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If youre unfamiliar with the term “Peronism” it basically can refer to either 1) the policies and plans of Juan Domingo Peron who was President of Argentina from 1946-1955 and again from 1973-1974 or 2) the cult of personality set up around Peron and his wife Evita Peron or 3) a term used to describe a system of government which manages to directly appeal to both far-right and far-left elements of the society at the same time and in a way that appears paradoxical to many people which has often been said to have been a feature of Peron. 

Like remember when Trump was like “it was a mistake to ever go into Iraq but since we did we shouldve hauled off the oil”? Thats basically him trying to sound appealing to anyone thats not “center” like Trump’s hope with a statement like that is that it’d be a kind of optical illusion. Basically people on the left would only hear the first part where he sounds like he’s saying “Bush & Co fucked up and mislead the nation into invading Iraq and leading us into a quagmire” and disregard the rest and people on the far-right would only hear the last part where it sounds like a jingoistic nationalist spiel about how “War gives the right of the conquerors to impose any conditions they please upon the vanquished”

I don’t talk about politics in my country very often, but trust me, this is important.

As of today, December 10th, 2015, Mauricio Macri is president of the Argentinian Republic (or Argentina, for short), making today a historical day. Why? Well, our now ex-president Cristina Kirchner (You have no idea how good it felt to type that, btw) was part of a political party that just did everything wrong, Frente Para La Victoria, or also known as Kirchnerism as it began with her now dead husband. In it’s total of twelve fucking years ruling this country, they stole from millions of people, gave money to those who supporterd them, made poverty increase to the point of them hiding the official poverty index, made deals with Iran, a country guilty of commiting two terrorist attacks (one in 1992, another in 1994. Also, both attacks killed and injured a lot of people, oh, and justice? Pffft, who cares about that now meaningless thing when you can have petroleum and money), forbid importations (Yeah, you read that right, we basically can’t bring anything in unless we go to another country and buy it), and so many more that I’d be up until 4 am to type it all, oh, and also one dollar is equal to like sixteen argentinian pesos, and also we are currently suffering from inflation (wich means that everything is super expensive).
So now you get why I’m basically having a party in my head, this guy is going to put an end to all of that, to these twelve long years, and, hopefully, to this mala racha (apparently in english that is losing streak? Idk it doesn’t sound right, so fuck it, I’m using spanish) of presidents we’ve been having since the 90’s. And it better fucking end because I did my waiting! Twelve years of it! In Azkaban! (Sorry, had to).

This day is a historical day. And it deserves a post from me.

Sorry for all the Argentinian Posts!

It’s just that I am VERY EXCITED.
Guys, my country has been in a terrible position for 12 fucking years. And TODAY we are making history! A new president has been chosen and I am very happy about this. If you want more information there is more than one article in english about this. Thanks for everything!

Vamos Argentina!


12 October: During the second day of her visit to her home country Argentina in her role of UN Secretary General Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance, Queen Máxima had a meeting with Mauricio Macri, President of Argentina, Gabriela Michetti, Vice President of Argentina, and Susana Malcorra, Minister of Foreign Affairs, in the Presidential Residence of Olivos. After the meeting, Her Majesty gave a Press Conference to the Argentine and international media next to the Vice President.

21 years ago (July 18th 1994) was the AMIA ( Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina) bombing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Argentina’s Jewish community  of 200000 (biggest in Latin America and 6th biggest in the world outside of Israel) was harshly devastated that day. A suicide bomber drove a truck full of explosives into the Jewish community center and detonated it, killing 85 people and injuring over 300 people.

There have been links finding Iran responsible for it and Hezbollah for carrying it out. A (Jewish) special prosecutor, Alberto Nisman was behind this case. He had been ready to accuse the president of Argentina  Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of whitewashing the bombing for a deal between Argentina and Iran. His work however was sadly ended he was likely assassinated the day before court on January 18th, 2015. 

Never forget the horrible events that took place 21 years ago and may the guilty get what they deserve. 

So here’s the deal:

In 1994 a car chock full of explosives blew up in an Israeli association building in Buenos Aires in what was the biggest terrorist attack in Argentinian soil (the second biggest one was another bomb in the Israeli Embassy a few years earlier). They say it was the Iranians, and some of the the apparent intellectual authors are actually in high places of the Iranian government atm. Alberto Nisman was eventually appointed as prosecutor and spent eight years collecting evidence through various wiretapping recordings, etc etc.

A while ago, Argentina signed a memorandum of agreement with Iran which was basically a nice way of exchanging exports for dropping interpol charges against the apparent suspects of the bombing. Not a lot of people liked the idea for obvious reasons.

Last week, prosecutor Nisman formally charged the President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (along with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chancellor Hector Timerman) for covering up the bombing suspects.He claimed to have many years’ worth of evidence directly from the Argentinian Intelligence Service and would present all of it today (Monday) in front of the entire Parliament. Government response was, mostly, absolute radio silence.

Prosecutor Nisman was found dead in his apartment from a gunshot wound to the head (in a note-less apparent suicide) less than twelve hours before his appointment with Parliament.

Shit went from 0 to Tom Clancy novel within literally hours.


WE HAVE A NEW PRESIDENT IN ARGENTINA! Mauricio Macri, from Cambiemos has just been elected president, ending 12 years of Kirchnerist rule and 25 of almost uninterrupted Peronism.
Winning with the 51%, Argentina has chosen change and republicanism, which are promised by the neoliberal party. Keep a close eye on Argentina because the winds of change will affect the whole region, as this is a historical situation for the country.