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I’m at the Oscars with Michael J. Fox and a DeLorean while wearing future shoes. All I have to do is sing The Schuyler Sisters song from Hamilton in front of the whole world and I’ll have completed my entire bucket list.
  • All might: alright, kids, today we are going to listen to some sick beats.* puts in a kidz bop cd.**turns up the volume to 100*
  • Class 1-A: #dead

Best Picture Evolution” :  ↳The progression of Academy Award-winning Best Picture poster art, from early 20th century to present.

  • Izuku: I wish I could have a best friend relationship like Aizawa-sensei and Mic-sensei
  • ~~~
  • mic: *jamming out to his mixtape** volume level=whole house is about to just break.*
  • Aizawa: *laying in bed, looking up at the ceiling.**earphones in ears.*
  • Recording: chapter 1 how to deal with high levels of stress and anxiety

UA has a spirit week, and on the last day, the theme is “Pro heroes”.

Quite a few of the 1A students are All Might, and Kirishima is Crimson Riot, and someone shows up in 13′s spacesuit (it turns out to be Uraraka), and there’s a bunch of other heroes too.

But strangely enough, there isn’t even one Eraserhead. And Aizawa is a little hurt, but not all that surprised, because he knows that in all the years he’s been teaching at UA, his students have never really liked him much (probably because of his propensity for expelling students he thinks don’t have any potential). But in the first place he didn’t become a hero for the publicity of it, so he doesn’t pay it much mind.

Then, lunch time rolls around, and the entire class is up and out of the classroom in seconds as they make a mad dash for their dorm building to get changed.

And when Aizawa sees his students again in their afternoon classes, he has to do a double take because they’re all wearing black tracksuits and long scarves, and the girls have helped put dark eye shadow on everyone to give them bags under their eyes, and some of them have their hair jelled back and a few students are even carrying sleeping bags around.

And Aizawa can’t look any of them in the face for the rest of the day because he’s too embarrassed and he keeps his face half hidden in his scarf to hide the flush on his cheeks. He tries to be his usual, gruff self, but the students can sense the difference in him, and they end up being a lot more cheeky than they usually are, even going so far as to tease Aizawa-sensei.

Present Mic pouts for the rest of the week about Aizawa getting all the love from all their adorable students (though really, he’s super happy because finally some people have seen how amazing his best friend is).

Aizawa Blind headcanon

What if after the fight with Nomu, Aizawa had become Blind? It was said that he took some pretty serious damage to his eyes or the “orbital floor.” And the damage was serious enough that he could have potentially lost his quirk or it would have made it harder to use. So here’s some headcanons on what would possibly happen if Aizawa had gone blind.

• All the teachers would be there for him and try and help him out in anyway they can, but All might and Present Mic will help him out much more than the others.

• All might blames the whole incident on himself because of the fact he not only didn’t show up in time but neglected his powers throughout the day and wasn’t able to show up to school.

•Aizawa would get into a depressive yet clingy state where he’d want someone around a lot if not all the time but wouldn’t say much to them.

•Because of his clingy state, he would get very emotionally distressed if the person he is with tries to leave him alone or leaves out of no where. Even a simple trip to the kitchen will put him into panic if you don’t bring him along.

•He bumps into things CONSTANTLY, this is why he needs someone by to help him around. He hates using the stick and doesn’t want to hold up his hands to feel where things are every time he gets up to move.

•Because of him being blind he most likely lost the use of his quirk

•If he didn’t loose it, he wouldn’t know how to control it because of the fact he needs to SEE the people he’s erasing the quirks from

•Cats are even closer to him than ever before. If his partner leaves without him knowing, a cat will be there to try and distract him from the other persons absence.

•Aizawa’s biggest comfort is just hearing the voices around him. Just knowing somebody or something is there puts him at ease.

•Whether he’d go back to being a teacher or not, the students would pitch in to help him out. Taking him to the store, visiting to check up on him, helping him get places, and much, much, more. The students are there to protect and help him, just like he had done for them.

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