veedlechu asked:

I know its late but what kind of birthday gifts would STARISH + QUARTET NIGHTS give to Natsuki and Syo? :3

Tokiya: For Natsuki, a Llama plushie (here) For Syo, a new hat (here)

Cecil: For Natsuki, a Piyo-chan mug (here) For Syo, a silver necklace (here)

Ren: For Natsuki, a cute pillow (here) For Syo, this book (here)

Otoya: For Natsuki, sunglasses (here) For Syo, a bracelet (here)

Masato: For Natsuki, a dream catcher (here) For Syo, a £50 clothes shopping voucher

Reiji: For Natsuki and Syo, concert tickets to their favorite band

Camus & Ranmaru: For Natsuki, a SHINee hoodie (here) For Syo, these shoes (here)

Ai: For Natsuki, a cookbook (here) For Syo, these pillows (here)

Pet Safety Harness

If your dog loves to ride in the car then you need this pet safety harness for them! It features a zip line to install in the car and a harness to go on your dog. By attaching them to the line your dog will be safe from hard braking and unable to jump into the front seat during driving. When you open the car door they won’t be able to jump out until you unclip them. Can also be used on boats as seen in the picture. 


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I got presents todaaaaay!! Who knew these little pink boxes could get someone this excited. Just look at how pretty they are…. 😍😍😍 Sir just made himself a happy Kitten. And Kitten’s gotta go get dinner ready before he comes home from work. Gotta feed the man so I can properly thank him later. Weeeeee!!! THEYRESOSHINY! Ahhh. 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻