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What if you call someone and you accidentally repeat yourself and sound stupid, or you say something they already know, or what if you have to correct them about something that’s SO EMBARRASSING but it’s even worse when it’s being recorded because everyone will know that you say ‘um’ too much WHAT IF THAT HAPPENS??? *oh no I said 'just the rice’ TWICE this person thinks I’m a total dork I’m so ashamed* /me irl

No, but for real, I’m glad I’m not the only one who scripts phone calls and freaks out about whether I’m supposed to use my first or last name when making a reservation. Both my close rl friends are fine with that kind of stuff, so I typically feel like a gigantic loser about it.

I’m always too flustered to think of hanging up and calling back to leave a message, I just stutter instead, but that would be smart, wouldn’t it.

Too many people are changing themselves to try & fit in with others. Just be yourself, talk passionately about what you love & know & be the dork that you truly are. You’ll attract more genuine people that way who’ll appreciate you as a person. Misery loves company & I refuse to willingly surround myself with negative people. You get to choose your friends, so choose carefully.