presents for her

Kala and Wolfgang exchange presents on their birthday. they’re sitting on the floor by fireplace, having bottle of beers (because Wolfie loves beer). Wolfgang opens the box and there’s creamy yellow shirt folded neatly inside. ‘really?’ he’s obviously not that comfortable to see clothes other than black…or anything dark. ‘it was either this or the pink one’ Wolfgang groans a bit – maybe even cursed in German – when he hears the word ‘pink’.

‘my turn now’ Kala reaches out for her present behind Wolfgang. he turns her body and sits her down in front of him. with her back leaning against his chest, Kala unwraps the present. she looks at him and says ‘really?’ as she lifts up black lacy lingerie. Wolfgang shrugs with teasing smile on his face ‘it was either this or the red one. and I know you already have couple of red ones’. Kala shakes her head and chuckles.

Wolfgang hugs her waist ‘so, are you gonna wear it?’ Kala asks ‘are you?’ he replies ‘that depends on you’ Kala glares at him but eventually gives in ‘I’ll wear it, if you wear it (shirt)’ Wolfgang holds out his hand ‘deal’. Kala gives firm handshake ‘deal’. he puts his both hands behind him on the floor ‘I’ll wear it now’ Kala seems surprised ‘really?’ Wolfgang smirks ‘but you’re gonna have to help me’ ‘how?’ he looks down to his dark gray shirt ‘well, I have to take this off first. so…’ Kala knows where this is going, but decides to play along. ‘fine’.

she sits on his lap facing him, and starts unbuttoning his shirt. when she takes off his shirt, their lips are inches away from each other. her hand strokes down his chest while Wolfgang teases Kala’s lips with his tongue. after Wolfgang slowly unzips Kala’s dress, he lifts her up ‘you know what? I’ll wear it tomorrow’ then takes her to the bedroom.


More Xros Wars AU thing~ in XW, Nene becomes an Idol in Hong Kong right? well, here Lapis will become a musician with her band Knife of Gay “Water Witch” also this was mostly inspired by that poster of Yamato in this same pose and I tried to copy the background as well :3 also I forgot how to properly color OTL and for the sake of the otp, a peculiar nerd will be her manager.

Peri can’t see shit btw


the olicity q: [16/?]


Never forger: Oct 17 2015. (After half a year I FINALLY got HQ fancam of this moment)

Meanwhile…. Junmyeon…

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consider: fem! otabek and fem! JJ. I fell in love with your fem! yuri and I want her to have a pretty girlfriend who skates too

You mean like that ?

Yulia and her curvy girlfriends, Danagul (Aka Dana), and JJ (who’s name she likes to keep secret and give fake names to everyone)

(Also thaaaanks I’m happy you liked my fem!Yuri !)

And more of fem!JJ and fem!Otabek under the cut :

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        It’s her first day back to school since
                 the infamous meltdown.


The Singapore dub is the best


Im really excited about Soo Joo Park appearance as a member of Puck’s cluster, named Sutra (according to the credits). A competitor for the title of Sensate Next Super Badass South Korean Woman ?

And now we take an oath.
Not to a glowing cloud, but to each other.
We are present, right now. All of us.
Present in this promise we make.
To speak up, when words are needed.
To be silent, and listen, when others should be heard.
To use our acts for good.
Behold the power of our love.
Love of every kind.
And now we do the gesture that means that life is not worth living unless you use your words and actions to make life better for others- I think you know it, 1, 2, 3- go!
—  the Welcome To Night Vale Liveshow “All Hail” written by Joseph Fink and Jeffery Cranor

I’m a host at a restaurant and it’s located in a really rich white person neighborhood(I’m talking I literally heard someone unironically ask if an apple was $20 kind of rich) and most of the servers commute from less affluent areas. The locals are all absolute entitled assholes, but one that came in on Easter took the cake.

So this lady comes in, wearing bigass juicy sunglasses, hoop earrings and “the Rachel” haircut. Keep in mind at this time the wait for a table of 2 was 45 minutes to an hour. She struts up in these super tall heels, and asks how long it would be for a table of six. I told her it would be 2 hours.

Oh boy.

She immediately asked to speak to a manager, and told the manager that I was discriminating against her because she was white, and that “that bitch gave the Mexican couple in front of me a 45 minute wait!”(they were actually Japanese(they didn’t look latinx at all either??) and there were 2 of them but ok). The manager kind of just, rolled his eyes and told her it was because there are only two of them, and that we’ll get to her as soon as possible.

We ended up being able to sit her in like, 1.5 hours, and she complained that out quote time wasn’t accurate, and that she was going to leave us an absolutely scathing Yelp review and I just kinda cringed and sat her in one of the nicer server’s section.

She proceeded to complain to the server for five minutes before ordering a salad with the dressing on the side, then yelling at the server for the dressing not being on the salad(????), and called out the manager again, who comped half of her meal and have her a free dessert. She then forgot her credit card in the check presenter, despite me reminding her when walking by her.

She called the restaurant and accused the server of stealing the card, complained she’d have to drive back from x city(it was like a 15 minute drive in traffic) and when she got there, my manager gave her another free dessert.

I was working two days later and she called to speak to our general manager to report the incident, turned out all three had been ignoring her calls because they had bent over backwards to make up for what wasn’t even a mistake in the first place.

The lady didn’t realize she was speaking to the host who had been working when she came in and told me that, “the host up front was being really rude, I know she was talking about me to this Mexican couple sitting near her”(once again this was a Japanese couple, and they were tourists, so i was helping to interpret the menu for them…in Japanese???idk how that sounded like Spanish but ok lady)

I told the manager, and he took the call and told her, “ma'am I don’t know what else I can do to make it up to you, unless you’re expecting me to fire them.”

Three seconds later he said “oh you expect me to fire them.” And he just…hung up, and told me she tried to tell us that the server was most likely an illegal alien.

I literally hate these customers.