presentable art


The second part of Gem’s Garden cards! 

I am still have no time to talk more than few sentences, because I am working hard on my student film Rusalochka (that translate as The Little Mermaid).


I allowed myself to take a break doing these arts in the middle of my exams, because I had a chance to share my art with the voice actors of Steven Universe with the help of my dear girl Crystal, who was on Momocon) I will thank her all my life long.

I lost some days making these cards, but I don’t regret about it, because the voice actors and you, guys, love them so much)

I still can’t belive it is happening to me, thanks you all for kind words and likes and reposts! It seemed impossible a month ago that people will love my arts. THANK YOU VERY MUCH AGAIN!) Have a great day, guys, and good luck at everything)


Decided to throw them all in one post rather than spamming you guys with individual posts.

1- Present Mic is a good screamboy and fun to draw.

2- I ship “opposites attract”  too much…fight me…

3- More…erasermic? present head???hizawa?????????????? they understand eachother…..

4- A cute All Might, I just wanted to draw my angular dad with his hair up.

5- and Aizawa being a wine dad because of course.