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Alright guys it’s giveaway time!

I have a nice little vulture culture startup package. It contains: 1 tanned squirrel hide, 1 deer antler, 1 raccoon femur, 1 fox metacarpal, 1 nutria tooth, 1 rabbit skull, 2 Guinea hen feathers, 1 tanned rabbit tail, 1 preserved rabbit hind foot, and a nice chunk of rough Quartz.

Entry rules: USA ONLY. You must be a follower, and likes and reblogs count as entries. The winner will be selected June 1st. Entry winner must respond within two days or a new winner will be selected. You do not have to pay for postage, I will cover everything.

Good luck everyone!

EDIT: Please do not tag as giveaway, this will send a flag to tumblr.

The black footed cat is Africa’s smallest cat species, weighing only 1 – 2,45 kg! Male black footed cats usually have territories which overlap with on average four females. The Black Footed Cat Working Group is studying these small cats to find out what needs to be done to ensure their survival in the wild. This video of a female leaving her den was shot by the researchers.  

Vulture-themed small giveaway for reaching 666+ folllowers!


You will win:
- 1 craft grade bird skull
- 5 craft grade rat skulls
- 1 craft grade rabbit skull
- 1 coffee stained deer jaw
- 2 fox vertabrae
- 1 preserved crow foot
- 1 partial fox skull
- 1 origin assured kit fox tail
- 1 pheasant tail feather
- PLUS various other misc bones not pictured, and a crow wing if they are preserved in time ;)


- You must be following this blog (morbidesque), following just for the sake of the giveaway is fine but I will check.

- Be 18+ or have parents permission to enter.

- Reblogs count as entries, likes do not. Multiple reblogs count as multiple entries.

- Do not tag as “giveaway” or anything similar.

- Tumblr is not associated with this giveaway at all, this is something i am personally doing to say thanks for following me!
- Unfortunately, EU followers only due to laws about importing dead things, but if you enter/win and you are outside of the EU you can donate the prizes to any friend within the EU if you want.
- Entries close on 30/7/2016 21:00 BST and a winner will be chosen and notified within 24 hours. Winner will be chosen via random selection technique. If the chosen winner does not reply within 48 hours a new winner will be chosen.

- Please have ask boxes/messaging available and open so i can contact you if you have won.

Please feel free to ask any more questions! Good luck!