GOT7 during Finals Week

Jackson: energy drinks!!! “Eat acai, it will increase your brain power and your skin will clear. Here, I have extra!“ , runs through the fountain after his last final

Mark: studies for five minutes and aces the exam. 

Youngjae: accidentally takes part of the wrong test by mistake, spends a long time at the puppy stress-relief station

Yugyeom: all of his finals are on the last day. stares forlornly out the window while jackson runs through the fountain

Bambam: presentor for all his group projects, steals six free slices of pizza from a giveaway on the quad

Jinyoung: has a schedule detailing every hour of each study day. From 1-2 is anthropology. 2-3 calculus. 3-3:05 bathroom break.  

Jaebum: the guy in the library huddled at his own table, looking studious but actually playing neko atsume

Neko Atsume but with the Lost Light crew
  • Setting up a Desk attracts Ultra Magnus
  • Build a Lab to get Perceptor and Brainstorm
  • Brainstorm has a chance to build a Super Duper Gun that attracts Whirl
  • Don’t leave Whirl with the Gun unattended without Ultra Magnus present
  • or Whirl will scare off other bots and break random goodies
  • which may attract Cyclonus and trigger an Epic Battle
  • which is when you have to install a Model Ship Workshop and pray for Rung to pay a visit before the thing is blown to smithereens
  • or if the Desk is broken it triggers the Wrath of the Enforcer upon which every present party is thrown in the Brig (which means they won’t reappear for a few days)
  • except for Rung whose coming to harm will trigger Skids’ appearance
  • though there’s a much easier way to get him, just build a bar to attract Swerve and Skids will come to hang out
  • along with Trailbreaker (who is the local Tubbs but with the drinking problem)
Tony Awards 2017
  • Josh Gad as a presentor: And the winner for best featured actor in a musical is none other than... my little buddy... my best friend... my companion.... Andrew Rannells!!!
  • Andrew Rannells: Aw thanks pal.
  • Me: *is crying while clutching my Book of Mormon*

anonymous asked:

twitter(.)com/richeisen/status/884049738659713024 sorry do you know what kind of show is this one? Kit will be there on Tuesday 😍😍😍😍

Hi anon i looked it up amd ive never heard of the guy or show-from what I read , the guy is sport commentator and presentor, not quite sure why Kit would go to a sport kinda show but , maybe he does other stuff too on his show besides sports!
The show is called the Rich Eisen Show and i think its a radio show! On from 12pm till 3 pm(ET)
Hope this helps;) 😍

Now, running alone in winter before dawn has come
I have heard from the trees a trilling sound, an owl I
suppose, a soft, hesitant voice, a woodwind, a breathy
note. Then it is quiet again, all the way out
in that space that goes on to the end of the world. And I think
of beings more lonely than we are, clinging to branches or drifting
wherever the air moves them through the dark and cold.
I make a sound back, those times, always trying for only
my place, one moving voice touching whatever is present
or might be, even what I cannot see when it comes.

William Stafford, section 4 of “For a Daughter Gone Away,” in “Breathing on a Poem,” You Must Review Your Life (University of Michigan Press, 1993)

i want 2 make a suggestion

i suggest armys and igot7s become best friends because interactions between our groups are the greatest things ever

like the dance battle they had

or when taehyung was cuddling bambam while he was trying to present

or when jackson and rap mon were on Problematic Men together and they bonded

or this video of jackson freaking out over a bts performance 

prettyokayray  asked:

My county fair is this weekend, and they're once again having a "tiger show" where a big theme of the presentors is "saving white tigers". I can't recall the name, but is there anything I can say to steer people away from it?

In reality, no, because people tend to refuse to listen - but I would share some stuff about inbreeding and white cats being unhealthy on Facebook so people can think before they go.