president john quincy adams


-wrote in all caps in his letters when he was excited

-slept under a tree with Washington after the battle of Monmouth, both enveloped in Washington’s cape

-basically saved the life of the Queen by kissing her hand

-re-gifted a fucking aligator to President John Quincy Adams cause he didn’t know what the fuck to do with it

-wanted to go kill the Beast of Gévaudan (some big scary people-eating wolf that scared the shit out of the french at the time) by himself at like 6 years old

-called both Jefferson and Washington on their bullshit, telling them to free all their slaves… neither listened

-actually bought an entire island full of slaves with his wife Adrienne and freed them all, gave them money for the work they did, gave them education

-last letter he wrote before his death was about freeing slaves and how sad he was that France was taking so long to give people of colour the same rights than white people

-died holding a picture of his dead-wife to his heart

-cried with Jefferson when they met for the first time in years after both American and French revolutions

-continued to fight and got back on his horse when he was shot in the leg during his first battle

-called his only son “George Washington de Lafayette”

-was socially awkward af, especially when he was young

-a ginger

-left France to go fight for America when the King, his step family, and basically the whole court told him “no”

-had to sneak out of France

-sources differ, but probably left disguised as a woman so no one would recognised him

-gave the biggest symbol of French Revolution  (the key of the just-destroyed Bastille, a prison where the enemies of the King and Kingdom were imprisoned) to Washington


-told Washington he was his lost father

-tripped when dancing with the Queen of France and never heard the end of it

-had “sleepovers” on the grass with John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton where they talked about politic

-threw himself in front of a loaded cannon ready to shoot to try to stop an event of the french Revolution to become too bloody

-at some point, pretty much everyone in France wanted him dead

-slept through two of the biggest events of the french Revolution lol

-gave money and helped a lot of poor farmers in need

-fought for other religions than his and the King’s own to be respected and have the same rights (specifically fought for Protestant and Jewish people)

-fought against death penalties

-brought back some dirt from America and told his son to put it on top of his grave when he dies

-redecorated his whole house in France just like American’s homes

-actually told people he was American

-altogether had a slight obsessing problem with America

-had his own room at Washington’s home

-had a ring with Washington’s hair in it

-was one of the richest man in France at the age of 12 because his whole family had basically died at that point

-changed back his family motto to “Why not?”

-was only 19 when he left for America

-was detained in horrible conditions in prison for 5 years (2 of which with his wife and daughters)

-refused the hell out of several powerful positions in politic and in the army because he didn’t found these to be close enough to his ideals of freedom and shit

Did you know that there have been three American presidents that were direct descendants of a previous president? These were John Quincy Adams, Benjamin Harrison and George W Bush. Interestingly all three of these also lost the popular vote for their first term election.

Top American History Moments - and I Just Started Another Biography

- Ben Franklin falling asleep on the congress floor

- Alexander Hamilton getting stoned by a mob while defending the Jay Treaty

- John Quincy Adams being the first president to give a female reporter an interview, but only because she caught him skinny dipping in the Potomac and sat on his clothes until he listened to her

- people calling John Adams “his rotundy”

- the Salem Witch Trails probably being because everyone was tripping balls because there was LSD in the water supply

- Alexander Hamilton having a horse named Riddle

- Thomas Jefferson going to Italy and stuffing rice seeds in his pockets to take back to America

- Thomas Jefferson having a waffle iron shipped back from France

- Alexander Hamilton basically saying that Jefferson was gay for France

- John Adams accidentally sending pages from his dairy to the Continental Congress, where they all laughed at him

- Thomas Jefferson calling Hamilton a hypochondriac when he caught yellow fever

- Washington surrendering Fort Necessity on July 4th, 1754

- The continental army having to be ordered to stop shooting at geese because they were wasting gun powder

- Merriweather Lewis accidentally being shot in the ass

- Aaron Burr’s speech to the Senate when he left allegedly bringing everyone to tears

- Hamilton saying that there was no need to open the Constitutional Convention with a prayer, because that would be asking for “foreign aid”

- Hamilton also saying that he was “as little fitted” to be a farmer “as Jefferson to guide the helm of the United States”

- Lafayette naming his daughter Virginie, and Ben Franklin then saying that he had twelve more states to go

- Aaron Burr consistently referring to himself in the third-person in letters


Since Presidents’ day and Valentine’s day are so close together, I thought it would be appropriate to make some presidential Valentine’s cards.

(I also made sure to keep them clean so that you could actually give them to people lol)

Presidents Day fun facts

Today, February 15, is President’s day in the United States! To celebrate, I’ve accrued an interesting bit of information for every American president from Washington to Obama!

George Washington is the only president so far to not be affiliated with any party.

John Adams served as a lawyer for British soldiers charged in the 1775 Boston massacre, despite his own anti-British sentiments.

Thomas Jefferson spoke 6 langauges; English, Welsh, Greek, Latin, French, and Arabic.

James Madison was the shortest president ever, standing 5'4" tall.

James Monroe had the Liberian capital city of Monrovia named after him, as he helped establish the country.

John Quincy Adams was the first president to be interviewed by a female reporter, Anne Royal, who stole the president’s clothes when he went skinny dipping and refused to give them back until he answered her questions.

Andrew Jackson’s birthplace is unknown, but it’s in one of the Carolinas.

Martin Van Buren is the only president to not speak English as his first language, he actually spoke Dutch.

William Henry Harrison died a month after becoming president.

John Tyler has two living grandsons as of 2016.

James K. Polk died the youngest of any president, not counting those that were assassinated.

Zachary Taylor was nicknamed “Old Rough and Ready” because as a soldier, he went into battle in old farm clothes instead of a uniform.

Millard Fillmore is the only president to have never had a VP for their entire presidency.

Franklin Pierce’s wife believed God didn’t want him to become president, since their son died shortly after his election.

James Buchanan sometimes bought slaves just to set them free.

Abraham Lincoln is the only president to have held a patent, on a type of buoy.

Andrew Johnson was the only Southern Senator to stay loyal to the Union during the civil war.

Ulysses S. Grant’s real first name was Hiram.

Rutherford B. Hayes was the first president to use a telephone.

James A. Garfield was the last president to be born in a log cabin.

Chester A. Arthur was accused of being born in Canada during his presidency, and the allegations have persisted to this day.

Grover Cleveland was accused of having an illegitimate child, and his detractors protested by chanting “Mama, where’s my pa? Gone to the White House, ha ha ha!”

Benjamin Harrison was the grandson of William Henry Harrison, and his presidency, although 48 times as long, was just as uneventful.

William McKinley was the first president to ride in an automobile, however, this auto was an ambulance used to transport him after he was assassinated.

Theodore Roosevelt was the first American to receive a Nobel prize, for his role on ending the Russo-Japanese war.

William H. Taft kept a cow at the White House named Pauline to provide fresh milk.

Woodrow Wilson suffered from dyslexia as a child.

Warren G. Harding entered college at age 14.

Calvin Coolidge liked to wear a cowboy hat around the White House.

Herbert Hoover has a comet named after him.

Franklin Roosevelt was diagnosed with polio after falling into the Bay of Fundy while vacationing in Canada.

Harry S Truman kept a sign on his desk that said “The buck stops here” representing how he couldn’t pass on his duties to anyone else. The other side read “I’m from Missouri”, as Truman was very proud of his home state.

Dwight Eisenhower’s reputation as a war hero made him so popular, that both parties asked him to run on their ticket.

John F. Kennedy’s father encouraged him to go into politics and become the first catholic president, which he did.

Lyndon B. Johnson owned an amphibious car that he liked to surprise foreign diplomats with by offering them a ride and then driving straight into a lake.

Richard Nixon could play five musical instruments: Piano, saxophone, clarinet, accordion, and violin.

Gerald Ford is the only president to have never been elected to any executive office, he won both the vice presidency and the presidency by accident.

Jimmy Carter won a Nobel prize in 2002 for his humanitarian work.

Ronald Reagan kept a jar of jellybeans on his desk, and he would eat them whenever he was stressed. When he became president, the Jelly Belly company introduced blueberry jelly beans so the jar on Reagan’s desk could have red, white, and blue beans.

George H.W. Bush served as VP for Reagan, an ambassador to China, and head of the CIA before becoming president.

Bill Clinton originally wanted to be a jazz musician, but was inspired to enter government after meeting JFK in 1963.

George W. Bush is the first president to have run a marathon. In 1993, he completed the Houston marathon in 3 hours, 44 minutes, 52 seconds.

Barack Obama collects Spider-Man comics.

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Tell me some weird shit™ that the founding fathers did


• Alexander Hamilton spelled Pennsylvania wrong on the constitution.
• Benjamin Franklin wanted the national bird to be the Turkey.
• James Monroe, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson all died on July 4th- James Madison died seven days before July 4th.
• George Washington and Lafayette took a nap underneath a tree after The Battle of Monmouth.
• Two days before signing the Declaration of Independence all the delegates got super drunk.
• Benjamin Franklin basically was man whore in France.
• Benjamin Franklin wrote an essay on farting.
• Benjamin Franklin wasn’t allowed to write The Declaration of Independence because they thought he’d put a joke in it.
• Benjamin Franklin took “air baths” which involved sitting in a bathtub fully nude and writing.
• Benjamin Franklin purposely spelt Pennsylvania wrong on the US currency to defer from counterfeits.
• John Adams had a dog named Satan.
• Alexander Hamilton founded the New York Post coincidently he was involved in the first major political sex scandal
• While in England bromance Thomas Jefferson and John Adams visited Shakespeare’s house and vandalized a chair he used to sit in by chipping piece out of it.
• During the election of 1800 while bromance Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were broken up; Thomas Jefferson told everyone that John Adams was a hermaphrodite and John Adams countered telling everyone Thomas Jefferson was dead.
• Benjamin Franklin brought tofu to America.
• Thomas Jefferson brought Ice Cream and macaroni and cheese.
• Thomas Jefferson told Lewis and Clark to watch out for giant sloths.
• George Washington currently has $300,000 worth of overdue library books.
• George Washington didn’t know that Chinese people were white.
• During the battle of Germantown, George Washington found a lost dog and stopped everything just to return to dog safely to the British side.
• George Washington was deathly afraid of being burnt alive and asked in his will to be buried three days after his death.
• It’s actually Paul Revere on the Sam Adams.
• John Jay didn’t sign the Declaration of Independence, he is famed for framing it.
• Gouvernour Morris got a blockage in his dick and tried to cure it by sticking a piece of Whale Bone down his fucking penis hole. He got an infection and died.
• Thomas Jefferson having such bad social anxiety that he used to fake sick to get out of public interactions.
• Thomas Jefferson broke his wrist trying to inpress a girl.
• Benjamin Franklin volunteered in the fire department.
• Thomas Jefferson had about 7,000 books and when a Virginian Library burnt down he donated about 1,640 books to the library.
• George Washington was an amazing dancer.
• James Madison and Thomas Jefferson were once arrested for riding a horse carriage on a Sunday in Vermont. Which was illegal!
• Thomas Jefferson had a mockingbird named dick who ate from his mouth and shit.
• Alexander Hamilton’s son and his dying in the same spot just four years apart in the same way.
• Alexander Hamilton talking and talking after he was shot even thought he was fucking bleeding out.
• John Jay quitting politics and becoming a farmer.
• John Adams and Thomas Jefferson holding such a grudge against one another that Johnny didn’t even show up to his presidential inauguration.
• Thomas Jefferson only made two speeches during his presidencies. Both were his inauguration speeches.
• Lafayette giving John Quincy Adams a baby alligator as a gift.
• Andrew Jackson got kicked out of a funeral because his mocking bird kept saying fuck.
• James Madison “accidentally” shipping into US a ton of prostitutes. • Andrew Jackson beat the shit out of a guy trying to assassinate him with a cane.

• James Monroe and Alexander Hamilton almost getting into a duel which was stopped by Aaron Burr. • James Monroe served as both Treasury of secretary and Secretary of State.

(This list is getting too long- so I’ll stop there!)

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Were there any Presidents to be sworn in on anything other than a bible?

John Quincy Adams and Franklin Pierce took the oath on a book of laws to represent the Constitution (not sure why they didn’t just use a copy of the Constitution), Theodore Roosevelt didn’t take the oath on anything when he was sworn in following President McKinley’s assassination, and LBJ was sworn in using a Catholic missal because they couldn’t find a Bible on Air Force One when he took the oath in Dallas before flying back to Washington after JFK’s assassination.

This gif shows all of the US presidents in order of height

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Historical fact of the week: John Quincy Adams was the first president to grant an interview to a female reporter (her name is Anne Royall), but only because she caught him skinny dipping in the Potomac and sat on his clothes until he listened to her.



John and Abigail Adams were basically the power couple of the 17th century, 

While John was in the Revolutionary war, it was estimated that over 1000 letters were sent during their correspondence. They had four children, their daughter Elizabeth, being a stillborn and their son John Quincy Adams went on to become president. Abigail fought endlessly for women’s rights and helped John with his political affairs, earning her the nickname Lady President 


U.S. Presidents, youngest picture and oldest picture compared: 

6) John Quincy Adams {1767-1848): 1783 and 1843

7) Andrew Jackson (1767-1845): 1815 and 1845

8) Martin Van Buren (1782-1862): date unknown and 1858

9) William Henry Harrison (1773-1841): 1812 and 1841

10) John Tyler (1790-1862): 1826 and date unknown

Presidents: #1-5


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Can I just have a quick summary of the Federalists, Jeffersonian Republicanism, and Jacksonian Democracy?

so when america is really just starting out, after the articles of confederation have been gotten rid of and the constitution has now been created, george washington is president, and two of his four cabinet members are alexander hamilton and thomas jefferson. and washington is like “hey don’t form political parties because they’ll just fuck up the country,” and hamilton and jefferson are like “Read at 17:91✔️” and fuck right off and create political parties anyway.

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Essential Information about Marquis de Lafayette

Let’s Talk about my man Lafayette because he’s amazing and people need to know about him

Name: Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette (A mouth full I know)

Born: 6 September 1757 Chavaniac, France

Death: 20 May 1834 Paris, France

What is he most famous for: Lafayette is most famous for his service in the continental army during the American war of independence as well as being head of the national guard during the French Revolution

Facts about Lafayette:

• King George III’s Brother tried to convince him to fight for the British during the American Revolution and was not successful

• He once received a Alligator and regifted it to president John Quincy Adams

• He Loved George Washington so much that he named his son after him

• He was taken Prisoner by the Austrians during the French Revolution and nearly died

• 1789 He was made head of the national guard during the French Revolution and was unfortunately seen as a royalist by the revolutionaries and a revolutionary by the monarchy and national guard

• He was only nineteen when he first arrived in America to fight

• Angelica Schulyer and her Husband sponsored his escape from Austrian prison

• He once danced with Queen Marie Antoinette and she laughed at him

• 11th of July 1789 He proposed the declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen to the assembly and King Louis XVI

• 11th of September 1777 he was shot in the leg during the battle of Brandywine his first battle during the American revolution

• He disliked Napoleon Bonaparte and his polices and resigned from politics as a result

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Hi! I was wondering, did Lafayette have any pets? And which animal do you think Adrienne would've been most likely to keep as a pet?

Evening, Nony!

  • Horses: Lafayette seemed to be pretty fond of horses by all accounts. The native American tribes that he worked to foster relationships with gave him the name Kayewla–’fearsome horseman’–and due to his rank and the fact that he had several cavalry units, he went through quite a few of them in both America and France. He also owned several horses of good stock that he liked to loan to friends and family. Before the American Revolution, however, nobody thought of him as a great rider. He had to come into his own during his time in the United States for people to stop talking about that.

Originally posted by tana-the-dreamchaser

  • Dogs: Pets were utilities back in Lafayette’s day, so any hounds that he had would have been bred for hunting and not necessarily for companionship. We know that the Marquis sent George Washington seven French Foxhounds as a gift in the 1780′s because Washington wanted to create a new breed of hunting dogs in America. There’s a chance he also sent over a French Basset Hound, but we don’t have any letters or anything about it, so it may be folk-legend. Some sources also kinda hint towards Lafayette sending Thomas Jefferson a couple of Briards during the Virginian’s presidency. 
  • Alligator: So…this happened. During Lafayette’s tour of the United States in 1824-1825, Gilbert was given an alligator as a gift. Knowing there was no feasible way to ship a gator back to France, he re-gifted the dinosaur to the President. John Quincy Adams kept the alligator in the White House bathtub for months before moving it elsewhere. Yeah, smart. Give a 60-something-year-old man a gator and tell him to have fun with it in France…so he drops it off at the White House like ‘Laf out!’ Tickles me every time.
  • Adrienne: I don’t know of her having a particular pet as of yet, but if I was to roll up my imaginary sleeves and do some guessing, I’d give her a Papillon or maybe a cat. Also, as an aside, animal rights and the notion of using animals to tell human-like stories started cropping up in the 18th century. So the idea of having pets for a pet’s sake was just starting to gain traction during their lifetimes.

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If we had a president in today's world and they were like Jefferson and Madison ( I think it was him) and they struggled with the same thing they did, will it affect them in today's world? Would they be criticized?

24% percent of presidents had depression, including James Madison, John Quincy Adams, Franklin Pierce, Abraham Lincoln, and Calvin Coolidge. 

Anxiety disorders, ranging from social phobia to generalized anxiety disorder, among 8% of the presidents, including Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant, Coolidge, and Woodrow Wilson.

8% of presidents had signs of bipolar disorder, Lyndon Johnson and Theodore Roosevelt among them. 

8% of presidents exhibited evidence of alcohol abuse or dependence. Pierce died of cirrhosis of the liver; Grant was once allegedly so drunk he fell of his horse during a military parade in New Orleans; and Nixon was once unable to take a rather important phone call from the British Prime Minister because he was “loaded.“

Numerous other presidents had physical conditions that can have a severe impact on psychological functioning. Taft, for example, had sleep apnea, which is associated with declines in cognitive functioning across the board, and most famously, some scholars now believe that Ronald Reagan showed early signs of Alzheimer’s while still in office.

Donald Trump has narcissistic personality disorder, Joe Biden has slid into depression, Hillary Clinton is clinically paranoid or Jeb Bush will be undone by a Freudian sibling tangle. But here’s the really sick thing: For a politician to admit to seeing a psychiatrist would likely be far more politically damaging than any of the possible symptoms of actual mental illness.

Nixon and John F. Kennedy filled their medicine cabinets with psychotropic drugs, recently uncovered documents reveal. President Lyndon Johnson was clinically paranoid or a manic-depressive.

Abraham Lincoln was famously melancholy, experiencing periods of such deep depression throughout his lifetime that he contemplated suicide and spent weeks at a time bedridden, like Thomas Jefferson. 

It’s a bad move to tell the people that you have a mental disorder. As terrible as it sounds, that’s just how the world works and it’s disgusting that someone could be judged, critized or even taken out of a race/office for having a mental illness. 

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What are some of your favorite fun facts about the founding fathers? There seems to be an endless amount of ridiculousness going on with them and I love it

Oh boy!!!!!!!

Let’s start with some classics:

-Gouverneur Morris and the infamous whale bone in his dick incident that killed him.

-Aaron Burr settling a dispute between James Monroe and Alexander Hamilton, that would have otherwise lead the two to duel (see it’s ironic because Aaron Burr would later kill Hamilton is a duel)

-The time Jefferson had a dead moose sent to a French diplomat to prove American animals were bigger and cooler than European animals.

Now for some of the ones that we don’t talk about nearly enough:

-As Secretaty of State, James Madison accidentally bought prostitutes for some diplomats when they came to America.

-Marquis de Lafayette was given an alligator for a gift when he visited America in 1824, and basically not knowing what to do with it, regifted it to John Quincy Adams (who later used it to prank guest at the White House)

-Thomas Jefferson was given a giant wheel of cheese that weighed 1,000 pounds and absolutely none of the milk used to make it came from “Federalist cows” (They best part is: Jefferson was not even a fan of cheese)

-Thomas Jefferson almost started a war with England because he escorted Dolley Madison into dinner instead of the English ambassadors wife like he was suppose to. 

-John Quincy Adams was the first president to be interviewed by a female report because he went skinny-dipping in the Potamac and the report stole his cloth and refused to give them back until he answered her questions.

-Honestly I was going to say “George Washington had a dog named Sweetlips” as a fun fact, but what’s even more fun is that all his dogs had equally ridiculous names. 

-John Adams got lost in the woods trying to find the White House when he was elected president.

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do you know about the other founding father's reactions to hamilton's death?

John Quincy Adams was a senator under Vice President Aaron Burr at the time and he saw Burr as a murderer. His father, John Adams wrote that he thought he had forgiven his “arch enemy”, Hamilton’s villainy was not forgotten. Nor did he feel obliged “to suffer my character to lie under infamous calumnies because the author of them with a pistol bullet in his spinal marrow, died a penitent.”

Thomas Jefferson’s reaction here.

July 21st, James Madison sent a letter to James Monroe including a newspaper article "which you receive will give you the adventure between Burr & Hamilton. You will readily understand the different uses to which the event is turned.” [x] By October, he was noting the strike of fame “Genl. Hamilton” had received from his death. He lemented a wish of expanding federal authority, citing Hamilton as “an early patron of the idea.” [x]

There is no known reaction from James Monroe, he was in France at the time and heard the news from James Madison via letter and the newspaper article as spoken of above. 

Founding Fathers + Pets

AKA the most important post about the Founding Fathers

George Washington

Okay so George seriously loved dogs, like when I say he owed more than 50 dogs over his lifetime, I’m not kidding. He’s even credited with creating his own breed! (The American Foxhound) Also he gave his dogs the most ridiculous names (Drunkard, Mopsey, Taster, Tipsy, Vulcan, and Sweetlips, are the some that I can think of right now) Also George’s horses had weird names too. Like Blueskin, Leonidas, and his most famous horse, Nelson, who was his favorite horse during the revolution. (Though Blueskin is the white horse George is the usually depicted riding) Also Martha Washington apparently owned a parrot so I guess you learn something new everyday.

John Adams

It’s pretty well known that John Adams had dogs, particularly his dog named Satan. But there was also his other dog Juno and his horse Cleopatra. (Also fun fact Marquis de LaFayette would “re-gift” an alligator to John Quincy Adams during his term as president- and he literally would use the alligator to prank his guest. And yes, it did live in the White House bathtub.) 

Thomas Jefferson

Literally Thomas Jefferson was, i’m pretty sure, just a giant joke because he invented the most ridiculous things, but then you remember the pets he own and you realize he was in fact a giant fucking joke. Jefferson famously gifted two grizzly bears, which stayed at the White House for 2 months before going on to spent the rest of their lives at a museum. Also Thomas Jefferson freaking loved Mockingbirds, especially his mockingbird who he named Dick.

Alexander Hamilton

Though I know he owned a horse named Peacock during the Rev. War, and he was rumored that he would basically treat cannons as if they were dogs, all I know is that after his son’s death, in an attempt comfort his daughter, he got parakeets for her. 

Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin was honestly a meme, I don’t know how true this is, but it’s rumored that he stole a gray squirrel from London (pssst- if anyone finds the source for that please let me know because if that is true I will shit myself.)