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Ovenbird in the Open by Ray Hennessy
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anonymous asked:

i'm feeling quiet down at the moment due to friendships dying and so, so could you tell me something happy or nice so i can take my mind off it for a bit?? xx

Of course! 

  • In Japan, there is an island called Okunoshima filled with tame bunnies.
  • Ducks shake their tails when they are happy.
  • In Liechtenstein’s last military engagement, none of the 80 soldiers sent were injured, and in fact returned with an Austrian officer friend.
  • A baby puffin is called a puffling.
  • Norway once knighted a brave little penguin because he was “in every way qualified to receive the honor and dignity of knighthood”.
  • The national animal of Scotland is an unicorn.
  • During 1914 Christmas, WW1 British and German forces had an unofficial ceasefire where soldiers from both sides walked out into ‘no man’s land’ to sit around christmas trees, sing carols, exchange stories and gifts.
  • There are more public libraries in the USA than McDonalds in the whole world, approximately with a ratio of 4:1.
  • Blind people smile, even if they haven’t seen a smile before.
  • JM Barrie donated all copywriter royalties of Peter Pan to a children’s hospital (GOSH) to fund healthcare and research for sick children.
  • Otters hold hands while sleeping so they don’t float away from each other.
  • Humans and animals that trust each other secrete oxytocin in each other’s presences, much like how a mother and child would do so, or any other two people that love each other deeply.
  • An island covered in landmines is used as a penguin wildlife preserve, because the birds are too small to set off the mines, and has a 100% success rate in keeping poachers out.
  • Somewhere in the world, someone is having the best day of their life…

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Hey buddy!!! I'm not sure if you remember me-I was the person who was star struck when I found out you followed me! So, I need cream filling advice. I'm making strawberry shortcake for Easter, and I'm debating between: French buttercream, Swiss buttercream, or creme patisserie for the filling! Any advice?


Depends on how fancy you wanna be on your shortcake. 

Personally I think the pastry cream is the tastiest (Vanilla Valhalla), but Swiss buttercream is probably the easiest to work with, as far as piping on things goes. It’s lighter and acts more like frosting, while French buttercream tends to… melt all over things. 

The ‘creme patisserie’ and French buttercream are good as fillers, or a spread, but not great for delicate piping, since they don’t hold their shape at room temperature.


If you want a farm version of the Strawberry Shortcake, my family always made Strawberry (Biscuit) Shortcake. 

1) Make yeasty buttery fluffy biscuits

2) While those are baking, mix finely chopped strawberries (or any fruit, tbh) with some sugar. Let stand for at least 10 mins. 

3) Pastry Cream (extra vanillaaaaaa) 

4) Slap that shit together in a bowl. Steamy hot biscuits, rich cream, and sweet strawberries that slowly warm up and develop a richer flavor as the temperature changes. The added sugar makes a fruit syrup that soaks into the bread~ 

Ahhhhh, sweet summer memories~ Almost as good as that time I found a whole, undamaged bird skeleton preserved in the barn rafters. 

Fantastic Birdlife of the The South Pacific; A Field Guide

In the interesting my current resolution to “finish everything” (More BBT coming) here’s a long gestating Harry Potter/ Thunderbirds crossover, which is admittedly somewhat confusing in the modern era.

Summary:In the year 2050, Hugh Creighton Ward is sent by the ministry to a small island in the Mid-Pacific to recover a stolen piece of British magic.

The Ministry’s representative at the Fijian Consulate in Suva is a seasoned diplomat and therefore does not show any anxiety when Lord Creighton-Ward announces at breakfast that he will accept the American’s request. Displays of concern are left to his predecessors, who scurry between the apas cloth hangings, tapping angular noses and rubbing embroidered eyes, and to the consulate house elf, who wobbles the teapot as he pours the earl grey into his Lordship’s cup.

Instead, the consul decapitates his soft-boiled egg before arching an eyebrow and saying, “Are you sure, Your Lordship?”

Lord Hugh Creighton-Ward takes another bite of his bacon – flumed in daily from London, rather disappointing, he had been hoping to try the local fare – and chews deliberately before swallowing, “Quite sure.”

“We can provide you with a Nimbus 10,000, the latest model, and, of course, an escort,” says the consul. “It would be the safest way to travel.”

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