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May i please ask for 1p and 2p Russia headcannons?

1p Russia
-a yangire more than a yandere
-by that means he will hurt and or kill his s/o if they go too far out of line.
-can turn sadistic so watch out.
-will literally give you his heart
-this boy can pick you up with one hand so don’t be stupid
-turns his s/o into a doll by preserving their body but cuts out the heart and keeps it in a small wooden box
-his smile can be creepy but he will almost always smile at his s/o
-he’s pretty patient but don’t do anything too stupid. You could cut it short (it has two meanings his patients and your life if you do too much)
-his house is a locked up labyrinth so it’s hard to escape.
-mostly takes his anger out on punching walls if not torturing his victims and rivals.
-King of stalking.

2p Russia
-a cold kuuyan (kuudere yandere)
-is more of a silent guardian
-his voice is thicker and a bit lower than Ivan’s.
-doesn’t really hurt his s/o but might scare them
-might not torture unless the rival drives the man too far
-his house is also like Ivan’s
-will give his s/o random gifts at random times to keep them happy.
-prefers not to but he will cuddle and hold his s/o if they ask
-will give you the best back massage in your life.
-fairly gentle to his s/o but is also heavy handed so he tries his best but can accidentally hurt his s/o
-stalks his s/o but not too much

-use blunt objects as weapons
-nice to their s/o (for Ivan it’s until they cross the line
-might hurt their s/o (for Victor’s case not intentionally)
-kills the rivals and might torture them
-stalks their s/o

Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming — WOW — What a ride!

Young Remus Lupin x Reader


i got a request for something like this so long ago and i’m sorry its taken so long but i have no motivation most of the time

*i don’t know if you guys know what this means lol but my mum used to call me it all the time as a kid cause i was so clumsy all the time but here’s the definition - blunderbuss: a clumsy, unsubtle person.*

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Your soaked converse sloshed on the grass with every step you took towards the castle. You hugged your jacket closer to yourself, trying to preserve your body heat but it only caused more water to fall to your feet. You groaned as you brushed your hair out of your face, only you would be capable of tripping into the lake at a temperature of below fucking freezing. You had always been clumsy; you had fallen over, lost your wand and spilled your potions countless times but this… This was on a whole other level. You felt like a human icicle as you trudged your way through the doors of the castle, grumbling to yourself as you passed an exasperated Professor McGonagall. 

“Ms. Y/L/N, what in God’s name happened to you?” She question, her eyes scanning you up and down with a look of cautioned disgust.
“I fell in the lake.” You said with a dangerous finality to your tone that warned her, and the snickering Ravenclaws walking by, not to question you about it.
She nodded her head whilst trying to maintain her authoritative composure but you could see the hint of a smile on her lips. This only made you more grumpy.
“Yes.. well, go and dry off. You’re dripping on the floor and I’m sure the elves won’t thank you for it.” She told you, waving her wand in the direction of the common room.
Your jaw dropped, “Can’t you just dry me off with a spell?” You whined like a child, your hands flying into the air before landing at your sides with a sound like slapping the top of water.
“What kind of teacher would I be if I did all the work?” She said dismissively, before turning and gliding down towards the great hall.
You stomped your foot in frustration before slushing your way up the staircases, your eyes glaring at every student you passed before finally making it to the common room. Before the Fat Lady could even ask you had nearly growled the password at her,
“Mandrake leaf”. The door swung open in front of you and you stumbled through it, tripping over your dripping robes. You walked into the familiar warmth of the Gryffindor common room and without so much as glancing at your boyfriend and his friends who you knew were sitting on the couch, you marched straight towards the stairs. You could almost feel Remus give his friends a look of utter bewilderment before he stood up and followed you.
You walked into the room and heard Remus shut the door behind him when you finally looked at him. “What the bloody hell happened?” He asked while trying to hide the obvious grin on his face. You scowled at his obvious enjoyment of your situation before you began to strip down. Throwing the wet clothes onto the floor with a grunt you immediately slipped on your fuzzy socks and one of Remus’ sweaters (which he smirked at) that he had left on your bed the night before. You glanced at your boyfriend, who had sat down on your bed; he looked at you cautiously before patting his legs, inviting you to sit. You collapsed onto his lap with a heavy sigh, burying your face into his neck.
“Love, what happened?” Remus asked you gently, a hand tracing up and down your back softly. You waited a few seconds before answering, knowing you would probably never hear the end of it.
“I fell in the lake.” You mumbled quietly, hoping he wouldn’t hear you. Apparently God was not on your side today.
Remus burst out laughing. Covering his mouth with his hand to muffle his large barks of laughter, he fell back onto your bed, you still sitting on his thighs, frowning at his reaction. As he let out another fit of giggles you had had enough.
“Remus it isn’t funny, I had to walk all the way back here soaking wet!” You whined, hitting his chest in an effort to get him to take you seriously.
“I’m sorry love” he managed through his laughter, sitting back up and wrapping his arms around you. “Are you cold?” He questioned, the happy grin still spread on his face. The amusement in his eyes lifted your spirits a little as you nodded your head and jutted out your bottom lip.
“Okay, c'mere sweet” he said simply before scooting back towards your pillow and holding the blankets open for you. You smiled smugly to yourself and scurried underneath the blankets before snuggling into Remus’ warm chest.
You shut your eyes and let a comfy sigh escape your lips after Remus planted a quick kiss to your forehead before resting his chin on the top of your head; “Love you blunderbuss.”

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The Dark Brotherhood worships and reveres the Dread Father Sithis and the Void, with the Unholy Matron, the Night Mother, being his bride. 

When someone performs the Black Sacrament, the Night Mother is informed of their intentions, and the location of the client is relayed to the Listener, who then relays that information to the four Speakers. The Speakers then assign assassins to the contracts to be completed.

Together, the Listener and the Speakers form the Black Hand, the ruling body of the Dark Brotherhood: four fingers and a thumb. 

Silencers are assassins who are not bound to any sanctuary and answer directly to the Speakers. They perform particularly dangerous or sensitive contracts and missions, and are akin to the nails or talons of the Black Hand. 

The Keeper is a special position instituted by the Black Hand in the event of the Night Mother’s death. The Keeper is charged with taking care of the Night Mother’s corpse to preserve her body and retain her spirit on Tamriel, so she can continue to accept contracts and relay information to the Listener.

Blatant Resistance Propaganda

Unravelling the Mystery of the Maronite Mummies: Why Were Medieval Mummies Hidden in a Cave?

When archaeologists found a cache of medieval mummies in a Lebanese cave, the amazing discovery took their breath away. The remarkably well-preserved bodies of eight people who were buried in Qadisha Valley opened the gates to a forgotten story. Imagine this meeting of living researchers and people who died centuries ago – although the faces of the deceased were still recognizable, their names and companions were already long gone. How would you have reacted to this discovery? How do you think the mummies came to be in a cave?

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Request: Hi! I wanted to request a Christmas prompt? Can you do a smutty Derek using numbers 17 15 and 13? Thank you so much!! I love you’re work btw!! 

#13: “Hmm, is that a mistletoe I see?”

#15: “Yeah, I know there’s a fire, but I heard that snuggling together can help preserve body heat…”

#17: “Baby, all I want for Christmas is you.” 

Author’s Note: This is much more of a drabble than anything else for the sake of time, so there isn’t really detailed smut, just implied. I hope you like it, though! Let me know what you think, enjoy :)

Warnings: Language; fluff; implied smut


“Hmmm, is that mistletoe I see?” Derek asked playfully, his large hands enveloping my hips as came up behind me, his chest pressing to my back and his scruff tickling my cheek. 

“It’s fake, but yes,” I chuckled, referring to the small sprig adorning the window above the small sink as I finished rinsing the last couple of dishes off.

“Well, in that case…” I laughed as Derek reached around, finding my lips with his. I slowly turned myself in his arms, not breaking the kiss, and rested my hands on his firm shoulders as he licked at my bottom lip. Our tongues tangled and tasted, a tiny moan from my throat becoming swallowed. My head was swimming, body begging for oxygen that I did not want to give it.

“Mr. Hale,” I breathed, finally needing to break away so we could breathe again. “I do believe that you’re trying to seduce me.”

“You might be on to me, Mrs. Hale,” he replied playfully, nuzzling into my neck while I giggled. “Is it working?”

“Maybe,” I joked. “But I think you may need to step it up a notch.” A devilish grin crossing his face at my challenge, Derek leaned down and scooped me into his arms, earning a squeal. Carrying me through the small cabin, he laid me down on the couch, his body hovering over mine.

“Are you cold at all? I can think of a few ways to warm you up.” I let out an entertained hum at his efforts.

“Der, there’s a roaring fire right there,” I giggled.

“Yeah, I know there’s a fire, but I heard that snuggling together can help preserve body heat…” he said, placing small kisses all over my neck, hands trailing under the hem of my shirt and ever so slowly pushing it up. 

“You know, I was thinking,” I started, still trying to throw him off. Derek hummed in acknowledgement, but didn’t stop his ministrations, instead pulling my shirts off and trailing his lips over the newly exposed skin. “Even though it is our honeymoon, we’re still going to open our Christmas presents tomorrow, right?”

Derek paused to look up at me, slowly crawling back up my body and capturing my lips in a tender kiss. 

“Baby, all I want for Christmas is you.” The mood shifted, Derek reaching up with one hand to thread his fingers through mine, the cool metal of his new ring pressing into my skin.

“You’ve got me, Der,” I whispered, cupping his scruffy cheek with my free hand and looking at him with nothing but love in my eyes. “This Christmas, and every one after.”

Flashing that brilliant smile, he turned into my touch, pressing a kiss to my palm before leaning back down to do the same to my lips.

Hello! Can i get the boys going to the beach with their crush and seeing them in a bathing suit for the first time! Thank you!

Sorry that this took a while! But it was a very fun ask to do and I had a lot of fun. Thanks for the adorable suggestion! I wrote the target of their affections as in just a crush, not yet s/o as per requested!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • Is very thankful that his mask is covering just how much he’s blushing. For a couple of seconds he loses himself in you.
  • You didn’t look good, no–
  • You looked absolutely stunning. The most beautiful human he’s ever laid eyes on.
  • He’s not even subtle with his gaze, he wants to appreciate every single aspect of your body and preserve this wondrous sight in his mind for all eternity.
  • Gets a little bit too poetic and corny with his compliments–which makes you blush furiously in return. He doesn’t stop even if you ask him to.
  • Even when you two aren’t together, you can always sense his gaze on you from faraway…
  • Will glare daggers at anyone who looks at you for more than 3 seconds.
  • He disliked the beach with a burning passion, but this made up for it quite well. 

Rantarou Amami

  • He lets his eyes generously roam around your figure before speaking.
  • You can tell he is enjoying the view, which makes you feel confident in yourself but also embarrassed…
  • He tries to be smooth and compliment you without sounding too creepy, but anyone can tell how lovestruck he is with you (except you of course). 
  • Whenever Ouma someone comments about your “relationship” he’ll just laugh and ask you to ignore them. You two get teased quite a lot. 
  • Will invite you to play volleyball with him or something silly like building a sandcastle, honestly just any excuse to spend time with you.
  • You two catch each other’s gazes a lot. In fact you could almost swear his eyes were glued to you that day. 
  • He’ll “accidentally” catch you watching the sunset by yourself and join you. 

Kokichi Ouma

  • His heart nearly jumps out of his chest when he sees you.
  • He’s eyeing you without a lot of shame.
  • When you ask him if you look good, he gives you a resounding no before leaving you by yourself to bury Kiibo in the sand. 
  • That hurt you! And it didn’t make sense…wasn’t he looking at you all weird and fuzzy just now? Did he just want to mess with you?
  • Of course he notices how sad you were by his answer so he apologizes in his own bizarre way and tells you look really good…by which then he starts blushing and you notice just how honest he is being with you right now. He just didn’t want to admit you looked cute in that swimsuit.
  • He spends the rest of the day making up to you. He invites you to torture Kiibo and Maki by splashing them with buckets of water but you’d rather not get killed, so you offer to build a sandcastle with him or collect shells. It doesn’t appeal much to him but he’ll take anything just to be with you.
  • Expect him to buy you your favorite flavor of Panta too. 
  • Little things he only does for his cute crush~

Shuichi Saihara

  • His first reaction is to look away.
  • He doesn’t want to creep you out…because you just look so good and?? whoa??
  • You ask him if he’s okay, because he’s all red and hot and sweating nervously. 
  • He gives you a weak laugh and claims that he’s just not used to the heat, all while looking elsewhere. You sort of get the hint and giggle.
  • He does…eventually…after a couple of hours…manage to tell you you look really good, and that that bathing suit compliments you a lot…all while looking like he’s about to faint.
  • If you’re too hot he’ll offer you his hat so you can protect your head from the sun.

Kaito Momota

  • Unlike the other guys, Kaito is way more obvious regarding his crush, almost too painfully obvious actually. His first reaction is to yell in his loudest voice just how beautiful and good you look! Everyone hears and stares at you both and you mentally curse him.
  • He doesn’t care, no! He wants to show the world just how beautiful and great and awesome you look!
  • He won’t shut up about it, really. He’s gushing nonstop and while it can get annoying, it is kind of endearing to you! 
  • Like, really, expect him to be all over you. Everyone’s just rolling his eyes at him and telling him to shut up, they get it.
  • He’ll ask you if you wanna go swim with him, even if you refuse he’s gonna pick you up and throw you in the water just as an excuse to be close to you. 
  • Will probably invite you to go stargazing with him at night if we’re going full token beach episode here.


  • First of all good luck trying to get a literal robot to go to the beach. It’s literally hell for him. 
  • But in the event that he does, somehow, agree to accompany you…
  • He will stop functioning for a couple of seconds upon looking at you in your bathing suit.
  • kiibo.exe stopped functioning.
  • He’s going full red and stutter and can’t even bring himself to look at you–
  • But he still politely tells you that you look very good. 
  • He’s sweating so much, he had no idea he had this much oil in him (rofl)
  • Gets a bit overprotective of you when others look at you in a funny way–you’re really exposed and he doesn’t want you to get hurt! Who knows what these people might do to you?
  • But really they’re just looking at you both wondering why the hell is a robot sunbathing. 

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Covers his eyes instantly! Much to your disappointment…
  • Asks you if it’s okay for him to look!
  • He’s really, really shy and doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable, especially you of all people!
  • Really, the beach makes him really overwhelmed. Is it really alright to stare? He’s so scared of coming across as rude or perverted…
  • You laugh and reassure him it’s alright, you’re supposed to wear a bathing suit when you go to the beach! Like any normal person you know!
  • But he insists that it’s too much for him and he has to be the perfect gentleman for you…
  • Really he’s making such a big deal out of this.
  • Everyone rolls his eyes at you both. 
  • Eventually though he gets over his shyness and manages to tell you you look very pretty in whatever garment you decide to bring to your afternoon together.
  • That makes you very happy…
  • Til you ask him to rub sunscreen on your back and he faints.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • Yuck, the beach. He hates the beach. Too many people, too many annoying children.
  • But when he sees you, oh boy.
  • He coughs and tells you you look ”hella attractive”.
  • You’re used to his more…crude manner of talking, so you don’t take offense–that’s just his way of saying you look good, which makes you happy!
  • When you turn your attention elsewhere you can literally feel his gaze burning on you even if he’s out of sight. You just know that he’s looking.
  • Apologizes if his staring is too uncomfortable, but tells you this is the best you’ve ever looked. 
  • Spends the day flirting with you in a not so subtle way. 
  • You’re used to it.

in denmark, 1950, two brothers were digging peat to be used as fuel when they came across what is now known as the tollund man. he still had hair, skin, and a five o'clock shadow, so they assumed it was a recent murder victim and called the police. upon arrival, they noticed rope around his neck: this wasn’t a recent murder victim. in fact, the body was from 300-400 BC, and was shockingly well preserved by the peat.

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Imagine Steve, Peggy, and Sam in a poly relationship while they all fight together under the cap title. Not a single one of them has a single self-preservation gene in their body, and their battle plans are always reckless and spectacular.


“—only option, James. You know Sam can do it.”

“I said no. That’s final, Pegs.”

Oh, sweet Jesus. Not again.

“Buck, we’ll be fine. It’s no more dangerous than th—”

“I dare you to finish that sentence, Rogers.” Damn, he sounds hot like that. Sam bites away a smile as he rounds the corner. He’d left them alone for ten minutes to suit up and they’re already at each other’s throats. It’s almost enough to take the excitement out of wearing wings. Flying. He can fly.

“You are not doing anything reckless,” Bucky continues. “Sam’s only been out of the hospital for two months. You will not drag back into some harebrain—”

“Bucky, please.” Sam walks into the cargo hold and up to his boyfriend. Peggy smiles at him tiredly. He grabs Bucky’s hands and pulls him close. Physical touch always grounds Bucky even though sometimes he can’t handle it. He knows how worried Bucky can get, how worried he had been when Sam was hit. And he hates making Bucky worry, he hates making Bucky doubt and yet… “I’m completely capable of taking care of myself. I’m fine. I was cleared by Dr. Cho herself. Regeneration tech is the future.”

Bucky flushes, caught. His fingers tighten their hold on Sam’s. “You just got out of the hospital. I’m not letting you go into a situation where you can get hurt again.”

Sam softens. He rests his forehead against Bucky’s for a moment. “But that’s not your choice to make. We’re superheroes, sweetheart. This is what we do.”

Bucky swallows heavily, looking down on their entwined fingers. When he looks up, his face is carefully and completely blank. “Do whatever you want.”

He’s out of Sam’s hand and the room before Sam can react. Shit.

Steve starts after him, but Peggy pulls him back. “We don’t have time, Steve. He’ll be fine.” She rests her head on his arm. “We’ll all be fine. Bucky’s simply overthinking it. We have only have twenty more minutes to come up with a solid plan. That’s the best thing we can do right now.”

Steve sighs and nods. Despite his aching heart, Sam smiles and opens his arms to let Steve fall in. “Peggy’s right. It’ll be fine.”

“THIS IS NOT FINE! THIS IS SO FAR FROM FINE! STEVE, 5 and 8. PEGGY, BEHIND YOU.” Sam swoops down between two warehouses and knocks out two of the HYDRA agents as Steve round kicks the soldier who crept up on his five and somehow simultaneously just about beheads the other guy with the shield. Despite all the practice he’s had with it, he still can’t quite manage it like Steve does.

Sam touches down for a moment and uses that momentum to get back in the sky. Soaring between whizzing bullets, he gets his eyes on Peggy again…who is nowhere to be seen.

“Carter, you get in?”

When he doesn’t get an answer, “Red, I need eyes.”

<initiate seek protocol>

<infrared: negative>


<heat signature: negative>

<last known heat signatu

“Red? RED! No! Goddammit.” Sam sweeps back down, landing where he saw Carter last. There were no soldiers around, nothing. He couldn’t hear anything, not the bullets, not Steve or the shield, not Bucky or the quinjet.

It was too quiet. Dead silent.

“Peggy?” Sam whispers. Why, he doesn’t know. Probably because this is Creepy AF and he doesn’t do creepy, much less Creepy AF. He likes his life just fine, thanks.

See, here’s the thing, he’s been in enough combat situation to know this ain’t normal. Which means 0-84. Which means he should contact SHIELD. But he can’t. Because his communications are dead.


Just…so fucking great.

Sam pulls out his glock and does a perimeter check. Nothing.

So. She’s inside. She went inside the creepy base without backup. Now, to be completely honest, Sam totally understands why Bucky’s always harping on them. Because they pull shit like this. Unnecessary shit. Not that she can’t take care of herself, but there’s three of them for a reason.

He remains alert as he slips into the base with an open door. No locks, no keypads, nothing. Again, creepy.

Maybe Wanda and Nat should’ve taken this case. They probably have a better background in this sort of stuff.

He clears each room as fast as he could while also being thorough and keeping an ear out for the comms getting back up again. He goes to the basement before the upper levels. He touches every piece of equipment he can. He touches half-filled coffee mugs and toasters. They’re all cold. There’s no one around. It’s like there’s never been anyone around except all the equipment is state-of-the-art and there are no cobwebs anywhere. It’s clean. Perfect.


Could he be hallucinating?

He can’t see Peggy anywhere. He can’t hear anything aside from himself. Not the ventilation systems. The quiet…the quiet is almost deafening. It can’t be real.

This can’t be real.

Sam sprints down the stairs and outside. The sun feels  warm. He can feel the breeze on his skin. He darts between trucks, cold trucks, to where he saw Steve last, but there’s no one there. No Steve. No fallen soldiers. No bleeding guards. Nothing except abandoned vehicles and buildings.

This isn’t right.

He has to get outta here. He has to find Peggy and Steve. He has to get back to Bucky. He hasーhas toー

The quinjet.

He needs to get back the quinjet.

Bucky parked the quinjet 1.3 miles from the base, 17 degrees southwest.

“That’s.” Sam gulps. “That’s…alright, so the sun’s over there and so I need to…over here. There. Somewhere. Right. Sam, you got this. You gotーIs…is that smoke? Please tell me it ain’t smoke. Oh, no no nononononono.”

All thoughts of a solid plan slip out of his mind and he runs towards theーyep, smoke. Smoke means fire. Fire never means anything good.

Panic bubbles through him and he tries to regulate his breathing before he passes out or something equally stupid. The closer he gets, the stronger the pungent smell of smoke is, the more ashes float to the ground and here he is, running into a forest fire. Any other day, he’d be hightailing the other way, but this is Bucky. This is Bucky. His lover, his family, their forever.

Sam shrugs off his jacket and balls it up to cover his face as he moves closer, slower, more careful. Bucky has to be okay. Bucky will be okay. And then they’ll go back and find Peggy and Steve. It’ll be fine.

It’ll be fine.

It’ll be finー

“Sam? Is thatー”


“Peggy!” He runs towards the direction of her voice only to bound back when the air around him burns.

“Sam!” A shout.


Sam runs.

He waves a hand in front of him, trying to clear the heat from blurring his vision, but that only makes him cough.

Covering his face almost completely, he searches for her voice. Her voice. That’s what’s important. Forget everything else. Forget the heat. Forget the panic. It’s okay. It’ll be fine. “Peggy, talk to me. Hey girl. Please. What are you doing out here?”

“Iー” she coughs then chokes. “I’m okay. I came toーfind….Bucーky. Somethーing was s-strange. Iー”

“Yeah, me too,” he replies and peeks over his covering. His vision blurs and dances, but he can see her on the ground, Steve hovering on her side overー




“Come here,” Steve gasps out. “I’m trying to wakeーhim up. But he won’tーyou were a paramedic.”

Steve looks up at him, his eyes wide. He was trembling. “Sammy, you gotta save him. You have to save hi-im. Sammy please.”

Sam makes himself move. He has to. He has to try.

A sob ripped out of Peggy when he comes closer. He feels her cold touch on his arm, gripping.

“I tried to help,” she says.

“I couldn’t get him out, she says.

“He was alreadyー”

Sam can’t take his eyes off Bucky. Burnt, bleeding, broken and bruised. He’s not moving. Every second between Steve’s desperate CPR, he’s not moving. He’s just…there. He’s just…a body. Like Riley had been. A pile of bones and marred flesh. He’s just

Peggy’s hand falls away.



“Sam! Sam, I need you to hear me, okay? I need you to breathe. Count and breathe. Deep breaths. For me. For your Bucky. Please.”

Bu “ーcky?”

He doesn’t wake up to incessant beeping.

Sign #1: he’s actually dead and in heaven

He doesn’t open his eyes to bright white lights either. He’s in the dark and warm. He takes a deep breath and feels a familiar touch on his sternum. He looks down and there’s nothing there. There’s no one here.

And then, the noises reach him and he almost dies in relief. Sounds. Thank god.

He swallows dryly and tries to move. He manages to get an arm up before it flops back down as exhaustion floods his system.

“ーrrified, but he’s okay now. Tony came by to visit. You know what he’s like. Pepper was with him which was nice. We talked…”


Is thatー

Sam opens his eyes, blinking against the lights until a dark form appears before him. “Peggy?”

“Yes, Sam, I’m right here.” Her arms encircle his.

“Peggy…you’re…” alive.

“Yes, I’m okay, Sam. I’m completely fine, darling.” She soothes away the frown between his eyebrows before kissing him on his forehead.

“What happened?”

“Magic. It was a spell.” Peggy grimaces. “Strange helped us with it.”

He catches her arm and drops a kiss in the middle of her palm. When she smiles at him, he tugs her close to give her a real kiss. He tangles his fingers in her hair and holds her steady. She’s warm under his fingertips, moving and smiling. Oh, thank God she’s okay. She’s here. Right here. She’s safe. Sam, it’s okay. She’s safe. He pulls back a little to look at her. “Are you okay?”

Pain flits through her eyes as she nods, echoes of his own, of whatー

Sam jolts up in his seat, almost butting into Peggy.

“SAM!” Peggy tries to push him down, but Sam’s out of the bed and out the door before she can.

He follows the voices down the hallway to the living room where Steve andーBucky. Sam’s across the room in a flash and in Bucky’s lap. Bucky who is warm and moving. Bucky who isn’t burned or broken.

“Whoa, darling. You alright?” Bucky grins at him.

Sam dips down to kiss his boyfriend before he starts crying. Blindly, he reaches for Steve and pulls him close, sliding an arm around Steve’s neck.  He gasps when Steve joins them, his face smushed against Sam’s, his hard body pressed against his side, his back…just present. He pulls away from Bucky to pull Steve into a deep kiss. You’re okay. You’re all okay. Thank God.

Thank God. Thank God. Thank God.

Steve wraps himself around Sam, his warmth sinking in Sam’s skin and he basks in it. Peggy joins them a few seconds later, pressing a open-mouthed kiss on Sam’s exposed throat and he shudders. They’re all here. They’re all safe.

It’s okay. It’s gonna be okay.

New Family - Time Stamp

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Request: Hi! I want to start by saying that I love your blog!  

15- “Yeah, I know there’s a fire, but I heard that snuggling together can help preserve body heat…”

Author’s Note: So, this is actually a time stamp of my New Family series that I wrote for Christmas last year! I hope this is okay, the idea is probably a little different than was intended when the fic was requested, so let me know what you think!Also, I wrote this super late so I’m sorry if it sucks! Enjoy :)

Warnings: mega fluff; maybe some language 

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Also, if you’d like to read the series I’m talking about (which I highly recommend you do!), then you can do so here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


Cooing down at Alec, I lifted him into my arms and carried him down the hall. I watched with amusement as he flapped his chubby arms happily, a huge smile on his face. Coming to the top of the stairs, I stopped to adjust his shirt before we headed down when I heard a voice nearby.

“I miss you, too,” my oldest son said. “Yeah, I think they’ll let me. I still have to ask.” Liam must be on the phone with Hayden, I thought to myself. “Yeah, I know there’s a fire, but I heard that snuggling together can help preserve body heat…” I had to stop myself from snorting as I listened to him deliver the cheesy line. Deciding it was probably best to get the hell out of dodge before I got caught, I walked downstairs.

“Li, dinner’s ready!” Derek called up just as I finished putting Alec in his high chair. 

“Be right there!” he answered, a few seconds passing before his feet could be heard running down the steps. Derek helped our daughter, Ellie, get situated in her chair before kissing the top of my head and taking his seat.

“I can feed him tonight, babe,” he told me with a small smile, referring to Alec. “Don’t worry about it. You just relax and enjoy dinner. You were on your feet making it, after all.”

“Thank you, sweetheart,” I said, leaning over to plant a small kiss to his lips just as Liam reached the table and launched himself into a chair, immediately starting to pile food onto his plate. Derek and I watched with amusement as he heaped mashed potatoes and stuffing next to each other, barely leaving any room for anything else, but somehow managing to fit it all.

“What?” he asked after catching us staring. I shook my head with a chuckle, helping Ellie get her food.

“You eat just like your father. I swear, if Alec grows up to eat like you two, I’ll have to buy out the whole grocery store when I go shopping.”

Dinner passed by like normal, Ellie talking about her day in that excited way that small children do, Alec getting food all over his face, Derek and I sharing loving looks with each other over our kids. The only thing that was unusual was how quiet Liam was being. But I supposed that was due to the fact that he was practically shoveling food into his mouth.

“You in a hurry to be somewhere or what?” Derek asked, half joking as he took note of Liam’s puffed out cheeks, filled with food. Our son eyed his father for a second before looking back down at the table and swallowing his bite.

“Actually, uh-” Liam started, looking between us. “I was wondering if I could go over to Hayden’s tonight maybe?”

“Sure, sweety,” I told him. “Just don’t be too late. Remember, tomorrow is Christmas Eve.”

“Yeah, I know,” he replied, rushing the answer, eager to get out of there. 

“I’m serious, Li, we have an early day for family pictures. I don’t want you to be all tired because you lost track of time snuggling.”

“Mom!” he cried, eyes going wide as he dropped his fork. I couldn’t hide the grin on my lips if I had wanted to. Derek let out a snort, cocking a brow and looking between Liam and I with amusement. “You were eavesdropping!?”

“Hey, it isn’t eavesdropping when you leave your door open,” I pointed out with a playful smirk. He groaned, burying his face in his hands as he turned red with embarrassment. “I have to say, I don’t particularly like the idea of my oldest baby snuggling with girls that aren’t his momma, but I like Hayden, she’s nice-”

“Oh my God,” Liam groaned again, practically burrowing into his arms. I laughed at his reaction, loving that he was old enough for me to tease him like this. After all, what was the point of having kids if you couldn’t torture them just a little?

“Li and Hayden, sittin’ in a tree, K-I-S-S-!” Ellie sang, bobbing her little head from side to side. Derek and I burst into laughter at this, Liam seeming to practically melt into a puddle. Once we calmed down, he looked up at me through those long lashes with a cautious pout.

“Are we done making fun of me now?”

“For now.” I shot him a wink before returning to my dinner.

“This is the last dish,” Liam said, setting the dirty plates in the sink. “Can I go now?”

“Yes,” I chuckled. “Thank you for helping clear the table.” He gave me a tight lipped grin before leaving to put his shoes on. I met Derek at the door, leaning into his side when he wrapped one of his strong arms around my shoulders. 

“Be careful,” he said, handing Liam the keys. 

“I will.” We watched as he headed out the door for the car, one last thing jumping to my mind before he got in.

“Hey!” I called, grabbing his attention. “If snuggling leads to anything else, you better use protection! We don’t need anymore babies around here.” The last thing I heard was another one of Liam’s groans before he closed the car door.