president pro tempore



If Dump Truck in all his noxious glory is removed from office after he is inaugerated, the seat goes to mike p/ence

If both doody turd and p/ence are removed from office, then speaker of the house of representatives paul ryan is the president

If somehow all three of them are thrown out, we get the president pro tempore of the senate, who is orrin hatch













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Is Faith Spotted Eagle the first Native American to earn an electoral vote?

Charles Curtis, the 31st Vice President (under Herbert Hoover, 1929-1933), was one-eighth Native American. He spent some of his early years growing up on a Kaw reservation in Kansas, was a member of the Kaw Nation, and he spoke the Kaw tribe’s language. Vice President Curtis was not only the first Native American to win an Electoral vote, but the first Native American or mixed-race candidate to win a national election – and the only other mixed-race candidate to win a national election is Barack Obama. Curtis was also elected to seven terms in the U.S. House of Representatives, four terms in the U.S. Senate, and served as Senate Majority Leader (1925-1929) and briefly as President pro Tempore of the Senate in 1911.

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what do you think about the presidential succession order now?

I have a problem with the president pro tempore of the Senate being in the line of succession.  I understand that the thinking is that there should be someone from both chambers of Congress in the line of succession, but the president pro tem is, by tradition, the senior Senator from the majority party.  That means it is, by tradition, the OLDEST Senator from the majority party.  It’s pretty much a ceremonial position – Strom Thurmond was president pro tem when he was 99 years old.  Is that who we want assuming the Presidency in the midst of a crisis?  Because, let’s be honest, if something happens to the President, Vice President, and Speaker of the House and the Presidency passes to the president pro tempore of the Senate, then we’re in the middle of a pretty serious crisis.

I’m fine with the Speaker of the House being second in the line of succession, but I think the president pro tempore of the Senate needs to go.  (Plus, it’s really annoying to type.)  Since the president pro tem is already a member of the Senate’s majority party, why not just have the Senate Majority Leader be third in the line of succession?  Plus, I like the idea that the Speaker and Majority Leader were not only elected by the people but elected to their leadership positions by their colleagues. (The president pro tempore is technically elected by his fellow Senators to his position, but again, the tradition is to give the job to the senior Senator of the majority party and it hasn’t been challenged in decades)

There are some other Constitutional issues with the line of succession, but since the chance of them happening is so slim, it’s not worth worrying about too much.  I’m okay with the rest of the line of succession, even though it seems pretty random to rank the departments of the Executive Branch by the date they were formed rather than any real-world importance.  Really, if we get far enough down the line of succession that Cabinet members are assuming the Presidency, we’re probably in trouble.
Sen. Daniel Inouye of Hawaii hospitalized: 'For the most part, I'm OK'

“For the most part, I am OK,” Sen. Inouye, D-Hawaii, said in a paper statement issued to ABC News, “However, I am currently working with my doctors to regulate my oxygen intake. Much to my frustration, while undergoing this process, I have to remain in the hospital for my own safety and to allow the necessary observation.”

Inouye serves as President Pro Tempore of the Senate and therefore is third in line for succession to the presidency.

Godspeed to him.

Here’s how Indiana lawmakers are “fixing” their anti-gay “freedom” law 

Republican lawmakers have revealed their plan to “fix” Indiana’s controversial religious freedom law, hoping to repair the damage done to the state’s reputation across the country. “The healing process starts today and I hope that’s heard loud and clear,” state Senate president pro tempore David Long ® said Thursday morning at a press conference in Indianapolis. But is it enough?