Happy Christmas

((OOC: It’s no where near christmas but who gives a shit, here’s a funny little blurb that makes me happy))

Happy Christmas

*The marauders aren’t going to see each other for christmas together this year, so they’re spending their last night before the holiday, drinking, laughing and exchanging presents*


Siri: Happy Christmas!

Remi: Happy Christmas!

Petra: Happy Christmas!

Jamie: I would like to propose a toast!

Jamie: To my three BEST FRIENDS!! I don’t know who I’d be without you! Probably a lot less drunk

Siri: Cheers mate

Remi: Prongs, this is the twelfth toast you’ve made

Jamie: We deserve all the toasts, Moony!

Peta: Cheers!

Remi: *sigh* Cheers

Siri: Prongs…

Siri: Happy Christmas!  

Jamie: Oh! Really? You got me a present?!

Siri: Just something I thought you needed…

Jamie: Thanks Pads..

Jamie: You think you’re funny

Siri: I think I’m adorable

Remi: What is it?

Jamie: Siri Orion Black, I’m going to kill you

Petra: What is it?

Siri: I’m so glad it fits you

Jamie: fuck off

Siri: It’s just Perfect



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  • Nico:you don't think I'd be on Santa's naughty list do you?
  • Will:depends on how bad you've been.
  • Percy:oh he's been really bad - you should know. *winks*
  • Annabeth:okay...Perce why don't you just finish opening your gifts?
  • Percy:wait I have one for Nico!
  • Nico:oh gods. *unwraps Percy's gift*
  • Percy:it's a 'so your type' coupon so I can get free hugs from you!
  • Nico:you're a dork.