president ollie

Will it hurt

When I fall for you?

When I look into your eyes and feel at home?

When I find out that you actually want me around?

When I try to kiss you for the first time?

Will I feel it when

I hold your hand walking in the park?

I try to crack a joke and you give me a pity laugh, even though it wasn’t funny?

I give you sass because I know that you won’t be mad about it?

I blush because I am at a loss for words when you tell me you love me?

Will I know when

Everything feels okay, even when the walls are caving in?

The world falls silent when we sit without speaking so we don’t break the silence with what feels like a hammer?

My life is in tatters and you help me pick up the pieces?

My life feels complete with you in it?

Will you love me

Even when it hurts?