Shout out to agender people who present very masculine and want to be read as male

Shout out to agender people who present very feminine and want to be read as female

Shout out to agender people who use she or he pronouns rather than neutral ones

Shout out to agender people who don’t like neutral language being used for them

Shout out to agender people who present very typically of their dgab

Shout out to agender people who are not androgynous at all

Shout out to agender people who want to transition to a very masculine or feminine end

Shout out to agender people who don’t want to transition at all

Your gender is hella valid and I am here for you.

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Different Ways To Begin A Speech

Here are a few different ways to begin a speech that go beyond usual exhortations than starting with a story, a startling stat, or a question:

1)  Start with a strong emotion.

2)  Thank the audience for something they’ve done.

3)  Cut away the extraneous and get to the essence.

4)  Make a big demand.

5)  Break down what you’re talking about into simple steps.

6)  Map out the future.

More ways to begin a speech and grab your audience attention.

Presentation expression 발표할 때 쓰는 표현

~를 분석해 보면

if we break it down

물을 만한 질문

a question you might ask

~는지 짐작한는 것은 어렵다

it’s hard to guess that ~

이미 말씀 드린 것처럼

as i already mentioned

~에 대해서 알아보도록 하다

take a look at ~

~을 짐작할 수 있겠~?

can you guess ~?

우리 모두 알고 있듯이

as we already know,

이미 ~를 알고 계실 거라고 믿다

I’m sure you already know that ~

이 그림에서 볼 수 있듯이

as you can see in this picture

다음으로 넘어가기 전에

before i move on

잠시 주제에서 벗어나서 

if i can get off subject for a minute, 

앞서 얘기하던 것으로 돌아가다

return to what i was talking about before

본론으로 돌아가다

to return back to the main topic

계속 관심 가져주다

to stay tuned

청취해 주다


~이 만들어지기 전에

before the creation of ~

~ 말고도

in addition to ~, besides from ~


RECAP- Arda Turan’s presentation

“Why Barça? First of all there was many offers, but if there was a proposal from Barça, you have to reject everything else. It will be difficult for six months, but it will go quickly and I will soon be wearing the Barça shirt, which is a dream for me.”

“We know that Barça is more than a club. Everybody who knew me as a kid knew I’ve always wanted to play here. It was my dream.”

“Replacing Xavi? Nobody can replace Xavi because he is great, not only for Barça, but he was an idol all over the world. I’m a different player, I will try my best but I won’t be Xavi. I will contribute with my way for working”

“Barça is a team that plays a lot with the ball, they won the Champions League. I want to win every title and I know Barça are used to that. I want to make a contribution to that. To answer these questions [if Diego Simeone makes you run more than Luis Enrique], I have to start working with Luis Enrique. It was actually fun with Diego Simeone. I know it’ll be fun here, too. Luis Enrique is one of the best coaches in the world and we have to work to win as many titles as possible. I’ll play alongside the best players iof the world, at the best stadium of the world… Competition is tough, but I’m here to enjoy.”

“Throwing the boot was a mistake!”

“I saw Luis Enrique scoring a really nice goal in Istanbul. I was a ballboy at that game. And now he’s my coach…”

“Looking forward to living in Barcelona? All my life has been a success, because I have had the fun I was looking for. Barcelona is a great city, it has the sea, it’s a great city to live. But it’s about success, so I can achieve success here it will be a great city for me, too, like Madrid was.”

“Shirt number? The number is not important for me, I am just here to play for Barça. I will talk to the players and the team and I will choose an available number. Arda Turanism? That’s my philosophy, my culture, my way of thinking.”

“On Atletico’s treatment of Neymar: That was a great game, a big game and that tension can happen. Things that happen on the pitch stay on the pitch. Neymar is a very special player and I don’t even remember that dispute.”

“Having to wait to play: Even when I am at home I want to play in the garden. When I was putting on the shirt I was already anxious. I know I have to wait, I just hope the six months will go past really soon and I can get on the pitch and complete my dream.”

“Going on loan to play? There’s no thought about a loan. I want to adapt here to Barcelona, to the best team in the world.”

“I think Messi, Suarez, Neymar, Iniesta and I can play together all five. Why not…? I think it will happen this season.”

“I have a vision of football and after coming to Barça, I am giving my opinion as a Barça player, and Messi, not only now, is the best player in the world.”

“Cristiano is also very good, but for me, nobody in the past or the future will be like Messi.”

“After signing the contract, Luis Enrique called. [Andres] Iniesta also sent me a message, I loved that.”

“Luis Enrique wanted me and I am really happy and really grateful for that. I’m not going to let him down. I’m going to do my best.”

“This is my dream, to play here, all my life. I am going to try and live up to Luis Enrique’s expectations; I won’t let him down.”