president obama on comprehensive immigration reform

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"Far to the left of anything Clinton proposes". This is your mind on Marxism kids, not even once. Apparently stronger gun control, universal health care, Planned Parenting funding, Securing Paid Family/Medical leave, debt free college, Immigration reform (Clinton has said privately she supports open borders), LGBT+ rights, , increasing the minimum wage, universal pre-school. Oops, "capitalism". I forgot. Evidence-based policy is evil, she needs to read redflag the scoundrel to know the true way.

What a joke. If you want evidence about the policies of the Democrats in action you only have to look at the real world.

Obama was elected on the basis of comprehensive immigration reform. In reality, the Obama Administration has deported over 2 million people - more than every other President during the 20th century combined - and I should celebrate the fact that Clinton privately said she supports open borders?!

Her campaign staff also privately discussed how she can be seen to support increases in the minimum wage without specifying a number and without supporting the actual union campaign that is being waged for a $15 minimum wage. Because, y’know, they then she might actually be held accountable. Not to mention her entire history on the board of Walmart, which has consistency fought attempts at unionisation.

Obamacare, far from being universal publicly funded healthcare, is a neoliberal policy which has forced people to buy private health insurance by making them chose between rising insurance premiums or a tax penalty. And I’ll leave it to Clinton herself to describe her role in in supporting Bill Clinton’s 1996 welfare reform, which was designed to “end welfare as we know it” -

“I agreed that he should sign [the Act] and worked hard to round up votes for its passage – though he and the legislation were roundly criticised by some liberals, advocacy groups for immigrants and most people who worked with the welfare system.”

And Planned Parenthood has received federal funding since Nixon (yes, Nixon) amended the Public Health Service Act in 1970.

Because the point of that article (which you might have picked up on if you weren’t so blinded by your love for the Democrats) is that history shows you’re able to win more progressive reforms under a Republican Administration with fighting labour and social movements than a Democrat Administration without them.

Any progressive reforms the Democrats have implemented, of which a few do exist, haven’t happened because they actually care about progressive issues but because people fought the Democrats to demand them.


Last November, President Obama announced a package of administrative actions, within his authority, to reform our broken immigration system. These included steps to modernize and streamline the legal immigration system, welcome and integrate immigrants into our communities, and focus the Department of Homeland Security’s enforcement efforts on the greatest threats to our national security, public safety, and border security.

The President has also repeatedly called on Congress to pass the kind of comprehensive immigration reform supported by a majority of the American people. As many of us celebrate Thanksgiving with our families this week, letters like Sophie’s should remind us of the millions of immigrants in the country living with the consequences of the broken system – and the need for Congress to act.

We’re proud of President Obama for his bold action on immigration relief — and we continue to join advocates across the country in calling on the Administration and Congress to work together for comprehensive reform, including access to health care for all people. It’s good policy — and it’s the right thing to do.

Planned Parenthood provides quality, affordable health care to all people, regardless of immigration status. All people deserve health care, no matter who they are or where they live — and we will continue to fight until that’s a reality.