Pet Safety Harness

If your dog loves to ride in the car then you need this pet safety harness for them! It features a zip line to install in the car and a harness to go on your dog. By attaching them to the line your dog will be safe from hard braking and unable to jump into the front seat during driving. When you open the car door they won’t be able to jump out until you unclip them. Can also be used on boats as seen in the picture. 


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kittensplaypenshop Ohmyogd Ohmyogd It’s finally here and it was worth the wait! This is a late Christmas/valentine’s present Daddy! daddybearx We had selected the kitten ears, which are perfect. When we got all this they didn’t have the wide selection of ears they have now 😍 The headband is very comfortable . The fur is original long black and it is so.incredibly soft! The pleated collar is so sturdy and pretty! And the o ring is more then good enough of leash attachments and rough tugging! The tail with wine ribbon and pink plug to die for! 😍😍 The lace chocker with hello kitty charm is adorable 😍 The chocker with the little bear charm was a mess up on out part! 😯 little bear heart charm was meant to be on the pleated collar but we didn’t specify that 😭


Today I came home and found a sprig of wattle in my front door. I asked my witchy friends and my friend Mystic said “The meaning of the wattle tree is
"Hidden love, beauty in withdrawal”
I would take this as a sign to embrace your inner goddess, and allow this to bloom from within. By doing this you will be able to share this energy and inspire others to do the same. Xx like a bee spreading the pollen.“

Pretty sweet, maybe one of my crow babies left it for me. There’s no wattle anywhere near my house, so no idea.

So in honour of my little present, I cleaned and rearranged my altar (with yellow candles to match).

My babes and I are sorting out our Yule ritual. I love them so much, how blessed am I to have found such a beautiful group of friends.


So this just happened 😀😂 Dick is the greatest person!!!!

So, now that i had some sleep, maybe i can add a few more words to this :D
These pics were exactly what my dreamer and incredibly optimistic mind made up and what wenot even dared to hope for with my friend beachandsunset when we decided to make a little present for the guys, but fact that it really came true just leaves me in tears! Also, I love your reactions, it all makes it even better!!! Thank you so much for posting about it or saying t’s cool, it really just made me feel sooo great!!! Stormers are the greatest!!! Love,