Hey guys, wanted to post one more time about how I’m a finalist to speak onstage and nominate Hillary Clinton at the DNC next week! If I win, I will be on stage amongst President Obama, VP Biden, and Senator Bernie Sanders!

 Any support for this video would really help me out. I’m so excited about this opportunity! Thank you so, so much! xoxo
Obama says the U.S. had no involvement in Turkish coup

President Barack Obama on Friday insisted that the United States had no prior knowledge or involvement in last week’s attempted coup in Turkey, saying such claims “are completely false.”

Furthermore, Obama added, such rumors threaten the fabric of the U.S.-Turkey relationship.

Suggestions that the U.S. may have engineered the putsch have been floated by some segments of the Turkish media as well as the country’s labor minister. Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, meanwhile, has accused Fethullah Gulen, a Muslim preacher living in Pennsylvania, of being the mastermind.

Obama called on Erdogan to “make sure that not just he, but everybody in his government” understands that reports of a U.S. role in the coup attempt are false.

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Democrats unveil sprawling Philly convention stage

By Tyler Pager

Organizers in Philadelphia on Friday unveiled the Democratic National Convention stage, a sprawling setup where Hillary Clinton will officially be named the Democratic nominee for president.

The stage, flanked by two white staircases, is surrounded by a large video board that features the skyline of Philadelphia and a new 2016 logo, where the zero is replaced by the Liberty Bell. The stage also features floor-level video panels that open.

“There is no better city, no better backdrop to showcase our party’s values than the birthplace of American democracy,” said Leah Daughtry, CEO of the Philadelphia convention. “Our team has transformed this arena into what will be the epicenter of American politics next week, what we intend to be the most inclusive, most engaging, innovative, and forward-looking convention ever. On this podium next week you will see a stark contrast to what you saw in Cleveland this week.”

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