Jimmy Carter is turning 92

In February, he went to London to address the venerable House of Lords about the Carter Center’s campaign to wipe out guinea worm disease worldwide (and to talk a little Donald Trump as well). In August, he spent five days in the sweltering Memphis heat building houses with Habitat for Humanity.

In between, he became an honorary National Park Service ranger, celebrated his 70th wedding anniversary with his beloved wife, Rosalynn, and shared the good news that his cancer had gone into remission (the most recent MRI of his brain in mid-September “turned out to be OK,” Carter said).

Election 2016

When Obama ran for president, they didn’t have to beg us to vote. We were inspired, so we showed up in large numbers (I believe record numbers if I’m not mistaken).

Now with Hillary and Trump, it seems like everywhere I turn someone is urging and pleading with us to register and vote (for Hillary). If you were actually a good candidate, and a good potential president, you wouldn’t have to beg us to participate.

I really wish we could just redo the whole #election2016. Then again, it’s rigged anyway. Smh.

I’m honestly very dissappointed with America right now. I’m hoping she redeems herself in 2017.

When the White House asks. IBM answers.  

Presidential advisors want more information on artificial intelligence and cognitive technology. In order to use it to best serve the people, the White House asked what leaders should consider when applying technology like Watson to challenges and opportunities in matters like education, the economy and climate change. In it’s public response, IBM wrote back:

We believe that many of the ambiguities and inefficiencies of the critical systems that facilitate life on this planet can be eliminated. And we believe that AI systems are the tools that will help us accomplish these ambitious goals.”

Read the full response here →


Cards Against Humanity is letting customers pick which 2016 candidate they’ll donate to, as long as it’s Clinton

The game’s creators have launched a fundraiser, America Votes With Cards Against Humanity, where they’re letting their customers decide which of the two campaigns should received the donations the company collects.

“Today, we’re letting America choose between two new expansion packs about either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump,” the project’s website reads. “At the end of this promotion, Cards Against Humanity will tally up the sales of both packs, and depending on which pack gets more support, we will donate all the money in support of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.”