president david palmer

Everything will be decided in the next few minutes ~ Are they going to try and shoot down my father? ~ Now listen to me carefully David, it may be necessary to shoot him down ~ Jack Bauer sacrificed everything to prevent that attack ~ You have my authorization to fire ~ Damn it, what’s happening? ~ No please…

My '24' TV Series Rant

There’s something that’s been irritating me for the longest time about ‘24’ ever since I finished watching season 7 and 8. First let me just say that I was extremely thrilled with season 7 although there were a few things I wish hadn’t happened or couldn’t been worked out differently. That being said I’m pissed at the writers for the shit they pulled in season 8.

Yes there were some moments BUT that doesn’t make it a good season overall. There were numerous plotholes, unfinished storylines from the pervious season, continunity errors, meaningless characters and writing flaws not to mention useless plot points. 

First the Dana Walsh plot made no sense much like her connection to the terrorists. The whole first half of the show she was acting like a scared little idiot covering up mistakes involving her ex boyfriend; like helping to break into CTU vault and stealing money. Then it was about helping her fiancé agent Cole Ortiz to cover up the killing of Dana’s ex. And suddenly her plot shifts into the main seasonal plot after killing her ex’s parole officer. Umm when exactly did that happen and how the hell does this character (who acted like a terrified battered woman escaping her ex in the beginning) suddenly have ties to the terrorist?! The stolen money is never mentioned and the investigation to her ex’s disappearance completely stops after the audience learns Dana is a terrorist. First if she was really this psychotic terroist spy why the hell was she so scared of her controlling ex? Yes the writers said she was convicted of murder but what the hell does 'what’s-his-name’ have to do with this? How long was she a terrorist and was she just playing the audience the whole time?! None of it made sense!

Don’t even get me started on what they did to the 'Jack Bauer’ character who was basically dragged through the mud because of a certain pathetic love interest he’d only known 2 days!

I thought Audrey annoyed me but Renee was a whole other can of worms I wish the writers hadn’t entered in. She was not only a terrible match for Jack, his reaction to her death was ridiculously OOC since his wife was brutally murdered by Nina Meyers. I don’t remember Jack going on a killing spree when Terri died but with Renee and Audrey he nearly started a war over them?! Tell me that wasn’t stupid especially when his daughter Kim is supposed to be the love of his life after Terri. I was insulted by thoes plots because losing Tony, President Palmer and Terri were more emotional devastating  blows for him than a couple of lame girlfriends who brought down Jack’s character and demeanor.

And now I’m going to shed light on the one thing I couldn’t stand in this series: Chloe O'brien. She had her moments I’ll admit, great ally and friend to Jack and amazing computer whiz BUT…I can’t stress how much there were times I wanted to gag her and lock her in a dark room. Her personality sucks, its the worst quality trait about Chloe. What season 8 tried to do was convince the 24 audience that this character had been Jack’s 'truest friend’ throughout the whole series, someone he’d always relied on and trusted. Umm I can’t begin to explain how much I disagreed with this logic and the fact that the writers actually had Jack say this to Chole in the final episode made me want to throw my tv out the window.

Where was Chloe in season 1? Did she appear in season 2? Oh and when Jack said “from the moment you came to CTU I knew you the one person I could count on” lol ok considering they barely had scenes in season 3 (when she first appeared) or even liked each other or worked together a whole lot since Chloe was spending the whole season lying to everyone about Chase’s baby. Ya good one writers, you really sold me on this duo. Do you want to know who was always there for Jack? TONY ALMEDIA AND PRESIDENT DAVID PALMER!

Tony was there since the beginning, he hated Jack in season 1 and yet he still believed in him and had his back. Even while Tony was secretly working against Jack in season 7 he still cared about him and didn’t want to hurt him. Tony was the brother Jack never had, the one person who understood him and who he could always turn too. Despite their somewhat animoscity both men had a shared affection and mutual respect for each other. Who did Jack turn to when Chloe got busted in season 4 for helping him? TONY, a man who’d just got out of prison for aiding a terrorist that would’ve wiped out half the country. But despite that mistake Jack knew he wasn’t a bad person, he knew how much Michelle meant to him and above that Jack knew Tony wanted redemption the same as he did for what happened to Terri and Ryan Chapelle.

Its so obvious how much these two care about each other and had grown close when Tony supposedly died in Jack’s arms. And before that while Tony was comatose in season 5, Jack barely wanted to leave his side; always asked about his condition and wanted to know when he was awake. Now when Jack found out Tony was alive in season 7 and working with the terrorist; he was immediately distraught and conflicted, both Tony and Jack were conflicted that whole season. If you’d watch carefully you’ll notice every time they had a chance to take the other out; they wouldn’t or they’d try but in their hearts they couldn’t and it’s because of the bond that’s been built between them for 6 years of the show. 

Yes towards the end Tony sort of turned on Jack (in favour of his vengeance agenda) when he took his medicine BUT he ultimately didn’t want to kill him. Like when Jack was inflected with that virus, it was killing Tony to see how much Jack was suffering but not as much as it killed him for betraying him. And Jack’s reaction to finding out Tony was partially responsible for the terrorist attacks was just heartwrenching and painful. Here was a guy he thought of like a brother, someone he’d always counted on, betraying him in the worst possible way…the betrayal of a friend (who he thought was dead) he loved very much . And it’s because of how strong their bond was that ultimately saved Tony from Jack killing him in the end. As much as I hated the outcome of that season, the writers made it clear that these two characters still cared about each other despite all that went down in season 7. Which is another reason I hated season 8 because suddenly the Jack/Tony storyline was written out.

And now President David Palmer; Jack’s truest and most powerful ally/friend. It’s no question how much these two went through and still their friendship managed to survive so many horrible obsticals from Victor Drezen to Ryan Chapelle’s assassination. Palmer was the only president and the only person besides Tony who believed in Jack more than anyone despite his duty to goveren the country. He took so many risks for Jack, decisions that nearly cost him his presidency but he still supported Jack. 

It amazed me as how fast these two clicked from the moment they met in season 1 before Palmer was elected. It went from Jack’s assignment to a mutual partnership to a friendship that mostly outweighed their duties to their country and yet they did everything to put the countries best interest first. Both also could easily relate on a personal level being fathers and servants to the government. When Jack counted on the Palmer’s assistance, he never let him down. Even when Jack had to go against protocol and nearly started a war the president was always loyal to him and stood behind him. Even going as far as protecting Jack’s identity after faking his own death. 

I think it should’ve been harder on Jack for losing both President Palmer and Tony Almedia (at the time) than it was losing Renee and Audrey. Tony and David were his 'truest’ friends, they sacrificed far more than Chloe ever did and knew him better than thoes two dying flings. Both Renee and Audrey were selfish and they always strung Jack along into their problems. Yes Tony wasn’t perfect, especially after what happened in season 7 and president Palmer was far from a saint but in the end they had Jack’s back or would’ve taken a bullet for him the same way Jack would’ve for them. I condider them  Jack’s best friends in the series not Chloe and certainly not headcase Renee or emotionally demented Audrey. Chloe was Jack’s sidekick, they were friends but she wasn’t his best friend definitely not since the moment they met xP

So this is why I resent the writers for what they did in season 8 and in 24 overall, rewriting 24’s history by turning Chole into the big hero BFF and Jack into a maniac over a woman he probably would’ve dumped eventually like yesterday’s news. I’m not saying he shouldn’t have been affected by her death considering they’d just screwed but his reaction was farfetched since he never snapped over Terri, President Palmer or Tony Almedia and these were people who were the closest to him. For christ sake Terri was his wife/mother of his daughter, murdered by the woman he’d had an affair with; I think that alone should’ve made him snap than Renee getting snipped off the grid. 

Season 8 was an EPIC disaster I only hope the movies can redeem what was awesome about 24 and Jack Bauer. And it would also be a bonus if Tony Almedia’s story with Jack continued into the films since the writers cut him out completely after season 7.

Jack Bauer: The Salazars are gonna release the virus within the next two hours. Regardless of how successful you are at containing the initial outbreak, the resulting civil unrest will far outreach any quarantine zones you’ve established. The damage to this country, sir, would be catastrophic. Mr. President, I need your okay on this.
David Palmer: Even if you succeed, I won’t be able to correct your legal status. You’ll be a fugitive.
Jack Bauer: I understand, Mr. President. This will be my last assignment.
David Palmer: I don’t know what to say.
Jack Bauer: If you don’t say anything, Mr. President, I will accept that as a go for this mission. (Palmer is silent) Good luck, Mr. President.

JACK BAUER: Mr. President, I need your Ok on this.

DAVID PALMER: Even if you succeed, I won’t be able to correct your legal status, you’ll be a fugitive.

JACK BAUER: I understand Mr President; this will be my last assignment.

DAVID PALMER: I don’t know what to say.

JACK BAUER: If you don’t say anything, Mr President, I will accept that as a go for this mission. (Pause) Good luck Mr. President.
(JACK BAUER hangs up and drives off.)

Day 3 - 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.