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Sizing Up a Steal (Explored) by Cheryl Strahl
Via Flickr:
AK 2017: Katmai N.P. and Preserve. We flew to Mirror Lake from Lake Clark then trekked along Funnel Creek where we spent the day watching and photographing the brown bears. This confrontation was interesting (it happened twice while we were there). The light colored bear caught the sockeye salmon. The more aggressive darker bear came over to check it out and managed to take it away after a scrimmage. The lighter colored bear looked like s/he was well fed, so this behaviour probably didn’t happen too often. (Close crop) Flickr Explore 8/13/17 - Thank You!

Destroying Digital Media

There will be times when our content creators, especially those that are deceased, have no say over what digital files will end up at the Woodson Research Center. Due to the nature of digital files, future donors may not want to sort through what should or should not be donated. All of this is to say that sometimes we get media containing files of a more personal nature.

When that happens, we destroy the media. Erasing the files from the media is not enough. The content can still live in the slack space until it is covered up with new content. Obviously, we will not re-use media, so destruction is the only answer.

We did just that recently with these two thumb drives. We soaked them in water and then smashed them with a hammer. The soaking phase can be skipped next time, but the smashing phase was definitely a winner.


BLM Presents Making a Difference National Volunteer Awards

On June 2, 2016, the Bureau of Land Management presented its “Making a Difference” National Volunteer Awards for outstanding volunteer service in 2015 on BLM-managed lands. The annual award recognizes exceptional volunteers who have contributed thousands of hours to their public lands, from improving fish habitat to finding homes for wild horses and burros to providing environmental education. In 2015, BLM volunteers contributed more than 1 million hours, equating to more than $24 million of service and 577 work years. 

The volunteers selected for this year’s awards include:

Bill Mackie (Outstanding Achievement), Arizona;
Sharron Evans (Outstanding Achievement), Utah;
Danny and Barbara Frye (Outstanding Achievement), Montana;
Asha Lela (Lifetime Achievement), Washington;
Jack and Sandy Gasser (Lifetime Achievement), Arizona;
Horsetown Clear Creek Preserve (Group Excellence), California;
Lesly Smith (Employee Winner), Wyoming; and
Shanita McLean (Outstanding Youth), Virginia.

Learn more about the award winners on our national Flickr site.

Best of 2013 - Tools

Another year is over which means another year of testing out brand new products. I’ve tried the good, the bad and the ugly this year when it comes to beauty products and whilst some products sorely disappointed be others greatly pleased me. Here are my all-time favourite products of 2013 which I have loved for months on end and get Makeup Tips seal of approval (for reference I have dry skin) Let me know what were your favourite tools of 2013?

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Scientists have successfully preserved an entire rabbit brain for the first time ever

On Tuesday, the Brain Preservation Foundation announced the winner of its Small Mammal Prize, which challenged participants to preserve a small mammalian brain to such a degree that all of its neurons and synapses are “intact and visible” when examined with an electron microscope.

The winners, a group of researchers from 21st Century Medicine, successfully preserved their rabbit brain using an innovative method called aldehyde-stabilized cryopreservation. In essence, it combines two key techniques: extremely strong chemicals and very low temperatures. The discovery is important for more than just rabbits.

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