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consider: fem! otabek and fem! JJ. I fell in love with your fem! yuri and I want her to have a pretty girlfriend who skates too

You mean like that ?

Yulia and her curvy girlfriends, Danagul (Aka Dana), and JJ (who’s name she likes to keep secret and give fake names to everyone)

(Also thaaaanks I’m happy you liked my fem!Yuri !)

And more of fem!JJ and fem!Otabek under the cut :

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trans peeps: stop making genderbends

cis peeps: ok ok ok…..except we’ll still make them…but! we’ll call them… ~cisswaps~!

trans peeps: no just stop-

cis peeps: ★ presentation play! ★

trans peeps: no thats-

cis peeps: ✦ spectrum slide! ✦


some (more) wada doodles off twitter, and also some new art for the gray garden! i finished it last week, and…… i loved gardengraythe dont look at me all powerful slovenly gods and tsundere devils are my favourite

waddles are based on modern day AU featuring high school and also old being the most distrusting dad ever with his kids (drawing inspired by this)


Hm, so… I haven’t been feeling good during the past weeks, and didn’t upload any art. I actually considered not posting art at all anymore. Since some people seems to enjoy my art and since I’m feeling a bit better, I’m trying it again.

Drawings these actually helped me feel a bit happier. So, I hope you’ll like them.

Casual fem!vitri.

Mics that guy who was super popular in school and never knew it. If one one the students wanted to become popluar Aizawa or Midnight would just be “ask Present Mic” and hed be sitting there laughing “HAHA ME? Popular??? Nah! I was just a friendly guy.”

The other two would have to sit there listing the ways he was popular. From people wanting to date him to his clicks. “Well sure i would hang out with the popular kids but-” “you didnt hang out with them. They hung out with YOU.”

Mic would be having a crisis cause he never pictured himself like that. “I WALKED AROUND PLAYING A UKULEE IN THE HALLWAY HOW WAS I POPULAR???”