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Today, President Obama announced the Bears Ears and Gold Butte National Monuments, protecting over 1 million acres of sacred sites, scenic vistas, and important natural and cultural resources in the desert landscapes of southeastern Utah and southern Nevada. To date, the President has protected more land and water than any other president in history—and today’s actions build on that progress.


America received a wonderful gift today when President Obama announced Bears Ears National Monument. This is sacred land that deserves to be preserved for our grandchildren. Thank you for believing in preservation Mr President.

It is no secret that I am extremely disappointed, upset, and embarrassed by this election. I wanted to say a few things beyond He’s Not My President, however. So bear with me, please.

While the majority of my friends and family are liberal, I do have family members (and probably a few friends) that are conservative. I love them, and I love them dearly. That doesn’t mean that I’m not mad at them for their contribution to what has happened. And I hope that they understand my feelings on this election, including my anger.

I had to watch an intimidatingly smart woman with 30 years of public service experience and a juris doctor degree shoved to the side in favor of a man that is has been bankrupt more than once, has never worked in public service his life, refuses to release his tax returns even still, has little more than a bachelor’s degree in economics and a track record of poor business decisions, and has quite literally been accused and caught sexually harassing women.

I had to watch someone as qualified for the position in education and experience as Hillary Clinton be dismissed as a “Nasty Woman” by a man who picked up politics as a hobby within the last couple years.

And I am going to have to watch as our first black president hands over the presidency to a man endorsed by the KKK.

Yes, I am angry. I am disappointed. I am upset. I am scared for my friends that aren’t in as privileged as a position as I am. I am scared for the country and the future of our diplomatic relations, not to mention our global reputation.

I will always love my family and friends, even if they may have voted for this man, but I’m angry.

I’m angry, because I had to see plainly just how much this country holds women back, makes them work ten times harder, and then still dismisses them as nothing more than a “Nasty Woman”.

I’m angry. And I will not apologize for that.

Joel Miller for President 2016

Tired of the nonsense and endless blabber by the current presidential candidates? Look no further than Joel Miller.

Mr. Miller has a no-nonsense approach to dealing with all the country’s problems. Tough criminal gangs? He’ll just beat them senseless. The militia getting out of hand? Shoot now, ask questions never.

Mr. Miller will look out for the future of our Children as well, he’ll protect them like a possessed grizzly bear.

No Insults. No fake promises. Just results.

Joel Miller swears by it.


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