I sent a snapchat to kimberlystudies of my presentation (that’s scheduled for tomorrow morning) and she said i was ‘literal presentation goals’ so I thought I would share how I do it!  For a really long time my powerpoints were underwhelming, at least, and I find that putting the effort in and making them beautiful gives me more confidence when presenting.  Also I think it stands out to teachers and profs.  

Click the pictures for picture by picture instructions!  
If you have any questions let me know!  

ps i threw this together in like 20 minutes so sorry for quality and stuff.  

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Hi sweeties! I am doing a presentation in school on LGBT persons rights. My school teachers have been telling me to pick a different topic due to how little databases and books we have on the topic. If you could please reblog this, so I can show my teachers how many people actually care about the well being of LGBT persons, that’d be fantastic. I AM GONNA WRITE ALL YOUR USERNAMES IN A NOTEBOOK! I hope at most 1,000,000 people will reblog this. Thanks again, and let’s show off how many people support LGBT marriages!


If clothes don’t look good on you:
*it is the clothes
*it is the clothes
*i t i s t h e c l o t h e s
Even the absolute right clothes can’t make your body look like something it isn’t. BUT the right clothes can fit and flatter your body (the way you want!) and show off what you ALREADY HAVE that looks good.
So say it with me: if your clothes don’t look good on you, IT IS THE CLOTHES.

The signs doing a presentation
  • Aries:Sometimes there are random pictures on there slides and sometimes they will try talking without cue cards, which won't go so well
  • Taurus:Their main goal is to make the slide pretty
  • Gemini:Does really well, but if they make even just a tiny error they will stress about it
  • Cancer:Very, very, very long presentation
  • Leo:Can do either really good or really bad
  • Virgo:Everything is fine, but they decide to stay up SUPER late to memorize more
  • Libra:Gets distracted and ends up either making up some of the words as they go, or struggling at 4am the day of the presentation to finish it
  • Scorpio:Does well since they are the gods/goddess of presentations
  • Sagittarius:If they have to present it with a partner, it will go ok, but if they have to do it just by themselves it won't go so well
  • Capricorn:Hardly does any work until the week before it's due, but gets a good mark
  • Aquarius:They can take anything boring and turn it into a presentation
  • Pisces:May copy a few things from other peoples presentation

p r e s e n t a t i o n

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