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A scene from my KageHina Kids on the Slope Au one-shot, Orange Heat.

Hinata chuckled and grabbed Kageyama’s hand, intertwining their fingers, “…I think I like you, Kageyama. Are you grossed out?”

Kageyama could feel his ears burning up. “Why would I let you hold my hand if I felt grossed out, dumbass.”

This was drawn as a belated birthday present to me by the beautiful, kind, endearing, talented—I could literally keep going on for days with adjectives and I wouldn’t be able to describe the blessing that is @theharukawa. We’ve only recently become friends but through our many lovely, deep, touching conversations and common interests she’s easily become one of the best friends I’ve made on this site. After a long while of feeling distant and somewhat negative about Tumblr, she’s reminded my of how much good can come from my being here. So this is my public ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’ to this amazing human being. I hope you guys come to love her art and her personality as much as I do.

Imagine it being your birthday! You go the whole adventure for that day without a single mention of it from the Doctor. You even try to drop really obvious hints, but they seem to go right over his head. Then when you are both safe in the TARDIS after a long days work, you head to bed, bummed that he hadn’t seemed to remember at all. Only to find an hour later, when he called you back into the console room, that he had lit candles all around- on the railings, and the console. You found him standing next to the console, a destroyed cake upside down on his head, looking miserable.

“We had a bit of a malfunction.”
“… Aww, Doc, you look so adorable when you’re sad!”
“I did try to make it perfect though! I got you a present and everything… I’m sorry about the cake… Happy Birthday, Humany.”
“Thank you, Doctor. This is… truly adorable. I thought you’d forgotten!”
“No no no! There were just lots of… challenges.”

(Requested by @willow-days02, Happy birthday!!! I don’t know when you sent in the request, but still :DD)

My favorite part about working the day after a party holiday is waking up drunk patients and telling them they’re in the ER. I love being able to see, on their faces, the moment they discover where they are and then realize they have no idea how they got here.

I imagine it’s like watching your kid open presents on Christmas morning. But with less joy. And more vomiting.


My homework was wrecking my life today, and i decided to write this instead of my essay. Heh! So enjoy this slightly smutty, slightly angsty, Noona kink, disaster of thing.

All day long you were stuck in front of your laptop working on a PowerPoint presentation for Sciences of Human Health. Endless terms pertaining to the dangers of Diabetes dancing through your mind, eyes dry and tired. When Yugyeom walked through the door you hardly noticed. His hands on your shoulders startled you at first, but you didn’t glance away from your typing. “Hi babe,” you sighed, “I’m almost done with this damn thing.”

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 — S E C R E T  S A N T A  ♡

santa claus is coming to town and santa will drop anon messages in your ask, santa will stalk you, santa will know your favorite otp, santa will come to make you smile, not need of chimneys, santa will slide into your ask. 🎅🏼🎄

the most wonderful time of the year is on its way and this christmas enthusiast wants to spread christmas love with a secret santa thingy! wanna join? then keep reading.

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Imagine <i>schoolmate!jungkook<i> having a giant crush on you

•Continuous stares on both parts

•Blushing when the other person notices that you stared

•Him always clapping the loudest after you finish a presentation because he <i>knows<i> that you have anxiety

•Puppy love

•"Yah! Would you stop looking at her for one second"

•Being harassed by his hyungs

•Being locker buddies

•On Valentine’s Day he writes you a note that’s signed by ‘The Best LockerBuddy In All The Land’

•Never talking outside of school..ever

•Awkwardly running into each other at Office Max and literally sprinting away from each other

•You two never participating in class

•Sitting next to each other at lunch but never talking

•Being the most awkward creatures that have ever lived

•He waits to confess until grad. because he wanted you to know before he left

•Him getting super blushy and looking
everywhere but into your eyes while confessing

•"You should’ve just told me I’ve liked you since middle school"

•Actually exchanging phone numbers after he confesses

olicity || ao3 || gen || fluff || 751 || more fics

summary: Olicity’s first Christmas after season 5 + Cuddling by the fire. 

a/n: prompts by @somewhatinvisible & @blackcanarydinah i hope you two don’t mind me combining your prompts. Love you & happy holidays!!

December 2017:

Felicity sat in front of the fireplace in her and oliver’s bedroom. Her pink painted toes were near the fire, keeping her warm. She wore fuzzy pink pajama bottoms and a loose fitting camisole. It wasn’t the most attractive thing in the world, but honestly she couldn’t care less. It had been a long day of family and friends. Presents and food… so much food. Now she just wanted to spend this Christmas night with Oliver.

It was actually quiet, unlike this year’s Hanukkah, which had consisted of her mother, Rory, and Rory’s new girlfriend, and really it wasn’t that bad, considering it was only three extra people. But Donna, she was like have five extra people in the house all on her own. She just couldn’t stop screaming and getting excited over every little thing. It was too much for her to handle right now.

“Hon?” Oliver called as he stepped inside.

“I’m still up,” she said.

“Good, I was worried that you got tired and went to bed.”

“It’s seven o’clock,” she laughed.

“Yeah, well… you fell asleep at three yesterday.”

She huffed at him.

“Uh, hot chocolate?” he held up two mugs.


“A handful.”

“You may sit with me now,” she gestured to the floor.

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Hey everyone! It’s that time of year again for the SECRET SATAN GIFT EXCHANGE. In an attempt to spread cheer among the Samily regardless of if you celebrate the holidays or not, we all will gather round the fandom tree and spread the Satan and Me cheer!

How it works

All you gotta do is fill out our sign-up form and you’re in! Literally that easy! The form can be found right <<<< here. >>>>

Please note SIGN UP ENDS on the 27th of November!!

This gives our mods time to mix y’all up and send out info by December! Assignments will be sent out to everyone by Tumblr PRIVATE MESSAGE during that weekend. PLEASE REPLY TO LET US KNOW YOU RECIEVE THE MESSAGE, if we do not receive a reply in 2 days we will try to shoot you an ask so please keep your inboxes open this month just in case! We will work with you!

Then the presents will be due on December 31th at the latest! Yes you may turn them in early, that would be greatly appreciated!

If you do not receive a present by the deadline SEND US AN ASK NOT ON ANON PLEASE, if we have not already sent a pm to you. We will have back-ups for you but you need to let us know so we can summon them! Sin and Sailor will be doing our best to make sure everyone gets a gift this year but you must notify us!

There you have it! That’s the exchange as of now. There may be slight modifications here and there, but the deadlines are fairly solid, give or take a day. Updates will be made when needed! If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask! If you have any suggestions or complaints, let us know! Also, follow our blog if you do sign up, so you can be updated!

We hope to see you guys, and can’t wait to celebrate this wonderful Satanmas with you!

A Singer/Winchester Christmas

Title: A Singer/Winchester Christmas

Characters: Sam, Dean, Bobby

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,309

Warnings: FLUFFY

A/N: This was requested by @wxnchexters and I hope I delivered well enough! I loved writing this so I hope you all love it! Submit your imagines/one shots to my inbox/ask box! You can even request from THIS Christmas drabble list! I love you all so much <3

Lately life with the Winchesters has always been crazy.  Even in the winter months, there were no breaks.  You were just happy to have Dean by your side through it all.  However, these past couple days had been silent.  Tomorrow was Christmas and you were excited.  The forecast called for snow tomorrow; to say you were excited, was an understatement.  

You spent the whole day yesterday taking Bobby’s car into town and getting a Christmas tree, grabbing a few presents for the three men.  They didn’t know about their presents, but that’s what made you even more excited.  You had their presents in your room, tucked under a blanket.  Not that they would come looking for them.  You decorated the tree not too long ago.

You shut the door to your bedroom that Bobby let you use when the three of you would stay at Bobby’s for longer periods of time.  You heard hushed whispers downstairs.  You stepped closer to the stairs, peeking your head out just enough to see the three men.

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November Update

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As you might know, since we transitioned to widescreen, we have been revamping some of the maps that were seen on the demo (here’s an in-game screenshot).

November has been a really busy month for us, full of amazing experiences! During the first week, Pablo and Camila attended Day of the Devs, presented by the lovely people of Double Fine, to exhibit the game in San Francisco, and the following week, Nikki presented the game at GaymerX East in New York!

Here’s a close up of the promotional sticker sheets we made:

That aside, in case you missed it, we have been selected as Semi-Finalists for the GDWC 2016, and the voting polls for “Fan Choice” are open. The voting ends in a couple of days, so you can cast your vote HERE

Have a great week!

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Presenting our very very special Valentines Day collaboration work!!!! :D

@castihalo and I collaborated to make this gosh dang heck super hella cute animated adaptation of her deancas valentines day doodle comic! This version comes with a super awesome upgrade!!

This was A TON OF FUN to do and a great big honor to work with a terrific artist in this fandom holy wow!!!! ;w; 

If you’re not familiar with @castihalo please visit her awesome blog and awesome art!!! 

Process bits under the cut.

As a present to all of you- in honor of Sebastian’s 34th birthday on the 13th of August 2016 - I wrote this fluffy piece. Enjoy, my loves, and don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday.

*Reader’s POV*

After a long day at Chantilly - one of New York’s Finest Restaurant, you arrived at the door of your apartment, exhausted and smelling like food. You worked as a waitress to support yourself, much to your boyfriend Sebastian’s dismay. It wasn’t that he thought your job was mediocre- he had the utmost respect for hospitality workers- it was because he was more than capable of supporting you. The two of you have had many heated arguments about the matter but it was an argument you’d always win; you were good at bringing the water works and Sebastian hated to see you cry. You felt bad for emotionally manipulating him but you knew you’d feel worst if you depended on his payroll to survive.

Normally people used their jobs to distract themselves from the absence of their loved ones but thanks to Sebastian’s constant disapproval of your job, you found yourself thinking of him every time you were at work. It didn’t hurt so much when he was in New York but it was definitely hurting now as he was in Ireland filming his latest project ‘We’ve Always Lived In The Castle’. The worst part of his absence was that it was smacked in August; the month of his birthday and yours.

You heaved a sigh and stuffed your dirty apron under your armpit so you could free your right hand to use the key to unlock your door. You hated the apartment when he wasn’t around; it was just too empty and lonely. You missed the way he’d cook you breakfast; eggs were his specialty. The way his cologne would linger after he’d left the apartment. The way he’d belt out songs in the shower even though you were banging on the door, begging him to hurry up so you could get ready for work; you personally thought it was a tactic so he could get you fired. You didn’t have just one particular thing you missed about Sebastian because you missed everything about him.

Your eyes narrowed when you realized your front door was actually unlocked. You slowly and quietly took out the key and hesitated entering in case you were being robbed. You thought about calling 911, or even Chris and Jenny who agreed to check in on you while Sebastian was out of the country, but decided it was too late to bother anyone with what could have been your own carelessness. You knew the security in the building was tight as it was one of the features Sebastian bragged about after convincing you to move from your old place in Brooklyn to his new place in the Upper West Side.

You entered the house, “I’m home,” awkwardly announcing your entrance as though it would scare away the possible robber. You scanned the apartment and closed the door after assessing that your anxiety had taken you hostage and there was nothing to worry about.

You felt a presence behind you as you worked to lock your front door. You shook the bad thoughts out of your head and mumbled to yourself, “stop overthinking things. Nothing bad happens-” you were cut off when you felt- what seemed like the tip of a gun- press into your lower back. “Don’t shoot me!”

“Hail Hydra,” a familiar male voice whispered in an almost seductive tone.

“Oh my-” You spun around and saw Sebastian in his Winter Soldier costume- minus the mask- trying hard not to laugh at your expression which was lost between fear, shock and excitement. “BUCKY!” You screamed and pounced on him, wrapping both arms and legs around him.

“It’s good to see you too, Y/N,” he chuckled softly, hugging you tightly. “God, I’ve missed you and your beautiful face.” He said as you leaned back in his arms, cupping his face in your hands so you could kiss him. “You taste like chocolate,” he hummed once you broke the kiss and pressed your forehead against his.

“Fondue,” you told him then gestured for him to lower you onto your feet. “What the hell are you doing here?” You laughed once you wrapped your head around the situation. “And what the hell were you thinking scaring me like that?”

“I wasn’t really thinking,” he admitted with a light laugh. “I got home like- three hours ago. At first I wanted to surprise you the old fashion way, in bed with nothing but a bouquet of roses.” He winked and you laughed. “But as the second hour came and went, I remembered how some nights you wouldn’t even make it to the bedroom so I came out and hid behind the couch with the roses. Then I drank two beers and the third hour arrived and The Winter Soldier called out to me and told me that this would be a much better idea.”

“You scared the shit out of me!” You slapped his arm.

“I was afraid you were going to whip out your self-defense skills and whoop my ass,” he admitted. “But now that I’ve seen your fight or flight skills, I’m afraid you’d freeze again and beg the intruder not to shoot.” He half joked, half said in a serious tone then grabbed you by the waist and pulled you into him. “I should really take you with me when I get out of the country so you don’t get yourself killed.”

“You should,” you smiled then met his lips for the kiss he was offering. “You didn’t answer my other question,” you mumbled against the kiss and he chuckled softly, breaking it so you could talk. “What are you doing here?”

“I didn’t want to spend my birthday without you,” he smiled. “Plus- I couldn’t miss yours so…I asked if they were willing to put filming on hold for a little while.” Your face asked for their reaction. “They weren’t particularly happy with my decision but you’re more important.”

“Seb!” You frowned. “What if you lost your job?!” He shrugged nonchalantly. “You really need to prioritize. We could have always celebrated later or I could’ve flown out there to meet you. I don’t like it when you’re so irr-”

He shut you up with a deep and passionate kiss.

“But I’m really glad you’re here,” you admitted with a satisfied hum.

“Me too,” he smiled and you wrapped your arms around his neck. “Oh, and by the way.” His gaze darted onto my watch and I followed, realizing it was 12:05AM which meant that it was now the 13th of August and his 34th birthday. “I don’t want material things for my birthday this year.”

“Oh I see,” you bit back your smile because you knew perfectly what he was hinting at. “What do you want then?” You asked in a sultry voice then but your lower lip; a move that always turned him on.

He chuckled softly, lowering his gaze and displaying his pretty lashes. “I would like my present to begin in the bedroom,” he whispered into your ear. “Where we end up, I don’t care as long as you’re the person I wake up next to.”

“Done and done,” you grinned then crashed your lips into his.

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the official MysMe Week is proudly presented to you by @otomedays / @savyjayjane

You heard me! The brand new Mystic Messenger Week will start on November 6th and will end on November 15th.

7 days of prompts + 3 bonus days, created to give some space to all the tumblr artists, to share and promote their art within the fandom, and especially to show our love towards Cheritz and the characters!


Entering the weeklong event is really simple:

  • Look at the prompts and choose the ones you like.
  • Create your own fanart | edit | fanfiction, every form of art is allowed if it respect the rules!
  • Post it on Tumblr with the tag #mysticmessengerweek2016 within the first 3 tags and tag the @mysticmessengerweek blog when captioning your work! (example : “NOVEMBER 6 × DAY 1 ➣ SMILE @mysticmessengerweek)
  • DO NOT repost other’s people work !
  • HAVE FUN !

If you like the idea of an event like this, dedicated to Mystic Messenger, please help me spread the word! <3
I’m working on this project alone, so even just reblogging and liking the post, would be absolutely appreciated and helpful! <3

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If you have questions instead, just send me an ask, I’ll answer publicly, so everyone looking for help, will also be able to read!

Getting to hug Jacksepticeye!

This was the best thing to happen for me at PAX. I only got to go on Friday, so I made sure to use that day to go meet him. I was so nervous because I was presenting him with a figure I had made, as well as one of my drawings. I wanted to offer to buy him dinner to say thank you for everything he does, but my nerves got in the way. Next year I’m hoping I won’t be so nervous, and also I will go all four days. I live in Seattle anyways so it should be easy. I just shouldn’t be so nervous because he is such a cool guy. I have so much respect for him, and I’m so happy that I got to meet him.

By the way, he is quite squishy, like a stuffed animal. NEVER CHANGE JACK!

12 Days of Larents - Day 9: Watching Christmas Specials

And maybe staying up a little bit past bedtime.

idea by special request of @youarethegirlalmighty  as a late birthday present. I hope it’s everything you wanted lmao.

So I absolutely love Christmas and even when I was little, my absolute favourite part was anticipating the look on everyone’s faces when they opened presents I got them. Unfortunately I can’t send you all a something individually though, so I hope this is an okay substitute?

Brace yourselves  for 12 days of dumb little pictures about the Larents getting ready for Christmas. I’ve been sitting on them for a little while so I’m super excited to see what you all think :D