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...nothing less than divine

I remember, early one morning several years ago, while working as a home carer, I found myself washing faeces off a man’s giant, swollen testicles. He was dying of cancer which had spread throughout his testicles and prostate, and in the night he had defecated himself and rolled all around in the mess. We laughed a lot together and we chatted about football and the latest news stories as I cleaned him up. He could barely move, he was so sore and swollen everywhere. He was myself in disguise.

He had a few weeks to live, but he was so alive, so in the here-and-now, without a trace of self-pity. There was no loss of dignity there – there was just what was happening in the moment. He had somehow found a way to deeply accept his circumstances, even though his life had not turned out the way he had dreamed when he was younger and he had time to dream. It took over two hours to get him ready for his day, to hoist him out of his dirty bed, to get him toileted and dressed and into his favourite chair. He didn’t live for long after that. But I will always remember him.

Even when covered in our own shit and without a tomorrow, we are nothing less than divine.

~ Jeff Foster

Reaction gif, Part 2

The winter held the city in its frosty grip, howling wind bit at the skin, icy fields of snow just waited for passengers to slip. You hated it. But even though you couldn’t stand this particular time of the year, you loved Christmas. This year was especially important to you because you were able to spend it with your best friends. 

Candles burned in your entire living room, radiating warmth and dipping everything into a tender light. The scent of cinnamon and oranges wafted through the room as you made the last decorations on your Nordmann fir.

A soft knock on your window informed you of their arrival. You opened it with a smile on your face, immediately shivering at the gust of wind that surged into the flat, your candles wildly flickering as if they were offended by the cold. 
Leo, Michelangelo, and Donnie slipped through, each of them patted your shoulder in greeting, but before you could say something you were pulled into a tight hug. You looked up to see Raphael smile at you, slowly leaning down to place a soft kiss on your plush lips. You blushed - it wasn’t always that he showed affection in front of his brothers. 

You talked, laughed, spent time together. Each of the turtles loved the meal you had prepared and after everyone had their fill and lazily sat on your couch, you were ready to hand out the presents. Donatello got the newest book of quantum physics (you couldn’t understand it, but you were happy he liked it), while Michelangelo got another game for his precious Xbox. Leonardo had insisted that he didn’t need anything, but you had bought him new polish for his katanas. You knew he was pragmatic as no other and would appreciate it. When it came to Raph, though, you began to blush. 

“Raph, I’m sorry, I didn’t get you much.”
“(Y/N), it’s-”
“Really, I just didn’t know what you would like! I asked your father, I asked your brothers, but you don’t seem to need anything, soooo …” 
You reached under the table, pulling out a little package wrapped in red cloth. 
Raphael looked at it, before carefully opening it. 
What he found inside made him smile. Cookies. Cookies in form of little turtles with red bandanas. 
“I hope you like them. A-and the cloth is another mask. I made it for you.” 
The red-clad terrapin couldn’t stop grinning, as he examined his new mask further. You had stitched his and your initials into it. Not too obvious, but every time he would reach for his mask, he would be able feel it at the back of his neck.
Without a word he pulled you onto his lap, wrapping his huge arms around you and placed a rather intimate kiss against your neck. 
You swatted against his shell, laughing awkwardly, but feeling relieved. You felt his big smile and continued to sit by him for the rest of the night. 


VIDEO: JUSTICE LEAGUE Cast At the Warner Bros. Presentation CinemaCon 2017 (Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher, Zack Snyder (Director).)

Ela cabe no meu abraço. Faz de mim refúgio e do meu coração morada. Ela é tão incrível mas vive dizendo que não. Ela é inconstante, birrenta, cismada, mas dona do melhor dos sentimentos que já pude ter. Ela tem carisma, tem um cheiro gostoso que impregna na roupa. Ela me tira do sério, mas quando não tá por perto desperta saudade. Ela se preocupa mesmo já conhecendo minha rotina diária. Ela se faz presente, mesmo não estando por perto. Ela tem uma risada gostosa, uma fé invejada, um coração do tamanho do universo e vive dizendo que sou o que ela sempre pediu pra Deus. Ela é a melhor das minhas conquistas, dona do melhor brigadeiro de panela e das mãos macias que me proporciona os melhores cafunés. Sei não Deus, com essa moça eu quero viver mais uma vida inteira, ir além do status nas redes sociais e ser o amor de longos carnavais. Eu quero construir um futuro, uma casa, ter filhos, viajar por aí, mudar o sobrenome dela, sei lá, eu quero ser o cara que nenhum outro foi pra ela. E reforçar que quando é de verdade, por maior que sejam as dificuldades e todos os obstáculos, quando existe reciprocidade e força de vontade pra fazer dar certo, até o universo conspira.

I decided I wanted to make recs, but a little more in-depth, and because of this there may be some slight spoilers.

The Exception to Every Rule (Ao3) by: MittenWraith/ @mittensmorgul

Art by: @horrorfemme1138

Word Count: ~58k Chapters: 16/16


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RelationshipCastiel/Dean Winchester

CharactersDean WinchesterCastielSam WinchesterJessica MooreLisa BraedenCharlie BradburyBela TalbotBecky RosenFrank DevereauxAmara (Supernatural)Jody MillsAnna Milton

Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern SettingActor DeanBodyguard CastielStalkingHollywoodMutual PiningFriends to LoversSharing a BedDean/Cas PinefestPOV Alternating

Summary: When Sam was accepted to Stanford, he finally convinced Dean to move to Los Angeles to pursue his acting dreams after sacrificing for four years to support Sam throughout high school. Dean never imagined landing the starring role in a Hollywood blockbuster film franchise, but in just two years he’d gone from obscurity on the Lawrence Community Theater stage to become one of the fastest rising stars in the country. He’s adapting pretty well to this new life in the spotlight– until one unhealthily obsessed fan prompts Dean’s agent to hire a specialist from Seraphim Security to watch over him.Enter Castiel, one of Seraphim’s newest “Angels,” and the only one available to take on Dean’s case a week before Christmas. With Dean’s life on the line, Castiel does his best to maintain a professional distance, but with every passing day they’re both finding themselves making more and more exceptions to their rules.

Thoughts: Ah, bodyguards. I have grown a fondness for stories were one of the boys is a bodyguard, although I do have to admit I am particular to Cas.  This story did not disappoint. Dean as an actor works well here and I am so glad that him and Lisa were able to have a great friendship.  The whole thread with Amara was great and made the suspense work, in what was for the most part a sappy story.  The art was well done and those goats were so cute.

Recommended if you like: Bodyguard Cas, Actor Dean, Dean and Lisa as friends, and Dean trying to educate Cas on pop culture.

It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.
—  C. S. Lewis
Aquaman Concept Art Teases Ancient King, Atlanteans On Sharks
The Warner Bros. panel at CinemaCon promised to be electrifying, and the studio hasn't disappointed...

After a the DC logo appeared on the screen, Jason Momoa took the stage and said, “I’m here for Justice League which is kind of the greatest movie in the world. I’m leaving literally tonight to go to Australia to shoot Aquaman. I have an amazing James Wan, who I’m excited to get down there be with him.”

Wan put together some concepts for the film to share with the crowd. The first shot showed underwater crafts, surrounded by fish.

“It’s not until the ships get so close to you that you realize they’re not ships at all. It’s a human riding a shark or some octopus creature,“ Wan said.

Atlanteans riding sharks are shown in concept art. Next, Atlantis is picutred with a huge bridge and gates with golden statues flashes by.

Wan stated, "In a lot of ways, this is an origin story, so I want the audience to experience Atlantis the first time Aquaman experiences it as well.”