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O: How about pigtails?
H: I love it!
O: Oml. Thank you this is the 17th hairstyle and we’re about to be late for school.

(Ignore my bad excuse for using bad cross hatching as shading)

I present to you, the fully colored version! It took 3hrs from start to finish, and I’m tired. (Also, sorry for bad background. I don’t like drawing backgrounds. (And it didn’t help i spent 20minutes on the painting in the background of Taro and osana, only to cut Taro out)) It is also my newest headcannon Osana “inspired” Hanako to have pigtails. (P.s. Hanako’s shirt is supposed to be like, A H Akademi High)

Commissions are now open for business! 

Okay, so due to a combination of issues with paying off subscriptions to the gym, and a desire to save up for a pretty expensive PC, I have decided to open commissions. These pictures will be relatively high quality, with all my effort put into em and all.

What I can draw: Simple to moderately complex pictures of monsters, humans, some but not all furies, bara, and general sfw. 

What I can’t draw: NSFW, fetish art, and technically females. (you can still request females, but I need to note that I’m not as experienced in it as I am with drawing males.)

 Anywho, onto buisness.* 

* -/-/- = Bust/Torso/Full-Body 

Sketches: ¾/5$ each. 

Simple, colorless drawings that for the most part have the lineart intact. Traces of the foundation might be present here, and you can request them not to be there if desired. 

Colored Lineart: 4/5/6$ Each.

A level up from sketches; colored lineart! Now you gots some color in that lineart! I try damn best to ensure there isn’t any color outside of where it needs to be, and I’ll make sure to follow your references’ color scheme as accurately as possible. 

Shaded Drawing: 6/7/8$ Each

The Final-ish tier. With this, I’ll shade your drawing and add some additional details here and there if desired. If the drawing is particularly complex, I may negotiate a 1-2$ increase, but most likely I’ll be okay with handling it. You can choose between solid shading or crosshatching if desired. 

Experimental Drawing: 5/6/7$ Each; varies. 

This tier is special. In this one, I’ll usually add something I’m not used to doing often. Could end up as pixel art, a digital painting, or other things. Because of the risk and reward factor in here due to the blind process, this costs less than a shaded art. 

Custom Request: Varies

This area is for Icons, posters, large groups of characters, comics, and so on. We’ll negotiate on it. 

Here’s some examples of other arts I have done. These all fall under various categories. 

Anywho, PM me here or on Discord (Marcus#3577) if you’re interested!


Phil: One time I had my fly unzipped the whole time until a mom said “We saw everything!” and I was like “Oh, no”.

Dan and Phil @ Night of Community - VidCon 2017



Belated bday present for @starrycove / @shalalalalura because she loves these dorks and I ended up coloring it because GDI I love them, too. UGH. <3 Happy birthday to one of the sweetest little beans I know!!

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…….also for the 1 person who I know won’t get the joke:

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If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be a tragedy.

—happy birthday to the wonderful shayne @hideyoshisnagachika

ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ Iwa Sketchpage! Pick/Tag your fav. Mine’s bottom left corner for some reason.

study tips for different learning styles

Here are some study tips for different learning styles that I’ve gathered from talking to friends and from what some professors have recommended their students to do:


  • draw pictures in your notes
  • benefit from illustrations & presentations that use color
  • use diagrams, graphs, underlining, mind-maps, etc
  • study in a visually appealing place


  • study in groups, discuss things out with other people
  • record lectures, take part in a study group, go to tutoring
  • reduce lecture notes to only the main ideas
  • read texts out loud, pretend to teach someone else
  • explain ideas to other people
  • recite, recite, recite
  • create jingles or mnemonics 


  • take notes during the lecture
  • underline, highlight, or circle printed material
  • borrow other students’ notes to compare and contrast
  • use a variety of colors, pens, highlighters, note cards, etc
  • write it out, re-write your notes, create mind-maps
  • make and use flashcards for studying


  • trace letters and words to learn spellings, etc
  • take several breaks
  • write everything out
  • move around to learn new things
  • use non-distracting movement while you learn (like shaking your leg/foot, chewing gum, tap your pen/pencil)
  • listen to non-distracting music
  • study while walking or working out


  • write things out but also use colors and diagrams
  • move around, study in an isolated space, work at a standing desk

If you have any additional tips, feel free to add it and/or let me know!

Let’s all be so thankful that Rick Riordan worked so hard to change his straight white boy™ story to a diverse cast of LGBT+ people and people of color and presenting it to a young audience. Thank you Rick, you made my coming out so much easier through your efforts. (Also no offense to the first few Percy Jackson books, I love them so much and the fact they make learning problems into a hero complex, I just love the cast of the later books so damn much)