man his Grandpa was, “I’ll learn everything well, from the bottom up…. how to play baduk, too. And I’ll become a good older brother, father, and grandfather to you.” 

Firstly, I’m so glad that Secretary Kim is not Joong Won! And secondly, we see that Grandpa leaves behind two letters with one for DH (his credit card T.T) and the other for him (his name is Kim Do Young). His letter said, “If someone whose last name is Kim and first name is Shin, meaning “belief” comes and says “I’ve come to claim what is mine,” give him everything. Everything I’ve left behind is his. He will walk through the rain and disappear with a blue spark. If he does that, know that that man is truly Kim Shin.” From what Grandpa wrote, it almost sounds like he knows Shin’s fate and this might be how he “returns to nothingness” - or how the drama might end for Shin. First, it’s important to note how he took the time to explain Shin’s name meaning “belief” and I think this suggests that Shin must believe in himself, the people he loves, and maybe God (regain his faith in the gods) to attain peace. And once he “walks through the rain” which symbolizes spiritual rebirth (or overcoming an obstacle) after he claims what is his, Shin will “disappear with a blue spark” which might be him “returning to nothingness.” Disappear with a blue spark could mean that 1) Shin will be reborn as a human after the sword is removed or 2) he will go to heaven. Why? Blue symbolizes stability (truth) and, also, heaven. Sparks symbolize a new source for a flame which can possibly be interpreted as a “new life” for Shin; thus the future of Eun-tak calling out to the “President” could actually be SHIN!! :O DH and Samshin walked pass each other again as the same in ep 1, but this time DH being himself. We learn that he is the “child who has nothing but kindness. And because of that, you brighten the world,” which is the DH that we all know. 

GR expressed his feelings of jealousy towards Shin for being an uncle and, for a split second, Shin saw Wang Yeo’s face in GR which surprised him. We then learn that Shin’s solider friend, Kim Woo Shik, was reborn and had applied to work for his company. Shin sees Eun-tak off on her first day of college and he presents her the necklace he bought in Canada, “It means “a fate decided by the heavens” in French.” This necklace is significant because it represents how their relationship was fated by God, but at the same time Shin took action into his own hands to ensure that he was the one who bought the necklace from 10 years into the future. Also, gifting a necklace usually symbolizes a strong connection between the giver and the receiver. Just saying, but what a perfect use and advertisement of SNOW when Eun-tak sent him a picture showing off her new necklace and to assure him that she’s safe, but I’ve also noticed how the word “death” is used often as a pun in this drama. I cried when Shin reunited with his friend, hired him, and how CEO Kim spoke to him with respect while presenting the gifts to Shin’s friend, “Because you saved the country in your past life.” T.T 

Ah, I love how Eun-tak is not ashamed to do cute stuff with Shin! But most of all, I love how she’s always thinking of what she can do for him such as giving him the money to repay Sunny so that he can see his sister. And I love it even more that she initiated the kiss and left Shin flustered, “Small and tiny mean the same thing. I want to come here every day.” But damn, that Joong Won just had to ruin my mood by showing up and revealing to Eun-tak that GR is Wang Yeo. But most of all, he’s causing trouble because he “wishes for their demise.” This obviously left Eun-tak conflicted, especially when GR came to talk with Eun-tak about him, Sunny, and Shin being connected in the past and about his true identity. With this conversation, GR resolved to confront Sunny, return her memories so that she could remember Shin, confirm if he was apart of her past, and erase her “sad and difficult memories” along with him so that she can live a normal life. It was so sad how GR decided to let Sunny go as his answer to the question as to why he chose to erase his own memories, “I, who gives you nothing but wrong answers hope that this, at the very least, is the right answer.” OMG!! Their kiss was so deep filled with longing for each other, but at the same time with sadness because they can’t be together. But it made me so happy to see Sunny greet her brother with her memories back and the joy on Shin’s face realizing that his sister remembers him. 

However a shocking revelation, Eun-tak cannot see ghosts anymore! :O Why? I’m not exactly sure but it may be connected to Joong Won’s appearance or it may be God’s doing? Or it may also be due to her becoming an adult and no longer considered a child because only children can see ghosts? But I was so glad that she at least told Shin about Joong Won - I was beginning to wonder when she was going to tell him. Finally Shin and Joong Won met again after 900 years - it seemed like Joong Won was “hunting,” which gangshi do hunt for life source during nighttime. BUT WHY CAN’T SHIN KILL THAT MOTHERFUCKER DAMNIT, “You can’t slice away the 900 years of history we have together.” Essentially, what he meant was that something stronger and meaningful can only kill him because you can’t change what happened between them no matter how much you try to cut it away. Also, if Joong Won really is a gangshi… they can’t be killed by swords. He revealed to Shin that Wang Yeo has been beside him all along and Shin realized it was the truth when he confronted Sunny. It hurt my heart when Shin said to Sunny that she insists on protecting that idiot even in this lifetime… Shin must have felt betrayed, but knew it was inevitable. GR finally confirms to himself that he’s Wang Yeo when he went to the temple and understood why he erased his memories, “It seems that I was the source of the worst memories, after all.” Shin can hear GR’s thoughts and approached him while walking up the stairs just as he did 900 years ago, but this time Shin finally reached the king and was able to deliver the message that he couldn’t relay before he died, “Your Commanding General Kim Shin… is here to see you, Your Majesty.” 

But if you watched towards the end, we get a scene of the King holding the robes of Kim Sun and he asks, “These beautiful clothes have no owner… are you searching for them, perchance?… you may take them.” This may mean that he regretted killing her and, despite even holding onto her clothes after death, she wasn’t coming back to him. Therefore, he burnt her clothes so that maybe she may finally rest in peace (finally letting her go). 

So in conclusion, all the players are in place and the climax of the series will happen in the next episodes: the Goblin, the Bride, the King/GR, the Queen/sister, and the evil Eunuch. Now that we know Shin can’t simply kill Joong Won at any convenient time and Shin and the King finally meet again, perhaps Shin will be able to “save” Wang Yeo this time and they may be able to defeat Joong Won together. However, despite all of these answers - new questions were created. Why can’t Eun-tak see the ghosts? What will Shin do next? Did Sunny really forget GR? How do you kill that bastard Joong Won? Was this God’s plan? Personally, I think Sunny didn’t forget GR/Wang Yeo because, despite she had a tragic ending, I believe she cherished every moment with Wang Yeo/GR and that’s how Shin was able to confirm that Wang Yeo was indeed GR. Therefore, even if GR erased her sad memories, she has the happy memories of him and she died as “the woman who loves him who is the sister of a traitor.” In the next episodes, we’ll definitely learn more about Wang Yeo and how he lived his life after killing Shin’s family. We finally learn that God has been watching all this time and was the reason for how things happened the way it did. Also, there was another death card announcement for Eun-tak and I think it might be related to Joong Won? Ugh.. I just want Shin and GR to make up so that they can kill that bastard and then run to their woman and never let them go in this lifetime. T.T 

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Important Anon Question regarding Pedophilia

[News] Junjin "Created Birth name club, first president was Jung Pilgyo"

Junjin revealed he created a birth name club.

In JTBC “Shinhwa Broadcast - Little Legends Shinhwa Finds” that aired on the 12th, the members and Apink’s Jung Eunji went to Jinju to meet the brothers who dream to become boxers.

Talking about names which are unforgettable after hearing once, Junjin introduced, “In the past, during a radio program, we once created a BM (bun-myung/ birth name) cub. The first president was Jung Pilgyo (Shin Hyesung)nim.”

Shin Hyesung denied, saying “I wasn’t the president” but Junjin said, “Vice-president was Kangta (birth name Ahn Chilhyun), and Song Seunghyun (Song Seungbuk) and Noh Yoomin (Noh Kabsung) were in it too.”

Junjin then asked, “But what’s pil is the pil in Jung Pilgyo?” and Eric said, “Piltong (pencil box)’s pil”, Minwoo said, “Gyoman (arrogant)’s Gyo”, causing laughter with their jokes.

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Wait, what did he say?

He deleted all of these tweets except for two… i dont know what to make of this situation 

“Everyone, you know I love you, right?”. He continued, “My profile photo is of the Japanese athlete Tanaka, who made our ZE:A’sTaeheon hurt. I want to hate him a lot.. But I felt again that professionals and amateurs are different. Was it two years ago? I went onto KBS’ ‘Dream Team’ and broke my leg. If I didn’t have this metal pin in my leg..

Even if I get hit 10 times, break my nose and fracture my face, I want to at least hit him just once.. But.. I heard that it is his retiring match.. I calm my heart once again today with a sigh.. Anyway, that fighter will not forget his retiring match. He won against Korea’s idol group ZE:A and retired cooly. Taeheon’s surgery went well and he’s now out of the hospital. And now it might be late.. but I send him my applause. Fighter Tanaka, please live happily. I hope you know that your retiring match was not that sweet.

I hope you know that loss became a sea of tears for someone and that a lot of people were sacrificed.. Since you are a professional and a man, I hope you know. From now on, I will live like a man. I watched the match and I felt a lot of things.. I spilled a lot of tears, and I think I know what the scent of a man is.” He said, “The photo is of the entrance showmanship, and I shouldn’t have smiled. Ha… I’m bitter. Today, if you are a fan or just anyone else who watched the match, you will understand.. From now on, since I am a man, I will live my life through my heart.

 "Ah, and it would have been nice if while Taeheon was bleeding, I asked Fighter Tanaka to stop because I was the leader, his friend, and a member who loved him and we had a concert the next day.. But this is broadcast, right..? I guess you wanted to air him bleeding more. Since it’s broadcast.. Ha.“ He continued to say, ”Would you have still done that if.. Taeheon was, I was, our ZE:A’s fans were, or the members were the children you gave birth to yourselves? Today as always, I spend all night just sighing. Sigh….~~~~~~~~~~“.

From now on, I will communicate and let all the public know what I have been keeping in my heart, what I saw with my eyes, and the life I felt through my tears. Please follow me, everyone. I especially ask the reporters to follow me..“ He added, ”I will hint and promise that my SNS will be a place for me to cry out all the unfairness. From now on, I will just live as a human and a man. I will not pass by if I see unjustness. I shouldn’t have kept it all in. All that came back to me were useless curses and the depression that trapped me.

There’s nothing long to be said. I believe that a true leader, a true owner, a true king, and a sincere person, you should know how to listen to the cries of your people. I can’t be tricky like a fox. But I will live justly like a lion. No, that’s just my style, and I won’t hide it.“ He added, ”I will show you what a true leader is, what sacrifice is, and I’ll show you how tears turn to fury. I’m not joking. From now on, fun things will happen. If my Twitter account gets deleted or muted, you can take that to mean that I am being pressured by that kind of influence. But I’ll break it all ^^“.

Know that sincerity and truth can connect and move hearts.. and also manipulate it. Now, I will ask the world my first question. Star Empire’s president Shin Joo Hak, who I really trusted and loved…. Is your conscience clear?“ He added, ”I cried and asked you.. CEO Shin Joo Hak… I asked you not to cross the line.. You crossed the line that you shouldn’t have and now you must deal with it. My lid is open. I have dealt with everything, from hair loss to depression. Be prepared… President, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. All I wanted was a warm word.

You always said, be a man.. Be a man.. I’ll show you what it really means to live as a man. I’m not Jesus, but I’m a child of God, and I’ll trust in God and start war.“ He added, ”I even attempted [suicide].. I saw my parents crying tears of blood in front of the family that I loved. President Shin, cry the same tears. Why? It was so unfair and I was getting so weak and hideous. But I was a man so I decided I’d die before I got even more hideous.

 ”My fans, my parents, the parents of the 9 members, and everyone in the world. Why do you think CEO Shin Joo Hak raised me as a killer? Now, I’ll return it back to you. Be prepared. Starting tomorrow, I will be uploading data. No, I’ll explode it. Do you remember when I asked if you were laughing at me?“. He added, ”I’ll let you know how it feels like for that laugh to turn into horror. You called us your children, right? Your sons? Now, let me ask you the first question. All the money that those 9 sons made bleeding and crying… Where did it all go? Reply with your hand on your heart.

I’ll finish here for today.. You said that you were the company’s owner and CEO, and yelled at me to respect you, right? I’ll respect you… I grit my teeth today as well and I’ll stand back. Have a nice day.. CEO.. Why did you do this. I asked… I asked you to please stop.“ He added, ”Ah, and I forgot something. If you threaten or try to buy out the rest of the 8 ZE:A members, I will do the same back to you. I’m prepared to break that as well so stop, president. I’m not going to bear it any longer.

Those kids… ZE:A.. They’re my children. I’m an only child and when I was lonely, they became like brothers to me.. Don’t touch them.. They’re mine. Don’t take anything away from me anymore. I’ll become a killer to protect my members and our fans.. God, please help me and listen to my prayers.

 ”From now on, I will fight to protect my people. Lord.. Please forgive me for having bad thoughts and acting badly for a bit.. As much as I believe in you, believe in me.. I will work to clear the blame of the singers who are being unfairly blamed. Amen..

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  1. Van Helsing: My muse is a monster killer and yours is a vampire hunter and they must work together to defeat a great evil.

I walk into my cooperation after hearing of a vampire hunter who recently showed up in town, which isn’t my area of expertise, but I always carry a stake on me just in case. I open up the doors to a large, open room and see a short blonde taking to Shin-Ra’s president, Rufus Shin-Ra himself. “Sup, Rufy. Said ya wanted me to meet the new kid?”

[NEWS] 141010 MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Cast in Upcoming Romantic Comedy Drama “Mister Baek”

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon will be expanding his acting resume in the romantic comedy series “Mister Baek” which is slated to air this November.

The singer-actor will star alongside actress Jang Nara and actor Shin Ha Kyun in the fantasy romantic comedy drama that will air on MBC.

When I received the scenario, I (saw that) it’s a role that I’ve always wanted to try. I decided on appearing (in this drama) because I think I will be able to show an opposite of the role I played in Gapdong through this character. I will try my best to show a perfect image through this good project,” said Lee Joon.

In ‘Mister Baek,’ the new Wednesday-Thursday drama of MBC, Lee Joon will play the role of Choi Dae Han, the son of the conglomerate president Choi Go Bong (Shin Ha Kyun),” revealed a representative from MBC Drama on October 10.

The role of the second generation chaebol Choi Dae Han that Lee Joon will play is offensive towards the director-level and low-ranking employees of the company and unlike normal second generation chaebol, he doesn’t subscribe to the capitalist logic of ‘the more money, the better’ and instead, he only has the exact money that he needs. He’s also quite accident prone. However, he starts changing for the better when he meets the intern Eun Ha Soo, which will be played by Jang Nara.

MBC’s upcoming drama “Mister Baek” is slated to air this November after “My Spring Day.”