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Dongho avenging Guanlin’s loss on Haknyeon = PRECIOUS

(Bakappuru kitaaaaaaaaaaa! Oh no, this post is too cute :(((( Look at that radiant Mitsuya <333)


Micchi, happy birthday(*^_^*)

You’re 25, huh~☆
You’re catching up with me again (laugh)
We’ll be separated again soon in July!

Leaving that aside, last year, a dream came true when we released a personal DVD together(^^)

I feel that Micchi is a partner with whom I want to make many more dreams come true(^○^)

From here on, I’ll be with mischievous Micchi (laugh)
“With mischievous Micchi” would be Micchievous, right!

Hahaha (laugh)

Make it the best 25, okay!

From here on and always, let’s get along( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

ADDITION: not only was Mitsuya so scared at that haunted house that he clung to You-chan the whole time, but that was the time he sang TRUMP songs and Shinsengumi Nanger songs to himself to stop from getting so scared but. he was still scared. he was so scared. he basically had his eyes closed and his ears covered and even though they stood in line for a million years HE WAS TOO SCARED TO EVEN GO IN and You-chan had to drag him in uwuuuu and basically You-chan dragged him along until the exit/one of the give-up-cuz-you’re-too-scared exits and then when he saw the light of day HE RAN FOR IT and You-chan just laughed at him but he was so happy to be alive and safe and not in the scary place anymore ;u;