You’re The One That I Want

(Reader x Pre-Serum! Steve Rogers)

Word Count: 1171

Summary: Steve gets self conscious when the reader gets attention from other men. 

Warnings: Gross cat-calling men

A/N: It’s about time we get some Steve up in here! I feel like I haven’t written the good ole pre serum steve in a hot minute. I do hope you guys enjoys this! much love to all of you, <3

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smol Steve’s inner thoughts 😂🙈

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Random AU that popped into my head that I’ll never write #25234: MCU x Treasure Planet.

Skinny!Steve (ง‘̀-'́)ง who clears tables/washes dishes at his mother’s inn. Constantly getting into fights with the less reputable clientele and making his mother grey with worry. One night an old pirate-y geezer, let’s say Fury, damn near crashes his raft at the end of the pier and dies in Steve’s arms, leaving him with a strange metal orb (metal frisbee? Fury’s toolbox?) and the warning, “Beware the Cyborg…”

As he’s trying to explain the situation to his mother and one of their regular’s, Howard Stark?, the inn besieged by pirates. They barely escape, the inn burnt to the ground, to Howard’s home where Steve unlocks the secrets of Fury’s orb - it’s a treasure map! *surprised gasps from everyone*

Howard finances an expedition to find the treasure: a ship (the Patriot? the Americana?), a no-nonsense captain (Peggy Carter, if you please), and a crew. Steve is assigned to work in the galley under the friendly and loquacious cook Bucky Barnes, who just happens to have metal arm (it slices! it dices!). Steve’s suspicious but is soon won over by the affable cyborg. After a less-than-friendly run in with some of the crew, specifically ‘spider psycho’ Natasha and/or Rumlow, Bucky takes Steve under his wing and keeps him busy.

During a solar storm Steve proves his mettle but they lose the first mate, Coulson? Steve, believing that it’s his fault, hides out in the storeroom to wallow. When the crew starts filling up the galley he stays hidden and overhears Bucky ripping them a new one for cutting Coulson’s line. Rumlow accuses the captain of going soft. The captain? *more surprised gasps* Bucky is none other than feared pirate, James Buchanan, and he’s after Steve’s map, the map to the treasure of legendary pirate Captain Pierce’s (or perhaps, Captain Schmidt, who flies under the banner of a red skull?) - the loots of a thousand worlds.

When the crew files out Steve comes out from his hiding spot only to bump into Bucky on his way out. Bucky sees the betrayed look on Steve’s face, which affects him more than he’s willing to say, and knows the jig is up. Steve manages to get passed Bucky and heads for the captain’s quarters. Bucky signals his crew to take the ship. Steve, Howard, and Peggy escape in a longboat and make for the nearest planet. A blast clips the ship and they crash. Whilst Howard’s looking after an injured Peggy, Steve goes in search of a more defensible position.

Now, here’s where I stumble. I’m not sure about B.E.N., who that would be, or the whole ‘buried in the centroid of the mechanism’ thing. But, obviously, there has to be the little angsty parley wherein Bucky’s all broken up, “whatever you heard, at least where you were concerned, I didn’t mean a word of it.” BUT, stuff happens and Steve comes back to their hideout to find that Bucky’s taken Howard and Peggy hostage and threatens to kill them if Steve doesn’t lead him to the treasure. Steve agrees.

More stuff happens. I was thinking instead of the mechanical booby-trapped planet, perhaps Pierce’s treasure was guarded by an actual Hydra alien monster thing? And in the end Bucky chooses saving Steve over the treasure. (aww!)

Happy ending? Some of the crew – Bucky, Natasha, Clint? – prove in the heat of battle that they’re not all bad and they are sentenced to serve out their prison time in the Interstellar Academy, to which Steve is encouraged to apply by Captain Carter.

A few years later Steve returns to his mother’s rebuilt inn as Captain Rogers, with Bucky as his first mate.

A little more angsty/bittersweet more Stucky ending? They escape the planet, the pirate crew captured. Steve goes in search of Bucky and finds him trying to escape in the last longboat. Bucky tries to convince Steve to let him go, or better yet, fly away with him; “You and me, Rogers and Barnes… full of ourselves and no ties to anyone!” Steve, regretfully, turns Bucky down watches him fly away - Steve could no more be a pirate than Bucky could be an honest man.

A few years later Steve returns to his mother’s inn, a captain with the Interstellar Academy. Every now and then he takes leave and flies off to the Brooklyn Nebula, and if Captain Buchanan’s ship happens to be seen in those skies at the same time, well, it’s probably just a coincidence.

katherinem1996  asked:

Hi :] I followed you recently, and I'm glad I did. I like your Bucky cuddle drabbles, and I think you're really talented. If it's not too much trouble, could you maybe do a headcannon for dating pre-serum Steve? Thanks 💜

Thank you, love! You’re too sweet @sarahwroteathing for being an angel and always helping me with everything.)

Dating pre-serum Steve

It started off a little weird. Steve’s been your best friend since you met him. But he was laughing really hard at something you said–so hard he had tears in his eyes. Something bubbled up in you, and you leaned in real close and stole a quick kiss from his plush lips.

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This is for @always-an-evans-addict prompt challenge!!!  Congrats on your 1400 followers doll!  You deserve all the love you get and more!!!

A/N: sorry if this sucks, writer’s block is a bitch and I have not been feeling great lately…

Pairing: Preserum!Steve x reader

Word count: 982

Summary: you and Steve were just walking home after a date night, when some rather rude men start catcalling you.  But don’t worry, Steve’s there to save the day!

Warnings: catcalling (not too intense though), brief fist fight (it’s preserum Steve, what do you expect?), swearing

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Request: N/A

A/N: so uh… yeah, a fic.  Here ya go.

Preserum!Steve x plussize!reader

Word count: 1473

Summary: Body hate is a trap, and Steve helps pry you out.

Warnings: body hate, self-depreciation, somewhat of an emotional breakdown, mentions of starving

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“Practice, 6pm sharp. Do be timely, boys.”

“Relax, Carter, we’ll be there. S’long as Steve can keep his big nose out of trouble, I mean.”

During a long car ride, my friends and I tried to sort the MCU into Hogwarts houses. It got out of hand and we wound up making up a really intense Hogwarts Avengers AU. One of my favorite aspects was quidditch captain Peggy Carter, beater Bucky Barnes, and pre-serum Steve Rogers as seeker who later becomes a beater after ridiculous magical puberty. Basically the Howling Commandos make up the entire Gryffindor quidditch team haha.

Voice of Reason

Dedicated To: @pleasecallmecaptain because it was her birthday and this is the only gift I can give her besides my undying love and friendship (and yes, I told her happy birthday at a little after midnight yesterday, squad was on top of it).

Request(s): Can you write a fic with Pre-serum! Steve where the reader is shorter than him and they always see each other at the park so one day he asks her if they want to hangout [didn’t quite follow this, but it was along the lines]

Reader is best friends with bucky and likes steve and steve likes her but he thinks that because she is constantly around bucky that she likes buck and not interested in him [to keep an element of surprise i am cutting these off]

Pairing: Pre-Serum!Steve x Reader

Warnings: Explicit Language, Smoking, Mild Sexual Reference, and Some Suggestive Themes.

Word Count: 4k+

A/N: I tried so hard to post this before midnight, but the quality of this fic makes up for it. Enjoy! x. T

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Brooklyn, New York  | 1936

.   .   .


           “You saw how fast I clocked that guy, Y/N!” Bucky exclaimed, demonstrating with a quick jab at the air with a skillfully curled fist. He slightly turned to you and grinned. “Didn’t even make it to Round Two.”

           You laughed at Bucky’s enthusiasm over his boxing match and remarked, “You did get him pretty good, Bucky. Except, I think he got your ribs a couple of times…”

           Bucky returned to walking to your left and he adjusted his bag on his shoulder, snorting at your words. He brushed back his sweaty hair and slung an arm around you, tugging you into his good side to playfully bite your shoulder. You batted him away and wrinkled your nose at the pungent smell of sweat and masculinity clinging to him, Bucky only chuckling at your actions.

           “I’m telling Steve to run a bath when we get back to your apartment.”

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