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I hesitated about sending this because I know you love Obama and obviously he has had a lot of shit directed at him, but I'm a little angry that people keep comparing t*rump and Obama in terms of 'Obama could never have gotten away with what t*rump has' or 'Obama had to accomplish this and that to be president and t*rump didn't have to.' Like Obama still got to be a two-term president and my girl Hillary did not and we all know the hate that was and still is thrown at her.

I mean, yeah he did get to be a two-term president but that’s not…. like… a prize to be won that’s super fun and awesome 24/7, and getting to be president doesn’t make the unfair standards he was held to or the unfair criticisms against him any less upsetting or wrong.

President Obama *did* have to be twice as good and far more accomplished in order to get where he got, and then he had to walk on eggshells throughout his entire presidency, which pissed off a lot of people who wanted him to go HAM on one thing or another (ignoring the fact that he would then be labeled an angry black man, which is why he tried to remain as calm and collected as possible at all times). The weight of being the first black president was heavy and it’s true that he would’ve never gotten away with even a 3rd of what Trump gets away with. I don’t know why that would make you angry lmao it’s a fact. It’s a fact that black people have to work twice as hard just to be seen as half as good as the average white person.

If President Obama had 3 wives and children with all of them he would’ve never even been considered for the nomination, full stop. So I think it’s absolutely fair for people to make those comparisons because we’re watching whiteness work in real time. President Obama had to walk a thin line and watch his every move and every word because you have to know that if he’d fucked up even half as bad as Trump is we would be hearing people talk shit about “welp, can’t have another black president for a while”. Some people were *Still* saying that even when Obama was doing a good job.

If President Obama had stepped even a toe out of line it would’ve been game over for black people being president for a long ass time. I mean, white people got mad as hell over his speech about Trayvonne Martin, talking about “there goes the race baiter” and then those people voted for Trump. It took NOTHING for them to flip on his ass.

It’s the same shit we’re hearing since Hillary lost, that we can’t nominate a woman because “the country isn’t ready”. That’s not fair, but the bullshit President Obama had to go through wasn’t fair either. And then to have the white man, who is in no way qualified for the office he currently holds, who questioned his faith and led the birther movement against him, become president after him? That’s a complete slap in the face from this country to PBO.

The fact is, the comparisons of Trump vs Obama are an effort to point out the racism that President Obama faced and continues to face to this day, the unfair advantage that less than average white men have over literally everyone else, as well as the racism that’s woven into the fabric that makes up this country. The shit Hillary gets is due to sexism and misogyny. They’re both valid concerns and complaints and can and should be pointed out at the same time.