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The Kowiachobee Animal Preserve is a five-acre facility in Naples, Fla. and holds more than 100 animals — from a 6-year-old African Lion named Shaumbay to a raccoon named Dexter.

Last month, Kowiachobee was hit by the eye of Hurricane Irma, a Category 3 storm. After an already wet season, the hurricane created more flooding on the property. Grace and John Slaby, along with many volunteers, are now repairing cages damaged by the storm.

“We had anywhere from a foot to a foot and half of water across the entire property,” says 50-year-old John, describing the flooding at its peak.

A Home To Big Cats And Raccoons Recovers After Hurricane Irma

Photos: Cassi Alexandra for NPR


2011-10-01 Openlands Lakeshore Preserve 2 by JanetandPhil
Via Flickr:
White-Tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) - Openlands Lakeshore Preserve, Fort Sheridan, IL - 1 October 2011

Seriously not sure how my boyfriend puts up with me 😂 had a friend from high school drop me off some deer parts from his hunting trip today. Said he could bring me more in the future. So, I brought this gal inside, put the limbs up in the freezer and went to cutting off her ears to preserve, all this while we were in the bedroom. Boyfriend didn’t even wait until I put the head outside before he brought his dinner in the room 😂😂 and he says he has a weak stomach?? Good thing he embraces it and encourages me. Admittedly I cracked up a little when he brought his plate in just chowing down after he watched me cutting off a deer’s ears lol

Nature knows no “struggle for existence,” but only a caring for life. Many insects die after the act of procreation, thus demonstrating the slight emphasis that nature places upon mere preservation. Nature only ensures that similar forms will continue to unfold amid the surging waves of life. What prompts one animal to hunt another to the death is simply the need to appease the predator’s hunger; greed, ambition, and the lust for power have no place here.
—  Ludwig Klages, Man and Earth in The Biocentric Worldview

So there was this big tray of jars which had preserved animals floating in liquid inside in Biology, which were going to get thrown out. You know, dead crabs and possum fetuses and cut open frogs and stuff. I noticed one specimen that didn’t have any liquid in its jar, a sea horse.
I asked my biology teacher if I could keep the preserved seahorse (pictured above) and he was like “Sure,” just looking really tired and obviously not caring if some nerd wanted preserved marine life. I called him George.
Timeskip to a few months forward, I now have a different biology teacher and I asked him the other day about the liquid we preserve stuff in. He informed me it was poisonous.
My mind raced back to the sea horse on my drawers at home. The liquid has obviously evaporated since its preservation.
“What about in gaseous form?” I ask tentatively. He looks me dead in the eye.
“It would kill you, that’s why we got rid of them. They’re not legal for us to keep anymore.”
So today I say goodbye to my mummified fugative fish. I’ll never forget you, George.

Every year, humans cut down approximately 15 billion trees.

Aside from providing 30% of our planet’s oxygen, trees are vital in providing habitat, holding soil, controlling floods, reducing noise pollution, and maintaining biodiversity.

A single tree has the capacity to absorb 20 tons of carbon dioxide, produce 1550 pounds of oxygen, and take in 45 pounds of suspended dust in a given year. Yet, since the dawn of their time, humans have reduced the Earth’s tree coverage by nearly one half. 

Tumblr will never cease to amaze me...

So we get Fantastic Beasts. A movie that, I believe, explores the horrible damage abuse does, the importance of preserving wildlife and respecting animals, the damage that segregation of any kind does, a great look into the intolerance of mental health problems, contains an allegory for police brutality, not to mention the idea of government corruption… and what does tumblr do?

It complains. As always.

1) why have they cast and “abuser”
2) god this movie is so white
3) why does there have to be a romance between Newt and Tina, he’s my precious, gay, autistic baby
4) JKR doesn’t mention slavery in this, it’s so white focused
5) OMG they killed Credence that’s so ableist.

It’s almost as if. Nothing. Pleases. You. People.

1) the abuse cases were dropped and there was also accustoms aimed at Heard but you’ll ignore those, I’m sure.
2) the head of MACUSA is a black woman, which I thought was awesome.
3) They are married in canon. That’s why she’s even in the movies. Newt isn’t any of the things you headcanon him to be. He avoids eye contact because he spends all his time around animals which, news flash, hate eye contact.
4) It’s. a. Movie. About. Magic. And. Fluffy. Animals.
5) He’s signed on to the next 4 films and has been quoted as one of the main characters going forward. If you actually researched or paid attention to the film you’d have noticed a bit of the obscurus float away at the end.

God damn it people. Just be happy with something for once.