president cake


And here we have Finn the Human Boy and Jake the Dog’s Ice King reading fanfiction about Fiona the Human Girl and Cake the Cat’s Ice Queen reading fanfiction about Flynn the the Human Being and Jaque the Raccoon’s Ice President reading fanfiction about Linn the Person and Janet the Fox…

me: okay, trump is the president, time to fix your unhealthy lifestyle before you get sick and suddenly don’t have health insurance anymore. 
also me: trump is the president. time to eat cake and quaff wine like the world is ending (cause it is.) 
me in a more positive mood: trump is the president. time to Get In Shape For The Apocalypse! 


Eat Cake and wish me luck in Boston this weekend

filthysinnersblog-blog  asked:

It's lunchtime when the president first approaches Cake, one arm on her hip and holding a clipboard with a piece of yellow paper with some angry-looking writing on it. "You're Kaki Doragon, are you not? Please report to the student council room after school today. There are certain concerns about your behavior that must be discussed privately. Rest assured that if you do not show up, this matter will only escalate in magnitude, so don't even consider it."

“M-My behavior…?”

He soon went to the room as he looked around and saw Mitsuru “Uum…you wanted to see me?”