presentation sword


British Presentation Sword, first quarter of the 19th century

Osborn & Gunby Prince of Wales sword has a slightly curved 32-¾" blade with double wide fullers and clip-point. Upper portion of blade with fire-blued finish, the left side profusely decorated with gold-inlaid images of warriors, crown, eagle, maidens and floral motifs. Right side with Poseidon, eagle, crown, centaur and floral details. Stirrup hilt with rouletted languets, twist gold-inlaid grip. Dark red transparent cabochons. Steel gold-inlaid scabbard with sculpted gold-finished mounts, the top with four vertical rows of circles with floral drape below. The central mount with poly-chromed oval containing three-feather Prince of Wales emblem with Latin motto that reads: ‘He adds honour to the Ancestral Honour’. Two rope pattern ring mounts. Reverse side of scabbard engraved with legend: Osborn / and / Gunby / Sword Cutlers / To His Majesty / & His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales / Birmingham / Pall Mall / London. Surrounded by engraved wreath. Drag with ornate gold-inlaid floral patterns, the obverse deeply engraved. Blade and scabbard with wear and losses to finish. Minor dents present.

Show us the blade, for the love of Evolution!

Long, hard wood

Our campaign started at a coronation. After the ceremony our neutral evil human fighter decided to get the king on side by presenting him with a weapon he has deemed unworthy for his fighting abilities.

Fighter: “Your magesty, I present this sword to you and vow to serve you faithfully”

DM (OOC) : “The king accepts the sword and then proceeds to stroke its long, hard wood.”

Cue laughter from everyone.


A Fine Cased Ormolu-Mounted Sword Presented By The British Government To Mr. Rudolph Dufwa, Capitaine De Corvette, September 1856, by Victor Harold & Co., Sword Cutlers To Her Majesty, London, Dated 1856

With curved blade (minor areas of rust patination) double-edged towards the point, brightly etched against a grey ground along nearly its entire length on one side with the presentation inscription on scrolls against a ground of foliage involving a naval trophy at the forte and a dolphin towards the point, and on the other with foliage involving further naval trophies, a pair of dolphins, and the maker’s details at the forte, the hilt comprising quillons each cast, pierced and chased in the round as a foliate scroll, a foliated shield between on both sides with applied dolphin entwined on an anchor, lion’s head pommel, its mane forming the back-piece, and with a ring in its mouth carrying the original gilt bullion and blue cord sword-knot, and wire-bound fishskin-covered grip, in original wooden scabbard covered in blue velvet with ormolu mounts en suite with the hilt including crossed branches of laurel, the suspension mounts each with a ring for suspension, and in fine condition retaining all its original gilding: in original fitted highly figured rosewood case lined in burgundy velvet with its original belt and suspension straps of blue leather embroidered with scrolls in silver-gilt threads, the ormolu mounts en suite with the hilt, the buckle with applied crown framed by a wreath of laurel, the exterior of the lid (some bruising) with flush-fitting brass carrying handle centred on a circular brass escutcheon. 76.2 cm blade.

The presentation inscription reads: ‘Presented By The British Government To Mr. Rudolph Dufwa Capitaine De Corvette In The Service Of His Majesty The Emperor Of Austria In Grateful Acknowledgement Of Prompt & Efficient Services Rendered To The British Brig “Heatherbell” September 1856’
Linienschiffs-Capitaen Rudolf Dufwa was commander of the maritime district of Triest in 1867 and was involved in experiments with torpedoes as a member of a naval commission in Fiume. He was made a Knight of the Order of Emperor Leopold.

Libertas as Excalibur

Libertas, Garro’s super-shiny sword that lowkey definitely will become the Titansword, is old as balls. It, or parts of it, predate Old Night (c.M25), the ‘unknowable science’ capable of ‘cancelling out’ the unreal anti-life of a daemon.

Garro, born in Albia, feels a special connection with the blade… could it be because it’s Excalibur, the legendary sword of Britain (aka Albion)?

It has Libertas written on the blade, which one could simply ignore completely as blades can be modfied, but where’s the fun in that. In fact, it says Libertas Rex on the cover to Garro:

Rex being Latin for king… as in King Arthur. The Latinised name for Excalibur? Caliburnus (from chalybs - ‘steel’). Caliburnus Rex. The King’s Sword.

Now imagine the Captain of the 7th Great Company of the XIVth Legiones Astartes is presented with a sword to go along with his new honorific ‘Battle-Captain’ after a battle in the Unification Wars. Faded by the millennia, the remaining letters read LIB R  S REX. With fragments between it could be liberus, perhaps liberas.

He calls it LIBERTAS.


The Bird-Swords Presentation AKA why I like them so much

I had this up on Pixiv for quite some time now and finally I have time to translate it into English. I keep seeing people go “huh? where does the Tsurumaru and Uguisumaru pairing even come from?” and I am a very sad saniwa seeing that. Sooo, hopefully this can answer your queries and maybe get some people interested in the Bird-Sword pair wink wink.

ETA: ARGH I realized I had some typos and mistakes on P.4 but it’s fixed now!


☆° ~ Cosplay Presentation ~ °☆

C h a r a c t e r  ★  Clare
V e r s i o n    Ghost/North Version
S e r i e  ★  Claymore
W h a t   I   m a d e ★  Dress, Armor, Top, Sword
W h a t   I   b o u g h t  ★  Wig, Stocking, Boots, Belts 
D a t e   o f   c o m p l e t i o n  ★  August 2013
C o n v e n t i o n s  ★  Otakuthon 2012 and 2013, Anime Boston 2013
S t a t u t  ★  Active

Why did I choose this character  ?
Clare is one of my favorite character from Claymore because of her personnality and her strenght. She has that force to get through everything even after loosing so many of her friend/comrade. She has a beautiful aura and her loyalty toward everything is just magnificent. Even tho I love some character more than her she’ll always have that special place in my heart. By cosplaying her I wanted to get that mix feeling of being strong and emotional at the same time. 

What did I enjoyed/liked/am proud of making the most on this costume ?
I’m really proud of my sword. I actually only helped my step-mother to do the whole outfit since I was out of time - and obviously lack in sewing skills - so I just made the armor part as well as the sword. It was my first prop ever and even tho now I see a lot of mistakes and some things I would do differently, I’m still in love with that sword. I worked a lot to get all the proportions right and to get it as accurate as I could. It’s just still my baby ~

What part I would do differently or do not like ?
I would make the belts black haha >A> and also would make the sword differently even tho I love it that way, I would remake it out of plastic. I would also do some adjustment on my leather top and maybe re-style the wig differently. But that’s growing up with a costume I guess.

Credit © Belziir Photography (photographers)
© Zuki Nyu (Cynthia), Kirliara (Yuma), Sunday Afternoon (Miria)

BotW: Facts & Theories

Fact: Our Hero, Link, has been sleeping in the Shrine of Resurrection for one century!

Fact: The Koroks — the plant-like children of the Great Deku Tree — are hidden throughout the world in suspicious locales, gifting Korok seeds to travellers who find them!

Fact: The ancient Sheikah clan were not only powerful guardians of Hyrule & servants to the Goddess Hylia, they were master builders & innovators, creating automated sentries, great monuments, and a peculiar device called the “Sheikah Slate”!

{Factoid: Time-shift Stones present in Zelda: Skyward Sword were emblazoned with constellation-like & eye-like patterns in similar fashion as the Shrines in this game, and both are associated with ancient high-technology. Coincidence?}

Fact: The helpful Old Man who first greets Link outside is camped-out in a cave… an obvious call back to the cave-dwelling Old Man who gave the Hero in The Legend of Zelda his first weapon: a wooden sword!

Fact: The Goddess Hylia is mentioned by name in this game, direct from the ancient Sheikah Monks who served her; her statue makes a cameo within the Temple of Time!

Fact: Legend hints that, slumbering deep within some hidden glade, there is an ancient weapon… one that could deal the final blow to the Calamity Ganon?

Keep Reading on for some [possible spoilers] and my theory on where this game would fall in the grand Hyrulean timeline!

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獅子王 Shishiou

獅子王 -Shishiou   ^ he’s really an old man btw

Ever wondered what that furry animal on his shoulder is? It is the stylized form of the mystical beast Nue, that Shishiou’s former owner, Minamoto no Yorimasa, was famed for slaying. Legend says that the Nue’s eerie cries would bring misfortune, and one such creature haunted the Emperor Konoe in Yorimasa’s period as it surrounded the palace with ominous black cloud, singing its songs of disaster. The Emperor soon fell gravely ill and neither medicine nor prayers could revitalize him. He then seeked the service of a master of archery, Yorimasa from the Minamoto samurai clan to slay this monster. Yorimasa accomplished his task and was presented with the Shishiou sword as a reward.                               

His story comes from The Tale of Heike set in the Heian period, telling of the bloody struggle between two samurai clans, Minamoto and Taira, for the control of Japan. It is said that Shishiou used to be almost the size of an oo-dachi, but was reduced to better fit Yorimasa’s size. His current size is small for a tachi, some say it is closer to the size of a kodachi, and he really minds it.

Shishiou seems cheerful and carefree most of the time, but you can tell that he never forgot his old man Yorimasa. When he casually calls out “yes yes I gotcha, old man” by habit and then catches himself when he realizes that he is talking to you and his old man was gone forever since a long time ago.

~Despite trying to avoid the political turmoil between the two samurai clans all his life, Yorimasa was still swept into it and forced to commit suicide by seppuku. Fortunately for Shishiou, he was never used for that deed due to his size.~