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Christen to UTAH?????



Trained by Harvey?? In the same team¿?!

That’d be a dream come true anon!! DREAM!!!

Remember in 2015 when Trump wasn’t President and Kelley Maureen O’Hara scored her first international goal in the 84th minute of the 2015 Women’s World Cup semifinal against Germany off a ball that was sent across the face of goal by Carli Lloyd and the world was a better place?

Hawk and Dove || Starfox and President Kelley

The Avengers still had their direct line to the president - the same one The Wasp had used to verify that he could join the Avengers, to which the president at the time had stipulated Eros must be given a “less provocative” code name.

Starfox used it.

Though Starfox could not be sure, and he might have been projecting, it seemed to him that President Kelley was not thrilled to hear from him. He didn’t try to make excuses - the man knew this was important and he was said to be very competent - but the seeming lack of trust towards the veteran Avenger, 23rd one to join, was simultaneously understandable and offensive. Eros was Thanos’s brother, and reports had indicated that Kelley had been the Mad Titan’s captive for an excruciating two weeks - an absolutely unheard of length for Thanos to keep someone alive, and so he knew his very presence would be disturbing, nut that was what made it all the more vital that he and Eros speak; Kelley had to know something, or had to have the ability to do something, that could very well save the universe - or destroy it.

The meeting was in the Oval Office itself - a place where Kelley had the safety of being on his home turf and the safety of large windows and secret service. But with HYDRA around, nothing on this planet was certain. Eros hated being in an environment where everyone was on edge - he reveled in glorious quests and challenging adventures, but part of the joy was in the companionship. Not like this, which was reminiscent of the Skrull invasion (which reminded Eros of Tyler). Eros had an advantage but was loathe to use his empathy on friends or allies he knew. Either way it left him vulnerable to psionic attack and distracted him from most everything else after a while.

Shockingly, he was one-on-one with the politician in the sunlit room, which meant that remote-controlled rifles were probably trained on the alien from ten different angles. So be it. He was lucky because with thorough searching and x-rays and prior permission from the president himself he had been allowed to bring in the pieces of the rod that had destroyed Tyler. He’d put them in a clear Titanian lockbox.

The first thing he did when he entered the room was to hold it out in plain sight. He did not move any closer.

“Thank you for meeting with me, Mr. President,” he greeted carefully. “I’ll try to take up as little of your time as possible, but I need to know everything you can remember. And … I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what happened.”