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I would like to hear the story of how you slept under the christmas tree

so i immigrated to the US at age 9, right, and one of the first things my family did was join the local Chinese church. as far as the whole “figuring out how to do things so we no longer have to live in the back shed of Uncle Joe’s* Magic Emporium” thing goes, it’s a pretty sound strategy! now we had people to teach my dad how to drive and give us old furniture and say “hey, Seattle is pretty rainy maybe you should rent an apartment-like space before either a) the shed roof caves in b) your daughter with the famously delicate constitution falls dramatically ill from a strain of black mold or possibly herpes”

*is not my uncle, that’s what his store was called. he sold magic gadgets and my dad knew him because???? possibly in a past life they ran a meth empire in Albuquerque, who knows

ANYWAY. thanks to the church i did not fall dramatically ill from black mold or possibly herpes, but there was an unforeseen factor in joining a Christian church, which was that they? were pretty hardcore? about Jesus?**

**in a nice “we build houses for the homeless” way, not in…the other way

given that we’d just immigrated and that China’s religious policy is worshiping Mao’s preserved corpse ehhhhh…let’s call it “freedom of atheism,” my family was decidedly not hardcore about Jesus. my parents mostly took the bemused “i guess Jesus is okay since he indirectly led to us living in a place suited for human habitation” route, but i



i was the first kid in my class to get her red scarf, okay, and when we sang the national anthem and saluted the flag every morning i fucking meant what i was singing. we almost didn’t come to America; my dad had more lucrative job offers in Germany and Belgium, but i put my foot down because everyone knows Europe is full of gross imperialists Dad, GOSH, and the Americans helped us fight off the Japanese.

so seeing all these fellow Chinese believing in THE CAPITALIST GOD was basically the worst thing to ever happen to my delicate psyche. my parents’ tacit approval was even worse: DID PATRIOTISM AND COMMUNISM MEAN NOTHING TO THEM? DIDN’T THEY KNOW THAT DOING NOTHING AGAINST OPPRESSION MADE THEM OPPRESSORS THEMSELVES??

clearly something needed to be done.

so because the church was pretty hardcore about Jesus, it was understandably also hardcore about Christmas. big party, massive intricately decorated REAL TREE, sleepover for the kids with presents in the morning—you name it. everyone was going to be there.


my plan:

  1. sleep UNDER the giant real Christmas tree: y’know, the one with real pointy needles reaching all the way down to the base? that sheds? with lots of pokey tinsel?
  2. catch Jesus in the act of depositing presents***: look. i’d seen like, ALL of Scooby Doo by this point. i knew Jesus was probably a real person, just not the Son of God.
  3. subdue Jesus so he’s still around when everyone else wakes up: CLEARLY VERY FEASIBLE, given that Jesus was a heavyset white dude who used superhuman agility and strength to deliver presents around the world overnight and possibly had reindeer minions and i weighed 70 pounds at most while sopping wet.
  4. (who is Santa Claus?? who cares)
  5. ????

***even if i didn’t believe in him, why was i slavishly devoted stopping a highly altruistic man who gave? people? presents? did i hate joy????

sure enough, at around 3 in the morning i heard soft boots approaching the tree. i reached out and snatched one of the Ankles of Jesus

—whereupon Youth Pastor Liao screamed “OH MY LORD” and kicked me in the face.

and THAT, dear friends, is how i spent my first Christmas in America with a concussion.


MOST of homestucks cast got left with incomplete or unresolved character arcs, with the exception of the striders (since theyre hussies self-inserts and hes always played very obvious favorites with them). jade and jane get it the worst though.

jades ultimate conversation with davepeta, and janes ultimate conversation with nannasprite, are parallels with each other. (they also both sort of have similarities with calliopes conversation w her god tier self, but this post is not about calliope) namely, theyre not the focal points of these conversations. none of their problems really get addressed, and they serve to characterize the other character, not jade/jane. jade and jane are passive parties in the resolutions of their own arcs (as much as these conversations can be called resolutions).

janes conversation is about nannasprite - its about nannas regrets, her fears, her unfulfilled potential, her dissatisfaction with her role, and how she wants to see jane live up to her potential. jades conversation is about davepeta - its about their newfound sense of reality, how davesprite and nepeta struggled independently and how they realized themselves through fusing, how the Ultimate Self explains everything and dont worry jade, youll feel better as soon as you Get It, i mean your puny linear human non-sprite non-heart-or-time-player brain probably wont be able to process it but youll be cool as soon as you unlock the secrets to existence i promise.

both of these problems imply an upcoming conclusion to jane/jades arcs and how they will resolve their problems… and then the narrative doesnt follow through.T

first off, the issues that these characters actually need resolved. jane, as i mentioned in another post, fears change. she lets herself be subservient to others because she is afraid of changing the status quo. this is the root of her skepticism - she doesnt want to re-examine her worldview because shes afraid of what she will learn by doing so. and this is the critical character flaw that manifested in her beta timeline counterpart as well: nanna was so afraid of the uncertainty that lies in taking a risk and running away from home with jake that she would rather face the certainty of abuse that awaits her if she stays at home. nanna never lives up to her full potential because she keeps her head down and does what shes told, living a quiet and entirely uneventful life. even after her death and resurrection, as nannasprite says, shes only there to support johns role as a hero. janes subservience obviously reaches its peak with crockertier - the internal conflict keeping her from speaking up and reaching out becomes an external conflict, and shes brainwashed, literally forced into compliance.

jade is similar - a constant repression of her personal issues in order to maintain her role as the beta kids cheerleader. the difference is that jades suppression isnt out of fear of change, but out of fear/loathing of herself. jade is miserable. she lives alone in the middle of nowhere with her inscrutable god-dog and a bunch of eerily preserved corpses - one of which is HER OWN! jade knows she is going to die! for all her visions of sburb and her friends respective paths to happiness that skaia grants her in her dreams, in the waking world shes got the vision of her own end staring her right in the face. and she never tells her friends about any of it - in her first pesterlog with dave he says “say hi to your grand dad for me” which implies that she hasnt even told her friends her guardian is dead. and then all this suppression and obfuscation blows up in jades face when she creates jadesprite, and shes the angriest we ever see her get when shes forced to confront a version of herself who cant bury all those negative feelings. when she goes god tier and fuses with jadesprite she seems healthy and neurotypical, for a while, but, like jane, when the condesce brainwashes her we see all these unaddressed resentful feelings towards dave (wrt her failed relationship with davesprite) come to the surface - even though after the breakup she reassured john over and over again that it was fine, she wasnt mad at him, dont worry about it.

jane buries her own wants and needs because shes afraid of how it will change the world and relationships around her, jade buries her own negative feelings because shes afraid of what they say about herself.

and through act 7 and the credits, these character flaws go ENTIRELY unaddressed.

janes role in collide, the climax of homestuck, is the same as it ever was, the same as nannasprites always was - to play healer, support others, and sacrifice any chance for time in the limelight. jades role in collide is to (attempt to) peacefully resolve the conflict between jack and pm - always chipper, always positive, always selfless. the prospit girls arent allowed to be selfish and are reduced to passive, supporting characters even when the narrative beats us over the head to tell us thats what would be good for them.

you could argue that janes issues are resolved in the credits and post-canon. she owns her own business, shes somebody important, shes making a name for herself and doing exactly what she always wanted to do. great! i love that thats where her arc ended! but we didnt see any actual personal problem-solving to get to that point. all of janes issues get resolved off-screen.

jade doesnt even get the deus ex machina “oh shes fine now” resolution. in the post-retcon timeline, shes miserable because shes been alone for three years and her conversation with calliope left her with the impression that her fate is exactly what her life was like before sburb - to live on her own, alone and isolated. and just like before, shes ready to take it on the chin, as is her solemn duty. davepeta reassures her, hey, dont worry, theres a version of yourself that spent those three years among friends, you just havent found her yet. but… jade never finds her ultimate self. sure she lives with dave and karkat and terezi (or near them - someone pointed out to me theres a house next to dave and karkats with green awnings, so theyre likely neighbors, not housemates), and she seems to be pretty happy, but shes still playing the role of the self-sacrificing cheerleader. if davepeta died or remains stranded in the furthest ring, that leaves the prospit twins as the only single folks in their friend group, and john is dealing that with debilitating depression. it doesnt look good for jade! even if terezi eventually comes back with davepeta (and vriska) in tow, its not going to feel satisfying because jade didnt do any work towards that reunion herself! we dont see her developing any kind of outlet for her negative emotions! hell, she never REALLY gets to make amends with davesprite, does she, because the version of her that dated him is dead, and the one who gets to talk to davepeta is an entirely different jade!

both of the prospit twins get pretty unhappy endings. but homestuck KNOWS that johns is unhappy. homestuck wants you to know that john is depressed. throughout the credits jade is just… smiley and chipper and eager to help. shes back to assuming the same shallow, forced persona she had before the game. not only do her issues fail to resolve, she actually goes backwards. its fucked.


The Dark Brotherhood worships and reveres the Dread Father Sithis and the Void, with the Unholy Matron, the Night Mother, being his bride. 

When someone performs the Black Sacrament, the Night Mother is informed of their intentions, and the location of the client is relayed to the Listener, who then relays that information to the four Speakers. The Speakers then assign assassins to the contracts to be completed.

Together, the Listener and the Speakers form the Black Hand, the ruling body of the Dark Brotherhood: four fingers and a thumb. 

Silencers are assassins who are not bound to any sanctuary and answer directly to the Speakers. They perform particularly dangerous or sensitive contracts and missions, and are akin to the nails or talons of the Black Hand. 

The Keeper is a special position instituted by the Black Hand in the event of the Night Mother’s death. The Keeper is charged with taking care of the Night Mother’s corpse to preserve her body and retain her spirit on Tamriel, so she can continue to accept contracts and relay information to the Listener.

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WHAT IS THE NEW ENGLAND VAMPIRE PANIC IT SOUNDS AMAZING PLEASE ENLIGHTEN US also i lov gothic lit more than i love anything else so please dear goodness is it in any way related to vampirism in lit / dracula's affect on the general public ANYWAY IT SOUNDS WILDE



this is less of a panic actually and more of a sustained belief that the outside world became more aware of all at once so it seemed like a condensed event

belief in vampires was a Thing in much of the world for a really long time, including rural New England (mostly Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont). during the 19th century, tuberculosis was also a very big, very bad Thing as @queenofairandsnarkness pointed out. it’s transmitted through microscopic aerosolized drops of infected saliva when the victim coughs, and highly contagious, especially among families or other people who live in close quarters. in a time when people commonly shared beds for warmth, quarters could be very close. one case usually became an outbreak

a wasting illness that slowly drains the energy and strength from its victims…sound familiar? 

the word “vampire” was seldom if ever used, but stories spread of the consumptive dead- the consumed, I guess you could say -rising and stalking the village. often they were said to prey specifically on their own family members. it’s a bit dicey in these accounts whether the villagers believed the vampires spread the disease or it was a vampire instead of the disease

the body of the suspected vampire would be disinterred and examined. if the hair or nails seemed to have grown (a common misconception with fresh corpses, since the scalp and nail beds draw backand make nails and hair look longer) or the mouth was bloody (decomposition. fluids. enough said), the corpse would be staked in the grave. 

or decapitated 

or have a brick stuffed in its mouth

or all three

overkill was very big in rural 19th century New England. but that wasn’t the most gruesome part. often, the vampire’s organs would be cut out and burned on a gravestone or in a forge. the ashes would then be mixed in water and given to a victim to drink

why they kept doing this cure even though it had literally a 0% success rate is beyond me. maybe everyone knew a “friend’s cousin’s sister” it had worked for. maybe chain emails would have been huge in 1860s Vermont. go figure

anyway, the most famous face of the New England Vampire Panic was Mercy Brown, a 19-year-old girl who died of consumption in 1892. shortly thereafter, her ailing brother claimed that Mercy came and sat on his chest, draining the life from him. the obligatory mob dug up her grave, found her corpse well-preserved, and assumed not that being buried in January in Rhode Island had frozen the corpse but that she was a vampire. they gave her brother her heart to drink. her brother still died. this is my shocked face

the press got ahold of some of these stories and regarded them with a curious mixture of classism and Victorian morbidity. these were country people, after all- superstitious yokels with backward beliefs alien to a new age of enlightenment. (can you feel the extreme sarcasm there) 

never mind that the medicine of the time only accepted germ theory near the end of the century and had no more idea what caused TB than a Connecticut farmer burning his neighbor’s liver on an anvil. people have always loved to feel superior to someone

anyway, as for influence on literature, it’s possible. authors get their information from varied sources; I’m sure any vampire lit that existed at the time was fair game for Stoker to read. it’s been suggested that Lucy Westenra is based on Mercy Brown, but honestly I think she’s too common of an archetype to cite any specific inspiration. other people have argued that there hadn’t been time for the newspaper reports to reach Stoker in England when he wrote the book in 1897. one way or another, I guess you could argue that the NEVP influenced him in the sense that all vampire lore did

H.P. Lovecraft references the exhumation of Mercy Brown in his story “The Shunned House” as does Caitlin Kiernan in “So Runs the World Away.” There are also a few movies that draw inspiration from her story, I believe, but I’m not sure which ones they are.


here is an excellent article about it

The scene at Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment  is considered by Milwaukee Police to one of the worst they ever encountered. Photographs of bodies in various stages of dismemberment, barrels containing acid, boxes of various body parts plus three human heads found in a refrigerator were among the items recovered during a search of Dahmer’s apartment, the now-now infamous apartment 213 at the Oxford Apartments, Milwaukee, Wis.

Dahmer would also confess to having sex with his victims’ corpses, preserving skulls, keeping various body parts, showering with corpses, cannibalizing some of his victims’ remains and trying to create living zombies by performing lobotomies with a power drill and pouring acid into the holes.

What was Jeffrey Dahmer like as a neighbor? Were there any signs that the tenant in apartment 213 was abnormal?

Jeffrey Dahmer’s neighbor from across the hall, Vernell Bass, stands outside of Dahmer’s apartment

Dahmer’s neighbor, Henry Barnett, describes Dahmer as never looking anyone in the eyes. “He always looked down,” Barnett says.

Other neighbors also described Dahmer as an introvert, always dressed in the same T-shirt and jeans.

The other tenants at the Oxford Apartments describe a horrible, unrecognizable smell throughout the whole building that seemed to originate from Dahmer’s apartment. The smell was thought to be either spoiled food or even a rat that had died in the vents.

Pamela Bass, Dahmer’s neighbor from across the hall, talked to Dahmer about the smell many times. She says that Dahmer was always polite when she spoke to him about the smell, saying that he claimed that meat had spoiled in his freezer and that he planned to thoroughly clean the freezer with Pine Sol.

Who would ever think that a neighbor was a serial killer?

Bass said that “Maybe we should have thought something. But how could anybody know he was collecting dead bodies? I didn’t know what a dead body smells like.”

Bass recalled other strange things about Dahmer and said, “I would hear a buzz saw running in the early evening, I thought he was building something." 

She also said she heard Dahmer swearing when she was sure he was alone in his apartment.

Pamela Bass

After news of his crimes hit the media, many people who had missing family members showed up at the Oxford Apartments thinking that perhaps their loved one may have been a victim of Dahmer.

One woman, Bernice Lipsom, said that she last saw her 41-year-old son Aaron Vickers alive on June 10 after leaving him off at The Oxford Apartments. Vickers has not been seen or heard from since. He failed to pick up his disability check and hadn’t called Lipsom.

Lipsom said, “My heart dropped in the bottom of my stomach when I heard what happened here. Either he’s not able to talk or he’s dead. If he could talk he’d call his momma. If his body is in there, I want to know.”


“Parts of Many Bodies Found In Milwaukee Apartment,” by Isabel Wilkerson, New York Times, July 24, 1991

My Attempt at a Linear Synopsis of Ghost Quartet

if you dont listen to ghost quartet im so sorry abt this

Story 1: Arabian Nights, or One Piece of Stardust
The story begins in 14th century Persia with Scheherazade (an incarnation of Pearl) telling stories to Dunyazad (an incarnation of Rose) and Shah Zaman, an incarnation of the Bear (including the later story of Rose and the Camera Shop Owner which she is “remembering” from the point of view of another incarnation of her soul, the Camera Shop Owner). At some point, Scheherazade tells Dunyazad that the ghost of Thelonious Monk is behind a door of the palace, setting up the idea that ghosts don’t simply appear after they die, but rather always have been there and are simply born into new bodies occasionally. After some time has passed, Dunyazad dies and Scheherazade is still telling stories to Shah Zaman trying to avoid being killed. It is then that a past ghost of Rose Red appears, with knowledge of her future corporeal self’s mission, and asks Scheherazade for a piece of stardust (for reasons that will be explained later). Scheherazade remarks that she doesn’t know how much more she has, implying that stardust is what her stories are made from. She then tells Rose Red the story of her feelings of emptiness and her dream about a tango dance in which her past self refused to dance with her, which means that the story/stardust now belongs to Rose Red. It is implied that not long after this event, Shah Zaman kills Scheherazade, because later the Astronomer mentions a “man in Iran” wasting away and talking to ghosts for forty-two years, exactly what Shah Zaman said he would do after he killed Scheherazade. Shah Zaman is said to have said that “every soul that ever died is living in the shadows of the sky,” continuing the show’s idea of nonlinear ghosts.
Story 2: The Wind and Rain, or One Pot of Honey
Years later, Rose Red and Pearl White are born by the sea. They live together happily for many years, and Rose falls in love with the Astronomer. They look at the stars through his telescope in his treehouse, and Rose Red writes poetry about the celestial entities they see together. The Astronomer, enamored by her talent and longing to portray some talent of his own (but he doesn’t practice enough) decides instead to steal Rose Red’s work and publish it in his name. Rose Red grows to hate him, but then he begins to see Pearl White. Rose Red discovers their affair and becomes angry with both the Astronomer and Pearl White. She yells at the Astronomer, saying that she always knew that he was shallow and didn’t truly care about her, and she leaves him with the threat that “we’ll see who’s smarter, we’ll see.” Angered, Rose Red runs into the forest and asks the Bear to maul the Astronomer and turn her sister into a crow. The Bear asks for a pot of honey, a piece of stardust, a secret baptism, and a photo of a ghost. The Bear gives Rose Red the ability to cross into her soul’s different lifetimes at will so that it is possible for her to complete the tasks. The different incarnations of Rose being possessed by Rose Red will appear throughout the synopsis (and one has already appeared, the 14th century Persian version of Rose.) After collecting all of the items (which will be explained in a linear fashion as they happen later in the story), Rose Red returns to the Bear, who reveals that he tricked her, and takes the honey without carrying out her demands. Rose Red, in her anger, descends into alcoholism and kills Pearl White herself by pushing her into a river. Pearl White’s body floats to the Miller’s pond and he, another incarnation of the Astronomer, takes her out of the river to dry. The Fiddler, yet another incarnation of the Bear, happens upon her body and makes a fiddle out of her breastbone, which is later bought by Rose Red, who passes it down to the Fool (who she remembers from one of the lifetimes she crossed through to collect the items, and is also another incarnation of the Bear), although he is probably unaware that this woman is his grandmother (explained later). He accepts the gift anyway, given his affinity for stringed instruments. Over a century later, in 1990′s Sarajevo, an incarnation of Rose appears to seduce the Soldier, who is an incarnation of Pearl to obtain her honey. The Soldier, who has grown depressed from her years of experience with death, requests that Rose let her cry on her shoulder and then asks her to shoot her in the alley. Rose, only in it for the honey, does so.
Story 3: Usher, or One Secret Baptism
Linearly, most of this story coincides with Story 2, and they intersect in various ways. An incarnation of Rose, probably periodically possessed by Rose Red due to Lady Usher’s claims that she was a cruel woman, gives birth to Lady Usher, an incarnation of Pearl, who grows up to marry a man named Edgar, who is an incarnation of the Astronomer. They have two children, Roxie (who is Rose) and the Fool (who is the Bear). Roxie is occasionally possessed by Rose Red, and Roxie grows up interpreting Rose as a dead twin sister to her, claiming that Rose tells her that she should cross over to her plane of existence and be like her: “all soul.” Rose also identifies herself to Roxie as a “starchild” which probably means a person who is unhinged from the usual plane of reality and is free to follow their soul throughout history as they please. This behavior from Roxie causes Lady Usher to develop anxiety. When Roxie is seven years old, Edgar asks her to stop talking to Rose, who he believes is simply an imaginary friend, to which Roxie replies with anger. Another event of note occurs when Lady Usher tells Roxie a bedtime story in the form of Arabian Nights (which Lady Usher remembers from her lifetime as Scheherezade). Roxie was born around the same time as Rose Red and Pearl White, and also had an affair with the Astronomer in her teenage years, and they have a daughter. This daughter is Starchild, who is Rose, who inherits the powers of a starchild, possibly due to being the child of  a girl who grew up being constantly possessed by a starchild, but is unaware of the implications of her abilities. However, Starchild is kidnapped by another incarnation of Rose Red, and baptized in secret. Not much is known about the rest of Starchild’s life, but she has descendants, who will be mentioned later on. After Starchild is kidnapped, Roxie falls ill at the age of seventeen, which worries Lady Usher even more. After being sick for a period of time, Roxie dies, and Lady Usher forgives her for her continued acknowledgement of her “imaginary friend” Rose, who she believed in up until her death. Lady Usher preserves Roxie’s corpse for a fortnight. During that time, the family begins to fall apart with Lady Usher’s anxiety being worse than ever, and Edgar succumbing to alcoholism. The Fool, after being given the fiddle by Rose Red, leaves home, and moves to New York City. He begins to play the cello i a band and sell drugs to survive, but as he ages he settles down, has a daughter who is Pearl, and opens a camera shop. He has descendants who will be mentioned later. After the Fool leaves home, Edgar is the only one left to comfort Lady Usher, and one night when she is particularly distressed, he tells her the story of Pearl and the Pusher, which he remembers from his later life as the Driver. That night, Rose Red possesses Roxie’s body, unaware that Roxie has already died, and walks upstairs. When she sees Lady Usher, she sees Pearl White, and kills her.
Story 4: Subway, or A Photo of a Ghost
The Fool’s camera shop stays in the family for four generations and the fiddle stays in it. Eventually, it belongs to an incarnation of Pearl, the Camera Shop Owner. Starchild’s descendants eventually include another incarnation of Rose, who travels from Portland to New York City. Rose is in a subway station and a different incarnation of Pearl, who is  is standing on the platform playing a game on her phone in which she is a soldier battling a bear. The Pusher (who is the Bear) is present in the station, and, upon seeing the Soldier fighting the Bear within Pearl’s game, is suddenly overwhelmed by the influences of both the Bear and the Fool, and pushes Pearl onto the track, inadvertently forcing the Bear to keep his promise to hurt Pearl and giving meaning to the Fool’s cryptic warning to Edgar, “If anyone pushes me, I’m gonna push them back.” The train is coming, and it is driven by the Driver, who is the Astronomer, who has zoned out and does not notice Pearl. In the few seconds left before the train hits Pearl, Rose is possessed by Rose Red, trying to obtain the photo of the ghost, and uses her camera to take a picture of Pearl in the subway track. There is no way she can avoid her death now, and this qualifies her as a ghost. Pearl uses her last few seconds to give herself closure, and is then killed by the train. Rose, disgusted at having taken the picture, smashes her camera, but not before Rose Red exits her body and takes the photo with her. Rose breaks down and  begins to vaguely remember her other lives, and forgives Pearl and the Astronomer/Driver for everything. Rose goes to the camera shop to buy a new camera, and the Camera Shop Owner notices that she is distressed. She shows her the fiddle on the wall, and tells Rose the story of Rose Red and Pearl White, which she remembers from her life as Pearl White. She is correct when she says that the store has been in her family for four generations, but when she says that the fiddle belonged to her great-grandmother she is accidentally speaking from the point of view of her incarnation as the Fool’s daughter for whom Rose Red actually was a great-grandmother, since she was Lady Usher’s mother. Rose befriends the Camera Shop Owner, who suddenly feels compelled to give Rose the phone number of her friend, the Driver, essentially giving the Astronomer back to Rose and ending the ancient feud. Rose falls in love with the Driver and they live happily together for the rest of their lives, and have two daughters, most likely another Rose and Pearl.
Epilogue: Midnight
Years later, and yet years earlier, and yet right at that moment, the souls of all four of them meet in another plane of existence, in-between lives, or maybe after all their lives. They begin to slowly remember things as they piece together the collective story of their many lifetimes as they converse (I Don’t Know, Any Kind of Dead Person, Four Friends). As the final pieces fall into place, Pearl forgives the Bear/Pusher, and they become friends. As the sun rises, the four friends resolve to forgive themselves as well, for only thinking within their own lives and forgetting the vast beauty of the universe.


Batman and Harley Quinn trailer

Ahhh… could be good, I guess. They seem to be keeping the thread of Bruce Timm overtly disliking the current comics’ version of Harley Quinn, albeit in a less bitter way than the Justice League: Gods and Monsters version of the character.

Interestingly they seem to be having Harley work in a superhero-themed restaurant in her Reboot costume, which is kind of amusing because such places do exist within the comics. Booster Gold, for example, ran a Planet Hollywood-homage restaurant called Planet Krypton where the people serving food were in costume and there was a bunch of “genuine“ merch on the walls.

It should be noted that, although the restaurant seems like cheesy fun, Booster unknowingly had the preserved corpse of Jonah Hex as one of the exhibits for a time which… probs wasn’t the kind of thing people want looking at them while trying to eat an overpriced hamburger with a punny name.

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is andrew hussie still alive

At this point it is extremely plausible that Andrew Hussie has either fled to Mexico, or he’s died and any public appearances will be What Pumpkin Weekend At Bernie’s-ing his exquisitely preserved corpse (at least until they perfect the animatronic).

Solving the energy crisis

last night i got very high and i was thinking about what meme i might make today for you all. what i actually devised was this. let me talk you through the motions. part 1. people here sacrifice themselves in a manner that serves them in no way at all periodically in order to provide the world with energy. and how? well that leads to part 2. part 2 is jeremy benthams preserved corpse in its little glass box (for those of you who dont know, this is how he is kept, google it). the conflict of this completely meaningless sacrifice with his principles causes bentham to spin in his box, creating a lot of energy. this is then channelled through part 3. part 3. is the irony generator which takes this energy and gives it out to the world. no charge. part 4 is the happy population, free from war, without energy bills, able to survive on a limitless amount of green energy, happy and healthy. the best part is all of this is justifiable according to the principle of utility. ta da.

Hey gamers check this out!!

*clips halfway through the wall and suffocates in the concrete. Centuries later, long after society has crumbled and all major cities have been abandoned, the foundations of the building I’m lodged in begin to crumble and my corpse, perfectly preserved, as no maggots, worms or other such pests were able to access it topples out. I am now wearing a t shirt with the words “frame hype” poorly scrawled across the chest with a sharpie as light applause is heard from far off in the distance and donations to save or kill the animals slowly trickle to a stop*

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Imperial classes reaction to their child dying :') (For Lu, let's assume she grew up or already has a heir)

Elsword reassures their child, lying to them there’s no need to worry, and that they’ll be alright. Daddy will be here for them, and they’ll get up, eat breakfast and train with him. His forced smiles will change into weeps and sobs after his child finally dies, unable to comfort himself at the loss.

Aisha will adamantly refuse that her child will die, and she attempts to revive them somehow, shake them their bodies and call out their names. She tears up and sobs for days, missing her child and their time spent with her.

Rena will hold their body closely, giving them a final embrace as a full fledged mother. She’ll sing a soothing lullaby to them before they die, hoping they’ll pass away peacefully.

Raven carries his child in his arms, grimacing and accepting their death. He travels to a hill, digging up a grave and burying them. He makes annual visits to their grave.

Eve dismantles them, not wanting to see their corpse preserved, as they’ll eventually deteriorate anyways if left alone. She recycles the parts into a new child, and hopefully a child that’s more long lasting this time around.

Chung holds a grand, public funeral for them, with almost the whole population in the city coming over to attend it. Chung will be left incredibly saddened, as not only his father has left his side, but also his heir.

Ara apologizes them for being unable to protect them, crying loudly as Eun comforts her. She holds their hand, lacing her fingers with theirs and letting her tears stain her child’s clothes.

Add is aloof and silent as he stares at his dying child, understanding his mother’s fear of losing her child like this. He attempts to come terms with this by pretending his child never existed, burning and dismantling anything he gave them before continuing with his research as usual. However, the images of their corpse haunts him in his dreams, leaving him traumatized and depressed.

Lu realizes the dangers of raising a child intended to be next heir, and grimly accepts their deaths before offering to bare a new one. In royalty, having heirs die off early was common, and still is very common. She just wishes she wasn’t so attached to them…

Ciel is distraught, as yet another person he considers family dies off. He makes a funeral cake for them. The cake is as extravagant as it is gloomy. He also starts to cook more often to distract himself of his gloomy feelings over his dead child.

Ain laments, understanding the feeling of sorrow over losing a child they cared so much for. He doesn’t adopt another one, and spends an eternity thinking about them among the many other things he worries about in his life. He’s quite calm in losing them, and though he’s easily able to bring up their death, he’d rather not making any offensive jokes involving them.


Galen Marek / Starkiller:

Galen Marek, pronounced /ɡeɪlən ˈmæɹɛk/ and codenamed Starkiller, was a male Human apprentice of the Sith Lord Darth Vader. A powerful Force-user who lived during the era of the Galactic Empire, Marek originated from the Wookiee home planet of Kashyyyk as the sole offspring of two Jedi Knights—Mallie and Kento Marek—who deserted the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars. Following the death of his mother, the young Marek’s father was killed in battle by Darth Vader. Though only a child, Marek possessed an exceptionally strong connection to the Force that the Dark Lord of the Sith sought to exploit.

Thus, Darth Vader abducted Marek in order to train the orphan in the ways of the Sith Order. Although the Sith were limited to only two members at any given time, Vader nonetheless trained Marek as a secret apprentice during his own apprenticeship to Darth Sidious, the Sith Lord who ruled the galaxy as Emperor Palpatine. The physical and psychological trauma of Vader’s unforgiving training regimen resulted in Marek’s immersion within the dark side of the Force as his Master intended. With his childhood memories suppressed and his original identity forgotten, Marek only knew himself as the Dark Lord’s apprentice; a Sith assassin who operated under the codename “Starkiller” and a living weapon to be deployed against the enemies of Darth Vader.

In addition to the assassination of numerous targets that included Vader’s many rivals, the apprentice trained for years in preparation for the day when he would be ready to aid his Master in a confrontation with Darth Sidious. This singular goal became Starkiller’s obsession as he longed to become a true Sith Lord. The pinnacle of Starkiller’s training saw him deployed against Jedi targets for the first time in his life in 3 BBY and culminated in victories against the fugitive Jedi Masters Rahm Kota, Kazdan Paratus and Shaak Ti. With the death of Ti, one of the few members of the Jedi High Council who survived Order 66, Darth Vader declared that the time had come to execute their plan to overthrow the Emperor. Elated at the prospect of finally fulfilling his sole purpose in life, Starkiller rendezvoused with Vader on the Executor only to be betrayed and severely wounded by his Master who claimed that Sidious’s spies had discovered the existence of the secret apprentice. Pressured by the Emperor, Vader demonstrated his loyalty by seemingly killing Starkiller. In truth, the betrayal was a ruse that allowed Vader to save his apprentice’s life.

Upon Starkiller’s full recovery in 2 BBY, Vader revealed his contingency plan: the creation of a full-scale rebellion against the Galactic Empire. The apprentice was instructed by his Master to assemble an army of rebels and dissidents in order to distract the Emperor’s attention with a civil war, hence allowing them both another opportunity to assassinate Sidious. Though bitter and resentful toward Vader, Starkiller complied and searched several parts of the galaxy for influential contacts that would be crucial to the formation of an insurrection on a galactic-scale. Through Starkiller’s efforts, three disillusioned members of the Imperial Senate—Bail Organa, Garm Bel Iblis and Mon Mothma—convened on the planet Corellia where they agreed to join their resources together in opposition to the Emperor’s rule. However, the mission proved to be another deception on Vader’s part; the Dark Lord betrayed Starkiller once more and captured the senators. Outraged by the discovery that his Master was unwilling to challenge Darth Sidious with Starkiller’s aid, the former apprentice journeyed to the incomplete Death Star and intended to rescue his new-found allies from execution. Abandoning the persona of Starkiller, he re-embraced his Jedi heritage as Galen Marek through the partial recovery of his suppressed memories.

During the apprentice’s infiltration of the nearly-complete battlestation, Galen Marek confronted and defeated his former Master in battle. Sidious hoped to claim Marek as his new apprentice and goaded him to kill Vader. Instead, Marek attacked the Emperor in a move to provide the senators with enough time to escape the Death Star. His plan succeeded, but ultimately cost the apprentice his life. Nevertheless, his sacrifice facilitated the formation of the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the outbreak of the Galactic Civil War. The early founders of the Rebellion remembered the apprentice as Galen Marek, the original architect of the Rebel Alliance, and honored his memory by adopting the Marek family crest as the official emblem of the Alliance.
Unknown to the Rebels, Darth Vader preserved his former apprentice’s corpse as a genetic template for the creation of a more powerful and obedient version of the original Starkiller. But due to the inherent difficulties of cloning Force-wielders, coupled with the flaws of a modified version of the Kaminoan technique, the initial results were less than satisfactory. Vader was forced to replicate his fallen disciple on multiple occasions in a bid to gradually correct the imperfect procedure. Approximately six months after Marek’s death, the Dark Lord’s experiment—conducted in secret within the Timira City Cloning Facility—produced hundreds of abject failures and a rogue clone who escaped from Kamino. Despite such setbacks, Darth Vader ultimately succeeded in his goal to engineer the perfect clone of his former apprentice. A far more powerful version of Marek, the clone successfully purged himself of the emotional imprints that undermined his precursors.

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I'm totally anxious cuz I'm going to see a corpse for the first time this Saturday cuz I'm studying to became a forensic pathologist so, corpses (hahaha). When you first started practicing with the corpses how did you... Reacted? Anxious or did you just freaked out? Got sick?

No, there’s nothing to worry about, don’t be anxious. You’ll see how your colleagues will sort of…jump at it, so curious to understand and learn. I know facing death related things isn’t easy, but to be honest, a dead body is easier to deal with when you consider all the people suffering right now around the world. It’s okay to feel nervous but…you’ll get used to it. The worst part are the chemicals used to preserve the corpse, so make sure you have a good mask to cover your mouth and nose.

My first time was really natural. I was so interested, I wanted to identify everything I was studying, all the muscles and anatomic parts, everything. Practicing with corpses never worried me or made me nervous. The human body is something you’ll have to master, sooner or later, and studying corpses is one of the many ways to learn. Books like Netter or Tortora are great, specially the Netter Anatomy’s coloring book, it’s really cool. It didn’t exist when I was a medicine student, but it’s amazing. Too bad I can’t color it anymore. Anyway, don’t worry, friend. I’m sure you’ll do great. People tend to exaggerate when it comes to talking about practicing with corpses, but…it’s not bad. You’ll see. Saturday will be a great day, you’ll learn new things, you’ll understand a lot of stuff that seemed confusing to you and what you’ll go through will bring you an awesome amount of experience.


Anubis - Egyptian God of the Dead

Jackal-headed Anubis holds the ultimate judgment over the dead, measuring every heart against the weight of Truth.

Nephthys, wife of Set - the God of Darkness, desired a child, yet her husband was infertile, so Nephthys disguised herself as Isis, the wife of Set’s brother Osiris, and seduced him. From that union, Anubis was born. Osiris cared for Anubis as his own, but when Osiris was murdered by his evil brother, Set, Anubis embalmed his adopted father and mummified the corpse so he would not rot. This preservation passed down to the Faithful, for if it was good enough for the Gods, it was good enough for man.

None enter the abyss of the Underworld without first being tested by Anubis. When corpses are preserved, he is the embalmer. When time for judgment comes, he is the final arbiter. In his realm, he keeps legendary weighing scales. On one side, the massive weight of Ma’at – truth and order. On the other side, he places the heart of the deceased. Should the weight of Ma’at prove infinitely heavier than that of the heart, Anubis casts the soul deep into the darkness of the Underworld, where it is forgotten, never to be reborn.

Click here for more lore.

The Last Wish

I wrote a little drabble cause I had to express my thoughts on this quest from The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. Yes, I kept to the dialogue of the game, but I wrote things in my own words.



“Only found half. Can you do anything with this?” Geralt asked Yennefer as he showed her the half of the seal that he found from a shipwreck he and the enchantress were searching for, for most of the morning. The two had already searched two other shipwrecks in the waters of Skellige. Yennefer had spoken to him at a local tavern of a sage named, Amos var Ypsis who had a djinn some time ago. She told the Witcher about the sage and what she knew. Why she wanted the power of the djinn was still a mystery to Geralt. He could have refused. Yet he chose to go through with this. He had to trust her; which he did.

“I can use it to locate the other half. To within a dozen yards.” Yennefer answered when he returned to their boat.

“And once we find that, we should find the Djinn.”

“Exactly. Ready? I’ll take us there on the count of three.” The sorceress replied, hinting the use of teleportation as their mode of transportation.

“Argh, no, not another portal…”Geralt groaned. He detested teleportation and portals. Yennefer knew this; but he didn’t have much of a choice at this point.

“Stop whining.” The sorceress playfully scolded him, then began to count, “One, two…”

With the wave of her arms, followed a white flash, and they appeared on a mountain top.

“… three.” Yennefer came out of the portal as casually as she would walk through them, Geralt, however…

Had a hard landing.

He cried out as he landed in the cold snow, but quickly recovered and stood, confronting her. “Said you were going to go on three.”

“I did.” She replied simply, then went on. “Look, we must search the area.”

But Geralt stopped her. “Yen, not so fast. Gotta tell me what this is about first. Why do you want this djinn?”

“But you already know. A djinn’s power is priceless to a mage.”

“That I know, but I also want to know how you plan to use it. Wouldn’t go to these lengths if it wasn’t important.” replied the witcher.

“You’re right.” She said. “It’s important… even very important.” She hinted, not wanting to say everything, afraid he’d get upset.

Silence. Was all Geralt gave with his eyebrow raised in a questioning manner and had his arms crossed, clearly not budging. Being an on and off again romantic partner with the sorceress, he knew her well. Very well- and he knew she was up to something.

Yennefer sighed, defeated. She had to tell him. “How long has this been going on, Geralt?” She finally asked. “This thing between us? Fifteen, twenty years?” She looked away, pacing a little as she continued, “We repeatedly split up, then return to one another….” she spoke, her back facing him. “Something draws us to each other. But I can never be certain if it’s a true feeling, or merely a bit of mischief by a djinn.” continued Yennefer, finally facing him with uncertainty showing in her violet eyes. She had to know.

 He was quiet for a moment or two. “So that’s it… this is about my last wish.” He had made a wish to a djinn about fifteen to twenty years ago, binding the two together.

“You asked that djinn to bind us together forever. I want to ask this one to take that wish back.”


“Why would you want to do that?” He asked, almost in a way where he sounded hurt. Which he was.

“To see what it’s like without it.”She answered. “To see if we’ll still matter to one another, or if we’ll be like two strangers.” She looked at him.

He looked back at her, eyebrows raised, but arms still crossed until he replied, “What if I don’t want to?” Something in his voice gave away his weariness. Was he scared?


“I’m afraid you no longer have a choice.” She said, trying to put her feelings aside. Or at least, putting up her defenses. “Come, let’s search the ship.” Yennefer lead the way to the ship.

The witcher followed her, making a comment on how the mage, Amos asked the djinn to take half of the ship onto a mountain top to get them away from the “once-in-an-eon-storm” that broke out years ago. To which Yennefer replied how the djinn perverted the wish. “Djinn’s are inherently mischievous.” as she stated.

“In that case, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t wish I’d disappear from your life.” Geralt replied.

“I’ve yet to decide how to word it.” said Yennefer. How would she word it?

So they searched the ship.

“Interesting.” Geralt mused as he headed below deck, looking through what was left in the shipwreck besides ice and frost. Using his witcher senses, he found a pair of boots that belonged to the mage, and those boots lead to a trail of blood, that then lead to a fallen book self. Geralt lift it up and found a dead body under it. The corpse was preserved from the cold, but the head… suffered severe trauma.

“Yen, I think you should see this.” He called to her.

“What do you have?” The sorceress called back as she came below deck, standing for a moment before seeing what it was that Geralt had found and approached him. “It’s Amos. Looks exactly like the etching in the book.” She told him as she examined the body. “Except his head was intact there.”

“Think the djinn did this to him?” He asked.

“No, it wouldn’t attack its master. This looks like a rather unfortunate accident.” She answered. “When the storm broke, Amos must’ve uttered a wish like, ‘Take us away, anywhere, to a mountaintop, even.’ And the djinn granted the wish literally. They had a hard landing, Amos was thrown off his feet and against the wall. The bookcase did the rest.” She explained.

He nodded in understanding. “Always knew too much studying could kill you.” He then knelt down by the body. “If he died while being teleported, seal still might still be on him…” He figured as he searched the body, and did indeed find the other half of the seal. “Behold.”

“Bravo.” The sorceress praised him. “Come to the deck, I’ve an idea.”

They walked back up on deck, and to the wheel where they placed both halves of the seal on the floor.

“Step back a bit.” Ordered Yennefer.

“What are you going to do?” Asked the witcher as he did as she said.

“Summon and tame the djinn. It’s not likely to be happy. Stand at the ready.” She told him, then chanted a spell, lifting the seals up from the floor with a bluish hue glowing from it, and summoned the djinn as she brought the two halves together.

Geralt turned as the sky darkened and thunder rumbled overhead. With a menacing snarl, appeared the djinn in a hazy cloud with the same thunder coming from it. The ghost like creature floated onto the deck and the witcher went head on into battle- naturally.

Yennefer had a plan, of course, which included Geralt fighting the djinn until she could draw it into a sphere of magic.

Geralt fought valiantly, his years of training at Kaer Morhen showing as he swung his silver sword with grace, but vicious accuracy until the djinn was weak enough for the sorceress to trap it into the sphere.

“Got you!” She called triumphantly.

Once trapped, it was clear that the djinn had a face. It was white like a phantom’s, but had no body.

“Your master died before uttering his last wish! I cannot capture you!” She spoke with the magic being. “We can struggle like this for eternity, or I can release you! If you do one thing for me!” She bargained with the djinn.

With a moaning growl, the djinn responded to her bargain.

“Do you see the spell that binds us?” She asked.

It responded once again, seeing said spell.

“Only a djinn can remove another djinn’s spell! Remove this one, and you’ll be free!” She told the djinn.

Geralt and Yennefer looked on as the djinn chanted an indication to remove the spell.

With a movement of her hands, she raised them and opened her arms, “You are free!” There was a high pitched ring in the air that followed with a white cloud as the sphere broke and the djinn was freed.        


The skies cleared and it was light once again.

“Storm’s over.” Geralt approached Yennefer.

“Yes.” She breathed a deep sigh of relief. “It’s all over.” She crossed her arms, regaining her composure, but was looking away from him, clearly trying to gather her thoughts.

“Maybe we should sit?” He suggested. “You look a bit dazed…”

“I’m not.” She assured. “But we can sit.”

So they sat. The wind blowing and howling around them as they sat in silence for a moment.

“Feel any better?” Geralt broke the silence between them.

“I told you, I’m fine.” Yennefer insisted.

“Don’t need to play tough for me. That was a hard fight. Maybe not as hard as the last time we tamed a djinn, but still…”

The enchantress chuckled softly. “No comparison, I’m afraid. Half of Rinde suffered then.Now I’m merely a bit tired…” She looked down at the mountain for a moment, then looked back at him. “Thank you for coming, Geralt.” She spoke a bit softer. “I’d have a much harder time on my own.”

“Well, I never could say no to you.” It was true. He never could.

“Mhm… perhaps that will change now.”

“Feel anything? That anything is… different?” He asked.

Yennefer looked at him, gathering her thoughts. Did she? “Hmm…” She thought. “I expected… I don’t know what I expected, actually.” She confessed. “A bit of vertigo perhaps.”

She paused.

“I thought…” She began again. “you’d become a stranger to me… that I’d look at you and not feel a thing…” She admitted as she looked at him.

He looked back at her, listening intently as always.

“But it’s not like that at all.” She went on. “Nothing’s changed.” She said, smiling finally.

Now it was his turn. Did he feel the same about her? She was hopeful that he did return her feelings even after all these years and even with the fact that the spell had been removed. Despite his last wish, Yennefer had fallen in love with him. There was no turning back now.

“Djinn mighta cheated us after all…” He trailed off.

She tensed, worried. Scared even. “Why?”

“Cause I don’t feel that anything’s changed either.” He smiled.

Her heart skipped a beat and her face lit up like the sun above them. A large smile grew on her face. But said nothing. Nothing needed to be said.

“I love you, Yen.” He told her, his expression soft and his tone genuine.

She smiled, happy. Truly happy. “And I love you.”

He kissed her. The lips he only desired, their sweet taste from the one that always did take his breath away. It was like the night they spent together when he made his wish, but better. The tender moment, however didn’t last too long as she bit his lip playfully.

“Ow! What was that?” He pouted.

She giggled. “It can’t be all sweetness and light.” She teased.

Geralt smiled. “Strange… done that so many times, but… it felt like our first kiss to me.”

“It was, in a way. Besides… once you say, ‘I love you.’ a kiss has to taste differently.”

She was right. Then, he began to think. Think on his desires and what he wanted.


“Maybe we oughta test a few other things? Amos’ cabin looked cozy…”

Tempting. But she decided against it. For now.

“Not so fast, Geralt. We’ll have plenty of time to visit cozy cabins later.”

He didn’t argue.

“But… I doubt the world will end if we sit here a while.” She said to him and looked to the Skellige horizon.

He said nothing and looked into the same direction, silently agreeing with her. Then he wrapped his arm around her, pulling her close and she rest her head against his shoulder.

Yennefer sighed peacefully as she admired the view in front of them, of the snow covered mountains of Skellige and blue skies with misty clouds lazily flying by. And their moment together. “My, it’s lovely.”

“Mhm. Think the spirits of Skellige favor us.”

vardasvapors replied to your posttwo blogs part 7

no no i think you got the gollum thing right as it was supposed to be. it’s only pj et al who thinks it’s supposed to be purely creepy or w/e….sorry sorry i shouldn’t

Tolkien definitely goes in for pitying Smeagol. I just don’t think he was meant to be Relateable

vardasvapors replied to your posttwo blogs part 7

also tbh i think that’s………er, exactly how magic works in this world? i mean, it’s how it works all throughout the rest of lotr. and like, lotr is the actual factual narrative that is seen with people’s own eyes. the silm etc is incomplete bits and pieces that was never meant to be a full catalogue etc…..

But there’s no other magic anywhere in LotR that is anything like this?? Preserving corpse images for hundreds and hundreds of years?? Most magic that we see is suggestion or will-based magic–this is a natural phenomenon as far as we know, that looks into the past?? or something?? WHAT

“For the past 75 years, a small bridal shop in Mexico has been the subject of some pretty crazy rumors. The creepiest rumor centers around a highly detailed mannequin sitting in a window that many say is a perfectly preserved corpse. Eventually, people began to notice the similarities between the mannequin, nicknamed La Pascualita, and the daughter of La Popular’s proprietor, Pascuala Esparza. According to legend, Esparza’s daughter had tragically passed away on her wedding day, victim of a Black Widow spider bite. Locals whispered that the beautiful figure in the window was, in fact, the embalmed body of Esparza’s daughter. Of course, Pascuala Esparza formally denied the allegations, but by that point, it was too late - the legend was set in stone.Today, La Pascualita still sits in the window of La Popula, and the rumors have only become more pervasive. Of all the employees who work at the popular bridal shop, only two are allowed to change her clothing, and only behind closed doors. It’s a practice that makes some of the employees pretty uncomfortable.”