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Obama: “I could win” a third term as President if I wanted to

This certainly sends some shivers down my spine.

from ABC:

President Obama thinks he ‘could win’ a third term in the White House if term limits didn’t bar him from running in 2016.

“I actually think I’m pretty good president,” he said today in a speech before the African Union in Ethiopia. “I think if I ran, I could win. But I can’t.”

Even though he’s confident in his re-election abilities, Obama said he’s more interested in life after the presidency.

“I’ll be honest with you, I’m looking forward to life after being president. I won’t have such a big security detail all the time,” he said. “It means I can go take a walk, I can spend time with my family, I can find other ways to serve, I can visit Africa more often “

The president’s comments came as he explained he does “not understand” why some leaders are insistent they remain in power when their term limit ends.

“The point is I don’t understand why people want to stay so long. Especially when they’ve got a lot of money,” he said.

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That bit that I’ve bolded at the end is the real kicker here. As far as Obama is concerned, it’s personal mission accomplished.  He has used the White House to amass wealth an power to himself, and now he gets to retire on the taxpayer’s dime and live the life of luxury and influence. 

Bernie Sanders Has Defended LGBT Equality His Entire Career

“Now my ears may have played a trick on me, I thought I heard the gentleman saying something about ‘homos in the military’, was the gentleman referring to the many thousands and thousands of gay people who put their lives on the line in countless wars defending our country. Were those the people you were referring to? You used the words “homos in the military” and you have offended thousands and thousands of people”.

Many many years ago our Gurus lit the lamp
And the Prakasham was born carrying power of the soul
This light of truth on the lands of five rivers
It orbited and orbited around the sun
Along with the earth that carried it as sindhur
This earthly Prakasham is so powerful
Of human’s universal message of one God
Four hundred orbits gone in no time
The great Prakasham has even out-glowed the Sun
As it orbits all around the sun, even sun bows in enhanced reverence
And salutes the earth, for all that it carries
The Greatest Prakasham of Guru Granth Sahib
—  A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
“In his first run for the White House Barack Obama hosted 4,000 online house parties in June of 2008, just a few months before Election Day”. Tomorrow Bernie Sanders will be hosting over 3,000 online house parties, over a year away from election day.

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